Learning how to Meditate, for Families of all Ages!: The 5 Easy Steps Way…

Meditation helps to unlock the power of emotional intelligence!

“The kind of book I wished my parents bought, and explored with me, when I was a kid…”

Today now more than ever we need to arm ourselves against stress and anxiety, to give us a renewed sense of hope, to make good use of our time, and contribute to a stronger society, on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Meditation has many proven health benefits that makes it a wise practice in any times, but as we are experiencing a planet wide pandemic that is having a big impact on everyone’s lives and one that might take years to subside, it is especially useful nowadays.

Make the best of your available time and do something fun and healthy with your family!

By introducing meditation as a whole family practice, not only are you adding to your own household’s overall physical and emotional health, and improving relationships, but you are also helping your children grow up to be emotionally mature and responsible human beings who will have better chances at a happy and meaningful life. And you also doing your part to help shape our future society by adding a few more well balanced individuals into the ranks of tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers. And that is something we definitely need in today’s faced paced globalized world where every person can have such an impact on the lives of so many others, to avoid making decisions that are based on fears and selfish interests, and instead from a healthy perspective and mindset.

5 Easy Steps to learning meditation as a family:

Anyone who follows this simple guide will be able to enjoy the many health and relationship benefits of meditation, inside you will find:

  • Demystifying meditation for parents and children of all ages
  • Written specifically for parents, to integrate as a family activity
  • Good for any level of experience in meditation
  • References to studies of many health benefits with Proven Results
  • Encourages healthy family relationships and dynamics
  • Learn how meditation decreases Attention Deficit Disorder and improves children’s Grades and Behavior
  • And how meditation reduces Fears and Anxieties, for adults and children alike
  • Improves sleep patterns, coping and social skills
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Learn the 100 Dragon Breath technique
  • Also includes Mindfulness Exercises and Fun Trivia questions
  • You can be surprised at just how easy it is to pick up!
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The Way is a River of Stars

The Way is a River of Stars - ASIN B00D2MEG1M

In a memoir of saints, sages, and swollen ankles, Helen walks across the Catholic heartland of Northern Spain. Her chosen route is the picturesque Camino Way, a Christian pilgrimage revered since medieval times. Ancient towns and villages, each with a distinct culture and cuisine, mark the way.

Memories and miles intertwine, spanning not only the countryside but also her Christian upbringing and later life as a Buddhist. What is it that compels her into the cathedrals and rustic churches she finds during her month-long journey?

‘Just as I walked from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela – a different woman now to the one who began – I also travelled from one religion to another. Perhaps I put on pilgrim boots to better understand the message of each – the verbs of their prayers – what it means to engage with life, the joys of aloneness and the delights of company.’

Through recollections of meditation retreats, monasteries in Burma and encounters with the gilded Saints and Madonnas of Spanish cathedrals, Helen contemplates the heart of two religions, in her quest for deeper meanings that can unite us all.

Enlightened Master Seeks Apprentice

Enlightened Master Seeks Apprentice - ASIN B085VGNNGT

Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, but feel as though you’re stuck?

Are you constantly depleting your energy without ever making progress?

Have your extraordinary dreams fallen by the wayside as you trudge through life?

In Enlightened Master Seeks Apprentice (EMSA), your future self writes to give you the jump-start you desperately need to get back on track for creating the life you’ve envisioned – a life your future self is already enjoying. Let your future self illuminate the path you are destined for and learn to optimize the full potential of your mind. There are as many neurons firing in your brain as there are stars in the universe; discover the freedom in cutting out the noise and focusing all of that power on your end goal! 

As newcomers to this world, we were bursting with energy, dreams, and fortitude. Unfortunately, as we became accustomed to the mainstream ways of life, we began to believe that all of our mental energy and time must be consumed by our efforts to simply survive. Work, school, and relationships soon became all that we could manage. We decided there was no time for our dreams, and even if there was, we’re too tired anyway. It may sound bleak, but only if it becomes our truth. The real truth is that we have the potential to do it all, but it’s going to take some practice. 

This book isn’t just about helping yourself, it’s about healing humanity. There is an incomprehensible amount of room for improvement within each of us. EMSA introduces you to concepts and methods that help you refine yourself to become a large-scale doer that contributes to a better world for everyone. Radically optimize your brain through simple techniques so that you may decide where your immense stores of mental energy are spent. Simple does not mean easy but deciding whether something is easy or hard is a waste of energy anyway.

Read Enlightened Master Seeks Apprentice to find out how these techniques can help you create a fulfilled and benevolent life:

  • No more thinking (okay, maybe just a little)
  • Solving (real) problems
  • Un-forming opinions
  • Trusting the subconscious
  • Building the habit-breaking muscle
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Review/Preview
  • Theme days

These are just a glimpse of the techniques that author Steve Bode presents in his debut book. Dive in now to see which ones you can use to become the exceptional human you were always going to be!

Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You don’t have to be. The choice is yours; you just have to make it.

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Layman’s Handbook: A journey to SELF

Life is difficult, oh what a cliché. There are twists and turns for each and everyone of us all along our journey. No two fingerprints are the same and just like this no two person’s stories are the same either.

The handbook is to bring you a snippet of hope and guide you to choices that can be made daily to prevent continued or repeated mistakes or misery. Where do we turn when confused? How do we overcome the challenges that we cannot understand?

Having a handbook as a simple guide to happier health which not only involves smiling more, rather more importantly felling better. A tall ask when we find ourselves in dark places, mixed up, muddled or just plain old tired from it all. Having a handbook to bring oneself back to some basics and restart the day or “begin again” can be as valuable to all of us who take on life each and every day.

The reasons I wrote this is to share with you how I have found, through many years stricken with grief, how I have continued to smile and laugh even though down very deep within myself it has been difficult, I found some ways. Covering not only the depths of my grief but more so my own angle of view to how any issue is exactly that an issue and these can always be dealt with.

Get ready to begin dealing with life and put a spring into your stride, every step of the way. The disclaimer reads “if ya wanna break free and live, get ready to move forward with joy”. No magic formulas, just everything you already hold within yourself but might have been too busy to notice.
It has come high time to free yourself and begin bringing your feelings and your thoughts together as one. You deserve it!

Chakra: Recharge your chakra with prayer


Discover How to Recharge Your Chakra with Prayer:

Your body is a reflection of the universe itself, there’s a lot of explanation to your sickness, anger, anxiety, happiness, relaxation, and frustration. After researching, I can now confidently tell you that there isn’t such a thing about having only seven chakras and that’s it.
There is a very important missing part that I’d like to introduce you to. The unrevealed truth and what I’m assuming you haven’t been told about is that the most important spinning wheels of energy are in two places in your body.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The two most important energy wheels
  • How religions tap into energy unconsciously
  • Where you receive and release energy
  • Every chakras job How to get the negative energy off you

The Greatest Gift My Mother Gave Me


Use These Powerful Secrets To Cure Anxiety, Depression And Panic Attacks!

Are you feeling a little under the weather and can’t seem to shake it off? Are you experiencing cases of anxiety, depression and panic attacks? Are you finding it hard to live in your own body? Are you wanting to find your true self? Do you feel as though life has no meaning? Are you in need of a lifestyle change? Has this stopped you from being able to leave the house? Are you finding yourself answering yes to all of these questions? Yes? You need this book!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

In this book, you are guaranteed to learn simple, but effective habits that will help you overcome cases of anxiety and heal your pain. You’ll get an insight into:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise/Healthy Lifestyle/Vitamins
  • Affirmations/Law Of Attraction/Daily Rituals
  • Social Media Pressures
  • And much, much more!

Don’t live another day in pain. This book is the beginning of a new life. It all starts with you. Help yourself today by downloading ‘The Greatest Gift My Mother Gave Me’, for a limited time discount of only £0.99!

Born Whole


You, and Your Children, can be Born Whole

Do pre-birth traumas and pain affect us later in life?

Can we heal from the effects of those traumas?

Is it possible to communicate with and guide babies in the womb?

Yes, yes, and yes!

The author of Born Whole re-lived three major pre-birth events while in a deep altered state of consciousness: his own conception, implantation, and labor. Later he revisited the environment of the womb and experienced again the wonder and stresses of his mother’s ongoing emotions, worldview, and physical circumstances. This is the story of his journey. Born Whole also includes the beautiful story of how he spiritually guided a baby through its birth.

In Born Whole you will learn how the experiences and environment of the womb prepare you for life after birth. You will discover

    • That life before birth is not all easy, just as life after birth is not all easy—and the stresses of the womb are absolutely necessary for survival
    • How to heal and transform womb trauma from events such as conception and birth
    • How to heal negative effects of the womb environment arising from emotional stress, beliefs, food, drugs, or physical circumstances experienced by your mother.

Born Whole is for parents, grandparents, nurses, midwives and others who work with babies yet to be born. You will discover

    • That children can be born emotionally healthy, already knowing they are welcome and will be loved by the same people who have been with them all along
    • How it is possible to accompany and guide a yet-to-be-born (or yet-to-be-conceived!) baby through the wonderful and challenging time of conception and gestation to be born whole, with your presence, love, and reassurance on that beautiful journey.

Ancient Indian Traditions of Yoga And Ayurveda


This book has two parts.

  • First part provides a systematic approach to eight stages of yoga (Meditation).Which are told by Sage Patanjali.

  • Second part gives details of self healing & Aayurvedic home remedies.

  • I have personally experienced the union of soul with supreme soul. I have received all divine experience & blessings.

  • It is my hearty desire to share this knowledge with world, so that, other can get benefit of this.

  • In second edition I have added a chapter on Agnihotra, Its ash contains 92 elements of periodic table, that too in digestible form.

  • It is a miracle on earth. Its really gods nectar. It means it can treat any disease.

  •  Agnihotra fumes purify blood naturally, with this you will get health naturally without any side effects.

  • Agnihotra is antidote for Hazardous gases, enviroment pollution & also for atomic radiation.

  • If you Perfom  Agnihotra daily in morning & evening, its cost will be less than one dollar in USA/Europe.

  • In INDIA it is less than 0.5 dollars a day.  

  • Those patient who are tired with allopathy & other treatments must try Agnihotra ,it is NECTAR on this earth.

  •  It will give you long and happy life with natural ways. This book is an invaluable resource of self-healing, which is based on ancient INDIAN traditions which are thousands of years old.

  •  Modern allopathic treatments focus on disease management but ancient Ayurveda knowledge focus on prevention of disease & elimination of root cause.

  • This book will guide you on healthy dincharya (Daily routine), which is very important for maintaining the natural rhythm of the body and staying healthy.

  • Ayurveda treatises describe three elemental do?has viz. Vata, pitta(acidity) and Kapha, and state that equality of the do?has results in health, while inequality results in disease.  

  • Prevention are always better than cure. Through this book, you will understand the basic reasons for various diseases. With this knowledge you can maintain your health and can prevent various diseases.  

  • Wish you a healthy and long life. Wish you a happy reading.

Fearless Focus


Do you spend hours on your device, only to look up and wonder where the heck the time went? Do you have trouble focusing on your goals or to-do list? Do you value your time but aren’t sure if you’re using it wisely?

In a world of constant distraction, you NEED the most efficient solutions possible to maximize your focus and get your mind right.

Fearless Focus cuts through the information overload and attention stealers to ask: what exactly are you focused on?

Fearless Focus provides simple yet effective solutions that will help you:
– Effortlessly improve your self-awareness
– Conquer your mindset and habits
– Focus intensely towards your goals
– Better understand how the brain works
– Become conscious of your technological distractions
– Reclaim your brain from the stimuli fighting for your attention
– Believe in yourself and live with intention

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