Second place winner 2018 Oklahoma Writing Federation’s (OWFI) annual writing contest Horror Division.

Following the brutal murder of his wife and the traumatic backlash to his son, Detective Mark Boyd has retired from the Alsuma Police Department and taken up the tranquil country life outside picturesque Button Creek, Oklahoma. But Mark’s plans to heal his son and rebuild their relationship are shattered when their new life is destroyed by a pack of violent marauders.

Mark’s call to authorities falls on deaf ears and his only assistance comes in the form of alluring telephone lineman, Heather James. With Heather’s help, Mark makes plans to uncover those responsible but soon learns the peaceful town of Button Creek is not what it seems. Its citizens are prisoner to a horrible secret, a secret which could steal his son and destroy their chance for a fresh start.

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The Dragon, Superman, And The Mad Mermaid Queen

This book bridges the gap between picture books and chapter books and is best to read out loud at a relaxed speed. Paul uses rhythm and rhyme to tell a story of family, home, adventure, and treasure. Paul’s sister, Anna, has a dragon as a friend who once said, “Paul’s words feel as good in my mouth as a chocolate cookie after I plop worms on top,” (worms being one of the dragon’s favorite foods.) This book is full of colorful, intriguing pictures so we can watch Paul and Anna on Treasure Day #4. They start in their own backyard but end in a new secret place their parents have never seen or knew anything about. All on their own they find a hidden round room with caves.

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Monster Problems


Sixth-grader Brad makes the mistake of drawing instead of paying attention in class. When Brad’s parents ground him from drawing, his bratty little brother Daley rubs it in. Later that night, Brad is surprised when a mysterious crow delivers a pen to his bedroom window. Missing his beloved drawing and frustrated with his brother, Brad uses the pen to draw a Daley-Destroyer, a giant slimy green creature that he envisions “getting” Daley. To Brad’s surprise, the pen is a magic pen, and the Daley-Destroyer comes to life, just as he imagined it, slime and all, and starts going after Daley! To makes things worse, only he and Daley can see it! Can Brad erase his monster problem before it’s too late?