From Hallowed Land to Halloween

An interpretation of past events that has a theory of the origin of Halloween that really celebrates family history. This retelling of history is set through the lens of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Meet Patricia Pike

Patricia Pike grew up in Zululand where mud huts were common and snakes were the go to for pets.

She didn’t stay in Zululand and traveled to Cape Town where she met her sweetheart fresh out of the army, haircut and all. They returned to Zululand to raise their children.

When the violence in South Africa grew to its peak Patricia and her family traveled to New Zealand for a safe future for herself and her children.

In New Zealand, she was able to put some credentials to her artistic ability and studied Art in Rotorua.

With the advent of self-publishing she was able to bring to life the stories she had been writing all her life.

Dear God: My Plea for Clarity

My time as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Argentina was full of both difficult and joyful moments as I was determined to do everything the right way. After 15 months abroad I began to notice a new spiritual influence which lead me through what I would later know to be a manic episode. In the confusion of it all I was forced to act against my compliant nature and fight my leaders for an early release. Through faith and the miracle of professional help I have since been able to find healing and clarity.

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