The Rebirth of Heaven on Earth: Messages to Awaken Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Midst of Monumental Change

A compilation of direct letters to humanity from Mother Divine,the Angels and the Legions of Light;this book is a precious and sacred gift to enlighten, inspire,and guide humanity through the chaos of today’s world into the imminent rebirth of heaven on earth. Transcending barriers os separation and embracing the oneness of spirit within us all, these messages are a call to the return to lover;the love thatg resides in the core of humanity and the spark of light that resides deep within every one of our hearts and minds. If you have ever wondered if there is more to life that meets the eye or are simply wondering how to navigate these trying times these messages are meant for you. Step into these divine messages to awaken a life of peace, hope and joy in the midst of the monumental changes surrounding us now.

Meet Karen Vivenzio

Karen J. Vivenzio is a spiritual medium who has been channeling messages from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides since 2003. Karen is also the author of Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light, a non-fiction guide to help you discover your divine nature and your spiritual gifts.

Live Your Truth and Take Back Your Life (3 books in 1)

Discover how to eliminate negative thoughts, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate self-compassion with the “Live Your Truth: Take Back Your Life” bundle. This bundle offers unique insights based on CBT and ACT to help you overcome limiting beliefs, toxic relationships and get ready to tap into the root causes of everything that’s holding you back!

Meet Zera Young

Zera Young is a self-development expert who specializes in helping people overcome their limitations by embracing a growth mindset and discovering how to use their inner strength to its fullest potential. In each of her titles, Zera shares her professional expertise, proven psychological methods, and personal anecdotes to guide you on your journey toward mindful growth and self-discovery. Practical advice empowers you to examine your innermost being to create lasting positive changes and take back control of your life. Zera does not assert her opinion or deliver one-size-fits-all programs. She asks you questions that will allow you to address your situation without judgment, gently clearing the mental cobwebs to expose the root causes of pain, anxiety, and any self-imposed obstacles. Trained in CBT, DBT, and ACT methods, Zera’s guidance has helped thousands of people lead healthier, happier, and stress-free lives. Zera spends her free time reading mystery novels and trying new things in the kitchen. She’s passionate about seeing new parts of the world, but when at home she is also an avid gardener and can spend hours outside in the dirt.

30 Days with Joshua: Inspiration from Joshua’s Spiritual Journey for Yours (A Devotional)

Joshua was just like you. As such, his spiritual journey provides insight, inspiration, and encouragement for your own trip toward Home.
Joshua blazed a trail that lays out the challenges and battles, progress and setbacks common to every traveler on their personal faith journey. In “30 Days with Joshua,” the author traces Joshua’s character development, hurdles he overcame, and the courageous faith that spurred him to take risks that scared him.
It reveals how God corrected Joshua’s incomplete perception of what he’s really like, and how that transformed Joshua from a Nervous Nelly into a man who trusted God enough he’d even follow illogical orders simply because God told him to.
Why learn the hard way? Follow Joshua’s journey highlighted in “30 Days with Joshua.
Written in a devotional format, “30 Days with Joshua” offers bite-size chunks of Joshua’s encounters with God so you can leisurely absorb what God wants to show you rather than slam the book shut, check off “Have Devotions” on your to-do list, and rush on to the next item. 
It gives you something to chew on every day for a month allowing God to shape your character, show you how to overcome your challenges, mold your understanding of what God’s like, and build a courageous, uncompromising faith.
Grab a copy and jump in. An exciting adventure awaits you!

Meet Steve Wilmot

I wrote this book of devotional readings to guide you through the Book of Joshua and help you learn from his spiritual journey. His challenges and battles, his progress and setbacks, his ultimate rejection of fear as a motivation for his life, replaced with courage and faith. How God transformed Joshua from a Nervous Nelly into a man who trusted him enough he’d follow illogical orders simply because God told him to.
If that’s the kind of Christian you want to be, you’ll find insights and encouragement on the pages that follow.
I intentionally wrote “30 Days with Joshua” in a devotional format. Bite-size chunks of Joshua’s life so you can take your time to absorb what God wants to show you rather than slam the book shut, check off “Have Devotions” on your to-do list, and rush on to the next activity. For the biggest impact, you need time to meditate on the truths found in each daily devotional. Time to talk to God, to let him search your heart and show you what’s there, and to formulate a daily plan to follow Joshua’s example on your own spiritual journey.