The Kite: Face Challenges Strongly

Peter, who is living in the busy city, goes to visit his grandparents on vacation. On one day he saw a strange thing flying in the sky. He learns that it is a kite and he also wants to make one. Peter’s grandpa helps Peter to make a kite and they go to fly kites to a mountain nearby. Story is about the adventure he faces when he goes to fly kites. The story tells how to face challenges by taking a kite as an example.

Meet Manjithe Senanayake

Manjithe Senanayake is a 14 years old Sri Lankan children’s book writer, poet and a songwriter.

The Shop on Peculiar Hill


When Peter comes to live with his aunt and uncle at the shop on Peculiar Hill, he has a lot to learn. What are bogeys and heeble-greebs and the other fierce creatures which live in the nearby Vale of Strange? Why is it so important to wear a hat and sturdy boots? And what is this stuff called strangeness which comes bubbling out of the ground? When Peter discovers the dark secret which lurks at the heart of this place, he finds his efforts to make things better do not go according to plan. He sets out to make amends with the aid of his new friend Amanda, but how can he know that requesting her help will prove to be such a very big mistake?