Plant Based Weight Loss

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Discover the secret to permanent weight loss and transform your life

If you have struggled to lose weight and have been unable to solve this problem, you have come to the right place. Have you thought about starting a plant-based diet for weight loss but didn’t know where to begin? In the book Plant-Based Weight Loss, author and Registered Dietitian Shawn Sales dives deep into formulating a plan for you as you start your journey to plant-based eating. Shawn shares the story that led him to a plant-based lifestyle and a weight loss of over 30 pounds that he has kept off long-term.

Topics covered in Plant-Based Weight Loss include:
Chapter 4: Why a plant-based diet is best for long-term weight loss.
Chapter 5: How much does diet affect our life expectancy?
Chapter 8: What is the role of intermittent fasting for weight loss?
Chapter 10: Why eating whole foods promotes sustained weight loss.
Chapter 11: Can I meet all my nutritional needs on a plant-based diet?
Chapter 21: How to succeed with the 10-step plan for weight loss success.

This book discusses how following a plant-based lifestyle will change your life forever. The reader will learn the most effective way of losing weight and why plant-based eating will ultimately give you a better quality of life and a longer lifespan. Most importantly, it will provide you with complete guidance and all the motivation you need to stay on your journey. This book’s mind-blowing suggestions will help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

This eye-opening book is expertly written by ‘Shawn A. Sales M.S. R.D. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this book the essence of his life experiences. Mainly, it focuses on the best and proper way to lose weight through a plant-based lifestyle. It also answers your questions like ‘why diets don’t work and essential changes you can easily make to stay healthy while losing weight.

Once you go deeper into the book, you will notice specific changes in your beliefs about weight loss. Shawn perfectly encapsulates the process of adding more plants to your plate to create the life and health you desire, along with the tips and tricks for making a lifestyle change for better health, wellness, and longevity. By following the author’s recommendations, you will eventually see a better you in the mirror. However, that’s not all. It holds much more. Are you ready to jump in?

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Meet Shawn Sales

Shawn Sales is a Registered Dietitian, lifestyle coach, accomplished author, and a highly sought-after spokesperson from Louisville, KY. He is a vibrant individual with a charismatic persona that helps him captivate, inspire, and uplift everyone around him. His credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, a minor in Human Health and Wellness from the University of Louisville, and a Master’s Degree in Community Nutrition from Eastern Kentucky University. Shawn also received a certificate of training in adult weight management from the American Dietetic Association. He has also completed an 18-week health coach training course from Wellcoaches of America. Shawn has also received a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University. Shawn also is a trained facilitator of the Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation Program. He believes his training has given him valuable experience in assisting clients in making behavior change from within.
Shawn has experienced a multitude of perspectives in various complementary career roles in the health and wellness industry that give him unique multi-disciplinary insight. He has acquired in-depth knowledge about a diverse range of subjects, including plant-based eating, weight loss, intermittent fasting, food choices & your weight, debunking weight loss myths, genetics, and weight, plant vs. animal protein for weight loss, sugar & the immune system, stress, mTOR, telomeres, autophagy, our diet and aging, plant proteins and mortality risk with an elevated level of technical and commercial awareness.
Shawn always had a knack for writing, and the drive to share his knowledge and experience inspired him to become an author. He has worked as a freelance writer, contributed to Nutrition and Health Online Magazine, and written on relevant nutrition topics for Courier-Journal online. In addition, he is the author of the book “Stop Smoking Stay Skinny.” With his writings, Shawn perfectly encapsulates the process of adding more plants to your plate to create the life and health you desire, along with the tips and tricks for making a lifestyle change for better health, wellness, and longevity.
Shawn’s core objective as a writer is to promote the benefits of a plant-based diet and encourage individuals to transform themselves into their best versions through conscious eating habits, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life based on their passion and purpose. He is committed to spreading awareness about veganism and its positive environmental impact. Shawn emphasizes sustainable growth and development through a cruelty-free, eco-friendly diet. He preaches what he practices, a health-conscious life with greater meaning and fulfillment, and promotes a holistic lifestyle that addresses all health and fitness needs. Shawn has practiced a plant-based lifestyle since early 2016 and is passionate about empowering others to facilitate behavior change. Shawn believes that the client has the ability and answer to make lasting changes.
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