Cartoon Headcase: Cartoons to Make you Happy


Buy this book! Laughter, jokes, puns, memes, cartoons, stick figures, dad jokes, funny pictures, clean humor and family fun- it’s all here! See the funny side of everything from adverts to age, animals, art, babies, birds, birthdays, books, cars, children, Christmas, clothes, communication, conferences, counselling, dating, films, food, geography, history, holidays, homes, interviews, languages, lectures, marriage, maths, medical, money, music, nature, parenting, people, philosophy, politics, psychology, relationships, religion, restaurants, school, science, shopping, sports, television, travel, weather and work! Welcome to the crazy world of Cartoon Headcase – and a book literally bursting with over 300 cartoons! This is the first in a series from comedy genius, John King.

John has an ever-increasing following on Instagram and Facebook, which has led to the publication of these books. He loves cartoons like The Far Side, Dilbert, Peanuts and Garfield. He also enjoys the great British comedians like Monty Python, Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies, Tommy Cooper, Milton Jones, Harry Hill, Tim Vine and Michael McIntyre.

John sees life through the lens of humour in the same way a photographer sees everything as a potential photo. His unique slant ranges from real life observations to the surreal. These cartoons cover a mass of subjects spanning from music to medical, school to science and family to food.

This book will have you chuckling in seconds, and buying the sequels. It’s great family fun- keep it by your toilet or give it to your friends! It makes a perfect gift that is suitable for all ages. Once you enter the world of Cartoon Headcase, you won’t want to leave!


”It’s just funny! This book is FULL of cartoons, based on ordinary life, but able to show the ridiculous in the ordinary. It’s easy to read, but hard to put down! It’s fun and I love it”. Crafter

”Really really worth it, so funny. Really funny and loads and loads of little jokes and is very easy to read”. Nathan Gilpin

”Does what it says on the cover. This is a big book, full of great jokes. When it arrived it had us guffawing at the drawings, the punchlines, the unexpected twists and the hilarious expressions John manages to depict on his stick characters. Cartoons to make you happy does what it says on the cover. Highly recommend”. Hills93.

”Pride of place on my ”bathroom library” shelf. Great book – read it cover to cover and now keep it ‘on hand’ to dip into. John has a great ability to observe everyday life and see the humour….. before adding the Cartoon Headcase twist. Can’t wait to get the next one!” Malkido.

”Plenty of giggles. Witticisms, chuckles and the occasional guffaw, with the occasional head-scratching moment.
Nice work John, a true headcase! Oh, and you can draw larf too! :D” Paul.