12 Rules For Mental Toughness: A Simple Guide To Becoming Your Most Heroic Self

You come to a point in life where you realize nobody is coming to save you. You are now the adult in the room – congratulations. At this point, it’s on you to save yourself. To become your own hero and live a life you can be proud of. To become the sort of person who can achieve whatever you set your mind to, and who can stand firm even in challenging situations. Every word and every sentence in this book is designed to help you build the mindset, the character, and the skillset that you’ll need to become this person and live the best life that you can. I wrote this book knowing that the reader is capable of much more than they know. There’s absolutely no reason not to live life as the best version of yourself. If you’re ready to take the journey to become your own Hero, then let this book be your first step. Get it for FREE right now. And please don’t forget to leave a review.

Meet Matt Corvinus

Hi, I’m a part-time non-fiction writer, and I write about a wide range of topics and concepts. I’m passionate about Business, Philosophy, History, Psychology, and Self Improvement. I live in perpetual state of fascination with the human species. I’m ever conscious of our strength and potential. When this potential is unleashed, we absolutely and permanently change the face of the world – for good or ill. I often say that the reason we aren’t immortal gods is that we haven’t yet learned how – not because it’s impossible. A thousand years ago, the idea of humans flying would have been preposterous, but we learned how, and now humans can fly even faster than the speed of sound. Our species has more firepower at its command than the ancient myths ascribe to Zeus and Odin. We can send and receive visions without the need for elaborate rituals (all we have to do is hit “send”). We can take damaged organs out of people and put in new ones. We can attack with pestilence. We can cause deserts to bloom. In short, we’re already quite godlike if you really think about it. This keen awareness of Human Potential has led me to study human beings. I like to learn about how we work / function, the things we have done, the things we can do, how we can improve ourselves for the better, and how we can take better care of ourselves and our world. I want to help people change and improve their lives with my writing. I hope to improve peoples’ mindsets and help them become more benevolent, competent, independent, and satisfied. I also want to learn a lot and unleash my own potential. The most direct route to changing the world is to change people. Think about it: the best thing for this planet is for good people to happen to it. Let me conclude this by saying that I’m a very private person and I’m determined to do my best to stay anonymous. I write under pen names and I have no official social media presence. That might become necessary at some point, but for now, I have no interest or desire for anything like that. I just want to ponder and write. I hope that my readers will immense value from my efforts.

Take Control of Your Life: achieve the goal of a Fulfilling Life. Self-acceptance to get Mental Strength, Willpower and have positive Stronger Relationships by Tex Jerhand


If you have the feeling of being overwhelmed by school, work, family, friends and you want to have and maintain good family and social relationships, this manual will be extremely useful for you.

How would you feel if you had the opportunity to be in control of your life?  How you imagine your life would be?

Each of us has all the necessary potential to find the solutions, only when you look for them in a book, it’s like you were trying to wear clothes chosen randomly: what’d your chances to immediately find the right ones for your body at the very first sight?

In fact, you already have the solutions within you, you just have to ask yourself the right questions.

Take control of your life: achieve the goal of a fulfilling life” will help you in this.  In only just 10 chapters, with simple and plain language, this book is able to help you change your life profoundly and will guide you to discover your great potentials.

Apply these steps on every aspect of your life and you will be happier and more confident, you will have stronger relationships and you will feel comfortable with others, either at work or in the family.

10 ways of thinking, ready to put into practice immediately, with the concrete goal of a satisfying life.

The skills you will learn:

  • Get to know yourself better and how to get better.
  • How to control negative thoughts and reduce irritating situations
  • You understand how to take real or alleged situations less seriously.
  • Evaluate personal or other people’s feelings and judgments correctly, forging stronger relationships.
  • Use your mental strength positively: your mistakes will no longer be an obstacle but you will use them to give you momentum.
  • You will feel emotionally fulfilled.
  • You will develop and feed a beautiful quality, which will immediately contribute to giving you a satisfying life.
  • How you can give the right weight to your thoughts and manage them with real willpower.
  • How to solve complex situations by finding the best solutions
  • Why self-motivation is a necessary fuel for life and how to develop it.
  • You will be able to make wise decisions and to take control your life.

This practical guide is written in plain language and accessible to everyone. 

” 10 ways of thinking ” is the key to open infinite doors or just The one, the one that will change your life.

If you’ve come to read this far, it means that this topic is enough interesting for you: don’t hesitate!

            Have you ever bought a well-reviewed product, which however, has disappointed you or                                  you watched a film that some advised the opposite but you find it awesome?

            If you like my book, negative reviews won’t affect you, or on the other hand if you don’t like it, the                    experience of those who find it gorgeous will be just useless.

            I only tell you this: try it.

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Meet Tex Jerhand

Before explaining who, I am, I would like to explain to you why I started writing books.

It all starts with what happened to me some time ago, when I finished my studies, opened my Advertising and Marketing agency and was about to get married.

My obsession was: “I lack nothing and soon I will have a family, I will have children, I will grow old … is that all?” I was looking for something in my life that was escaping me or that I was goddamn missing, yes… but what?

One day, while I am drinking a coffee at the usual bar, there a stranger a bit elderly, with an unkempt beard and a drink in his hand, begins to talk to me and tell me a lot of things, some nonsense, others that didn’t interest me at all, but at some point, among so many things he said, only one word struck me. In truth, he kept talking to me, I nodded but my brain was stuck in that word of only three letters. Something that I had never thought of and that was completely missing in my life but that could be the turning point, that of profound change.

Taken by the enthusiasm, as soon as I arrived at the office, I began to search in Google on that three-letter word because I wanted to know more but, I soon discovered that I was about to enter a world of information, so much that I was confused and misled from obtaining the goal: to understand how that word could really help me achieve what was missing in my life. Tired and disappointed, I fell asleep in front of the computer.

When I woke up, I was assailed by doubts. Is it possible that that word is the turning point in my life? What if I’m wrong? Pursuing useless thoughts was not my style, and thinking about a thousand other failures in the search for “what is missing in my life” certainly did not encourage me to continue. So, I decided to close everything and go home and forget about it. At least I thought. I didn’t sleep a wink that night. I kept thinking and rethinking that word and what I had read about it but without great results. Is it possible that I can’t get out of this labyrinth? I’m very close to the solution, why give up right now?

The next day, early in the morning, as was my habit, as I returned from my run in the parks near my house, my eye caught my eye on a leaflet under a leaf. I picked it up; mentioned an African proverb which, more or less, went like this:

“The young man walks faster than the elderly, but the elderly knows the way.”

I had a stroke of genius, now I knew exactly what I had to do. With a hurried step I went back to the bar to ask for information about the “old man” who had spoken to me that day. Where could I have found him? While following the information they told me, I searched everywhere, but without success. Finally, some neighbors who knew him by sight, confirmed that he no longer lived there, that he had gone but did not know where. By now I had lost all hope of finding him.

Unexpectedly, two weeks later and by pure coincidence, I saw him sitting on a bench in a park. I went over to ask if he remembered the conversation, he had made to me a few days earlier and if he knew how to give me some more details on that word that had so impressed me. After mumbling about a lot of things, rather confused I would say, as he was about to leave in a hurry, he told me that some time ago he too had read a sentence by Paulo Coelho that had particularly impressed him and that said: “When your legs are tired, walk with your heart. “

Here is the final turning point in my life, what I had been looking for years without succeeding. Now I know why I couldn’t find it, I was simply looking for it in the wrong place, when the answer had always been there: “inside my heart”. I just had to dig deeper inside myself and I would have found it. Just think, it was just a three-letter word, and yet, those three letters have radically changed my entire life path for good and forever.

I wish anyone could easily find that word inside their heart, without the ups and downs I had to go through and just like drinking a cup of coffee.
That’s why I started writing books, to help you dig into your heart and find the answers you are looking for in the midst of a river of information.

I’m not a shrink or a communication genius or a super relationship expert, nor a coach even though I’ve done something like this in the past. But the experiences I acquired, the communication consultancy I was able to manage for some multinationals and, above all, my inner research and the positive transformation of my life, have allowed me to hone many important skills such as dedication to the study of human problems and the identification of solutions.

The primary goal that I have posed to analyze the true values ??of life based on the context or situations that must be faced, make a careful synthesis of them, transforming them into practical and useful topics. Anyone can benefit from it, either as a strengthening and confirmation of the values ??already acquired or as a discovery of himself, of his true self or of his identity, the deepest one hidden in his heart that will lead him to the solution of many problems.

By reading my books, I hope you will have more food for thought and a wide range of options to choose from according to your inclinations or needs that you may have at that juncture in your life. All the suggestions proposed have been the subject of scientific research and have made real changes in those who have decided to follow them and implement them.

Of course, they are far from perfect and certainly can be improved despite my efforts, but I am sure that reading them will be a great result for you and putting their suggestions into practice much more than solving problems. In fact, problems come and go and, in any case, sooner or later they end, but the principles you learn will remain forever, for a lifetime engraved in your heart.

They are not treatises on science but they draw inspiration from it to explain how some “ways of thinking” and behaviors or assumptions work better than others in positively changing life.

With the help of technicians and other communication experts, teachers and educators, I finished the “10 Ways of Thinking” series that I invite you to read. Initially choose the ones that are right for you but don’t forget the others, you will find thousands of ideas for reflections and original ideas. I am sure that you too will be able to find your own path, the one that will lead you to balance and success in your life.