The Committee Will Kill You Now

THE BIG THRILL RECOMMENDS: THE COMMITTEE WILL KILL YOU NOW BY JL LYCETTE “’The hospital had a saying—you came to work unless you were dead.’ Noah Meier is a first-year family-medicine intern in a Seattle hospital. It’s a cutthroat program where he quickly learns that there’s a second, unofficial curriculum: keep quiet, push your own needs aside, and do whatever it takes to finish the endless checklists. And then one morning, his friend and fellow intern Jasmine Doherty doesn’t come to work. Her suicide blindsides and devastates Noah. But there’s no time to process his grief. Charts must be filled out. Nurses need orders. The voice of his late father, a renowned surgeon, echoes in his mind, ‘The patients aren’t going away, son. Don’t be so sensitive.’ Noah and the other residents push on. Lost in his pain and the fog of sleep deprivation, Noah makes a mistake that could kill one of his patients. He enlists the help of the alluring and ambitious Marah Maddox, and finds himself compromising on every front to save his patient without exposing the hospital to a lawsuit. Turning to his father’s journal for advice, Noah learns of a secretive ‘God Committee’ that once chose which patients lived or died. Its decisions not only shaped his own life in surprising ways, but may result in his patient’s death. Noah’s only chance to save her—and his own sanity—is to violate his program director’s orders and put the entire residency program at risk. JL Lycette draws on historical events and her career as a physician to relate Noah’s story with masterful verisimilitude. She conveys complex medical scenarios with an artful simplicity that makes them easy to understand. And even though the novel deals in heavy themes, Noah’s humor and growing self-awareness balance out the darkness. You’ll be sutured to the page by constant tension and will experience a resident’s exhaustion after missing sleep to finish this thriller. THE COMMITTEE WILL KILL YOU NOW isn’t just entertaining. It’s important. Through Noah’s journey, Lycette spotlights high suicide rates among residents, and offers a profound insight that has the potential to save lives. If you need a gripping read that will stay with you long after you close the bok, Dr. Lycette has already written the perfect prescription.” -Jonathan Davidson, for THE BIG THRILL

Meet JL Lycette

Writer of feminist medical thrillers and suspense. Author of THE ALGORITHM WILL SEE YOU NOW and THE COMMITTEE WILL KILL YOU NOW Jennifer / JL Lycette is a novelist, award-winning essayist, rural physician, wife, and mom. Mid-career, she discovered narrative medicine on her path back from physician burnout and has been writing ever since. She is an alumna of the 2019 Pitch Wars Novel Mentoring program. Her first novel, The Algorithm Will See You Now, was published in March 2023. It was a 2023 SCREENCRAFT CINEMATIC BOOK COMPETITION FINALIST, 2023 READER’S FAVORITE BRONZE MEDAL WINNER in the Medical Thriller category, 2023 MAXY AWARD’S FINALIST – Thriller category, and 2023 PAGE TURNER AWARD’S FINALIST – Best Debut Novel category. The Committee Will Kill You Now is her second novel and was released November 2023. It was selected as a recommended read by The Big Thrill / International Thriller Writers.

They Can’t Eat You for Supper

“…an emotional read.” Reader review ★★★★★

Kristin Murphy doesn’t like change.

When a lavish lifestyle and controlling marriage left her broken, she traded the pressures of perfection for her sanity. Today, her southern farmhouse can’t compare to the mansion she left, but her family has peace. Until she’s blindsided.

The fog lifts, and she’s separated from two daughters she swore to protect. An ill child relies on Kristin’s medical skills, while luxurious promises lure her teen out of reach. Fighting to remain relevant to them wasn’t something she prepared for, but she’s here now.

It’s a familiar psychological hell. Only this time, the stakes are higher.

Can Kristin return to being the mother she always wanted, or will she give in to a twisted family past she vowed to bury?

Meet Roxanne Remy

Roxanne’s debut novel, They Can’t Eat You for Supper, is receiving high praise from readers all over the world.