Just a brat

Kyle Becker, an infamous brat of his high school, is a real troublemaker and therefore a regular visitor at the principal’s office. He never listens to any word of advice given to him or improves his behavior patterns.

Tired of fruitless penalties, the principal subscribes Kyle to charitable work in a nursing home, where Kyle founds himself surrounded by difficult elders and naggy staff.

Only one person is standing out in the whole institution, Mason, a handsome male nurse.

Will the charitable work finally cause Kyle to have a change of heart and be held responsible for his own actions? Can Mason tame this irresponsible, immature brat?

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Refuge for a Rogue

After a stint teaching in stuffy boarding schools, schoolteacher Zebadiah Kaine is delighted to find a school that allows freedom for both his love of nature and his unconventional teaching methods. Even if his family does think he’s mad for moving to the Montana Territory.

When he meets gorgeous but rude bookkeeper René Wellington, Zeb is shocked that such a small man can have such nerve, but as he and René are repeatedly thrown together in the cramped society of Bedford Creek, Zeb’s annoyance is replaced by maddening temptation.

René Wellington’s bookkeeping certificate is no more real than his last name. (He knows a very talented forger). Luckily, the Montana wilderness is the perfect place for a former swindler to settle into anonymity. Having spent his childhood in orphanages and brothels, René doesn’t make a habit of forming attachments, but when he takes wholesome, kind-hearted Zeb as his lover, he quickly learns Zeb isn’t the sort of person he can keep at arm’s length.

To find their happily ever after, they’ll have to contend with a matchmaking matron, a greedy railroad baron from René’s past, and their own deeply rooted convictions on love and morality.

Refuge for a Rogue is a sharp-witted MM adult historical romance for fans of Cat Sebastian and KJ Charles. It has steamy love scenes, enough alcohol, tobacco, and luxurious food to make the Gilded Age blush, and a guaranteed HEA.

Content warnings: This novel contains period-appropriate references to 19th century prostitution and child trafficking. There’s a discussion on corporal punishment in classrooms being wrong. A playground fight over catcalling is stopped by a teacher.

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