Armageddon’s Rod

Hannah and JR live with their ten-year-old son, Arlo, in a tiny house on the lake. Their relationship is dysfunctional, complicated by drugs, depression, and an affair. Arlo is a meek little boy, living in the shadows of their relationship and receiving little in the way of acknowledgement.

Things likely would have continued this way, but a chance meeting with a new friend changes everything. Arlo’s new friend gives him hope for a brighter future, one where he can be free of his parents’ indifference. No one ever expected the innocent friendship to lead detectives to two dead bodies at the lake house. Who is responsible for their deaths? And where is Arlo?

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Three sentient races. Two wars. One sustainable planet. Who will rise?

Earth hangs in the balance. The energy aliens came to live symbiotically. The cybernetics came to evolve the planet. Unfortunately, they chose an estranged cousins Kalea and Hailey to introduce them to humanity. Can they achieve balance, or will they descend into a three-way battle for survival? The box set includes:

Progenitor, Book One: Humanity’s greatest achievement exposes our greatest weakness.

Kalea Kerner is an electrical engineer focused on taking over her father’s company when the impossible happens: her uncle rises from his deathbed and heals her broken foot. Is it a miracle? Is it a side effect of nanotechnology? Or is it something else?

Metamorphosis, Book Two: They can evolve with us, or they can die.

Hailey Reed is knocked out by a nanotech surge, and wakes to a world where an alien presence has been revealed. Unfortunately, this presence isn’t alone. Another alien race has hacked into human nanotechnology with their own designs on Earth. Can humanity survive this invasion, or will they be forced into evolution?

Emergence, Book Three: Three sentient races. Two wars. One planet. Who will rise?

The cybernetics are in orbit preparing their final assault to terraform Earth, while the energy aliens have withdrawn from humanity. Can Kalea and Hailey set aside their personal conflict to prevent a bigger conflict that would cause the extinction of three sentient races?

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World Breacher: Called by the Blessed

Would you risk an eternity in hell and losing your immortal soul to protect those you love?

Impoverished orphan Naledi struggles to raise her younger sisters in rural Lesotho, Africa. Her life already sucks but when she manifests the rare ability to open portals through time and space, her life gets a whole lot more complicated. Will learning to harness her powers piss off God and land her in hell?

Now a couple of archangels want Naledi to use her powers to spy on hell and stop a demon Armageddon. Spies who are caught on earth get tortured, so imagine how badly spies who are caught in actual hell get tortured.

If she fails, her sisters will die, demons will take over the world and she’ll get trapped in hell for eternity, so no pressure then…

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A Ghost for a Clue (IMMORTOLOGY, Book 1)


A Rare Combination of Hard Science Fiction and The Supernatural

A mathematician. A robotics engineer. An aspiring astronaut. Bram Morrison is all of these. What he can’t imagine he’ll ever be is someone trying to figure out the physics of a ghost. That is, until a workmate dies.

Bram’s botanist friend, Torula, claims that her lab equipment has gathered data proving her greenhouse is haunted. She suspects it has something to do with his recently deceased friend. Now, she plans to extend her study of life into the afterlife.

He wants to take the next big leap for mankind. She wants to delve into what ought to be dead and buried. How the two end up reconciling both ambitions leads to a scientific foray into the afterlife involving NASA, a computer disc, and a tragic dance with death.

A Ghost for a Clue, the first book in the IMMORTOLOGY series, is a bold mix of scientific facts and supernatural lore that could have you thinking that ghosts indeed are real.

Evah & the Unscrupulous Thwargg


Evah & the Unscrupulous Thwargg is a sci-fi fantasy adventure rich with heroes and villains, exotic mythology, the search for one’s place in the universe, diverse characters, female and male leads, personal and social conflicts, mystery, and supernatural content that explores connections between loved ones, living and dead. 

This is an enhanced edition

In the solar system of Spirea young Evah is haunted by mysterious visions and hopelessly alone. She confides in what she believes is an imaginary friend, but the creature has a lot to say about her legacy. Her emptiness is abated, but when children start getting hurt around her, an elite branch of psycho analytics known as the Thwargg seeks to have her under their control. They are an organization with upper management who use their technology for motivating citizens and their children to exact their plans. But there is more going on than what meets the eye. Evah doesn’t know she’s the first gifted female in centuries from a tribe of supernatural people known as extuiters. Members of the Thwargg have been looking for her and aim to use her to help raise up a wealthy businessman to rule the system.

Her secret friend imparts to her the story of the last official government extuiter. His training, the substance of his guiding perspective and his adventures are revealed. Evah learns he was lost and likely murdered by the Thwargg and a powerful extuiter working for resources to pursue a connection to the god of his vanquished tribe. Spirits of the dead mingle with the dark extuiter and a collective connection to disembodied extuiter entities is realized that heightens the gifts of living members. Indeed, there is a mysterious entity that may be at the root of Evah’s torments and cruel activities.

On an uninhabited ocean world Skenkin, a Thwargg woman, awaits word of her lost child. She too has a haunted past. She is a murderess with a history of conspiracy to control the members of the extuiter tribe. She strives to be free of her father’s control and integrate into society but finding her inner moral compass and personal point of view is an immense challenge. She has been hidden away by a trusted official. Evah’s imaginary friend turns out to be very real and working with him to expose duplicitous Thwargg activities.

When Evah finally comes face to face with the Thwargg she is convinced that working with them and being reunited with her mother is the best way to find inner peace and belonging. Through Thwargg dream technology a collective dream of her people is revealed that tells of their destruction at the hands of a Thwargg explorer. They were a matriarchy with the collective power to create great pavilions, cities and flying crafts but it was their cosmic duty to direct souls into the afterlife. Many wayward spirits were abandoned to roam the surface of the tribe’s planet when it was vanquished. Evah’s connection to the past is becoming clear. She is placed on the extuiter’s home world where she is immersed in unexpected mysteries that turn her into a powerful being known as the Crystal when she is inhabited by the lost spirits.

Miraculous architectural manifestations begin to appear that conspirators desire to use for their gain. Evah’s telekinetic and telepathic powers may have no end, she levitates and has a relationship to particles unlike any recorded extuiter gifts. Despite her immense gifts she cannot solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance, the last government extuiter, whom she longs to find for guidance and to prove her mother innocent of his death.

New members of the tribe’s ancient order are being selected but they are in danger of being murdered by authorities who only want Evah’s power and not a tribal rebirth. As the long-awaited ascent of the system’s new ruler proceeds the conflict between the mortal and the supernatural will have its resolution.

Also, look for other formats including the text manuscript paperback.

The War Chamber (The Moon Singer Book 2)

David’s trial by fire awaits.

The unwitting hero and captain of the mystical sailing ship, Moon Singer, has yet to learn that his deafness is his greatest gift. This “disability”, along with his possession of three sacred artifacts: The Singer Crystal, The Rose Crystal and The Wind Rose Compass, bestow David the power to save the lives of everyone he loves.

Yet he feels that all the miracles he brought home on the Moon Singer have dissipated. He’s just as deaf as before, his sister’s paralysis has returned, and his anguish over his mother’s death is stronger than ever. At his mother’s grave, David unleashes the power of his crystals and is transported to Coronadus, where he encounters a revered woman who wields the power of life and death, and helps David understand his mission.

When a cataclysmic event occurs, David discovers that the past, present and future know no boundaries in the unending circle of life, and that he must follow his destiny, wherever it may lead.