The Leadership Lessons of Howard Stern: How the King of All Media Can Make Us Better Leaders

Do you have the right energy to lead yourself and others? Are you lacking joyful energy in your career?

Contrary to certain opinions, Howard Stern provides a strong example of what it takes to be a great leader. Howard uses his unique energy and shares it with the world. That is what great leaders do. You are a great leader as well, although you may not yet know how to share your uniqueness with others.

Author Michael Kublin founded PeopleTek after twenty years of career navigation and years of deliberate self-discovery. To help others avoid the frustration of wandering aimlessly without the right tools, Kublin and his organization created a process called the Leadership Journey.

Kublin loves to share real world examples of leadership, and in his fourth book, he wants you to focus on the King of All Media! If you feel like you are out of touch with your own brand of leading, let Howard Stern’s leadership of himself and his team guide you to living and working with fulfillment.

Most people don’t really know Howard. Most have only heard about his reputation from others. Learn for yourself, and at the same time, grow and transform your own leadership skills. In seeing how Kublin’s concepts apply to Howard, you will discover your own qualities and desires. From there, your presence will reflect what you’ve always held in your heart.
In Kublin’s book, you will explore . . .

  • Where Howard Stern and PeopleTek’s Leadership Compass Meet
  • How Howard’s self-awareness can inspire your daily courageability
  • How he uses his talents and strengths to live and perform congruently with purpose, and how he encourages this in his team (Chapter 3)
  • How his vision, mission, goals, and measures inform his behavior — and how you can accomplish the same for yourself (Chapter 4).
  • How the vulnerability and authenticity of his communication inspires his guests, audience, and team to show up as their best selves.
  • How accountability is necessary to instill trust and fairness among everyone around you — and the necessity of never holding back (Chapter 7)
  • How he uses discomfort to inform improvement — and how facing conflict directly can help you further your own self-improvement (Chapter 8).
  • How his mastery of inspiration and motivation, of asking the right questions, allows each of us to be ourselves while being proud of it (Chapter 12).
  • How he not only uses continual learning to further improve himself, he has no issue sharing his phobias, resources, and allies with everyone along the way (Chapter 13).

Once you begin to see how Howard Stern’s actions and behavior provide examples of leadership, you can get started towards success. Not only does Howard demonstrate these behaviors for himself, he encourages others on his team to excel. You can learn how to motivate and inspire others as well.

While author Michael Kublin was working for a Fortune 50 company in the financial services industry, he used his energy to lead other professionals. What he didn’t know was how to use it all the time, not be afraid of it, and help others to do the same. Having found his way, Michael started PeopleTek and created a program that has trained thousands of others to realize their true potential and begin to live it every day.

Find your passion again. Find the joy and energy you need to empower yourself and others to go where you’ve never gone before. Start by clicking “add to cart” and ordering your copy today.


“Never Give Up – The Story of an Underdog” is a compelling collection of true stories that illuminate the triumph of resilience over adversity. Through vivid narratives, it unveils the remarkable journeys of individuals who, against all odds, transformed challenges into victories through unwavering determination. These inspiring tales serve as a beacon of hope, encouraging readers to embrace their inner strength and persevere in the face of life’s obstacles. Prepare to be moved and inspired by these powerful stories of human resilience and the unstoppable spirit of the underdog.


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Developing Your Kick-A** Mindset: “Your Path to Becoming the Person You Want to Be”

“Do you ever have that feeling, that you were meant for more? That you have so much to give but don’t know how to unleash it! This book will show you that with a few adjustments to your thinking, YOU can become the person you were meant to be and change your life forever!!!

The Sh*t I wished I learned in College

Harness the life lessons handed down from generation to generation and discover pearls of wisdom that can help you lead your most authentic life.

Whether you’re a college student or are fully immersed in the daily grind of the workforce, chances are, you feel like you havetoo many glasses to fill.

Social media, influencers, and celebrities paint a gilded portrait of what the good life is—and it usually involves money, status, and fame.

You work so hard to achieve these things that you can risk losing sight of your destiny and your passions.

You have a unique journey to complete—and nobody knows how to get to your destination better than yourself.

Life is all short and fleeting. If you have loved anyone or anything and lost it, then you know how arbitrary, unexpected, and plain shocking life events can be.

It is precisely in the face of your biggest challenges and losses that a deep sense of awakening arises—and you realize that happiness is impossible if you keep trying to live by everyone else’s standards.

Consider this book to be a manual for life; one with a myriad of timeless messages you can pick and choose as you desire, put your own imprint upon, and come back to over the years.

It encourages you to live by your values and be true to yourself. Within its pages, you will discover:

  • Why your uniqueness is something to be celebrated and harnessed when you are trying to work out your life’s purpose
  • Why virtues and values like honesty, acceptance, and embracing the legacy left behind by loved ones are non-negotiable if you wish to live a happy life
  • The K.I.S.S. approach to working out your authentic wants and needs—and how to strike the right balance between success and personal freedom
  • How to find your inner resilience, focus on your goals, and keep moving—even when motivation is hard to find
  • How to live in the present moment—change can be scary, but it can also lead to growth, discovery, and unexpected happiness
  • Why persistence, the brick-by-brick approach, and keeping your eye on the end game are key if you wish to transform your work from boring to extraordinary
  • Why doing good is a way of acknowledging and celebrating our common humanity
  • The vital role that nature plays in our physical and mental health and well-being
  • Important checklists to live by—including the 10 steps to freedom and flat-ass rules that cannot be denied
  • Witty, inspiring, beautiful words that can raise your spirits when you’re feeling down or doubting yourself

And much more.

Life can be wondrous, but it also throws a host of challenges in your path. You cannot evade these obstacles, nor can you avoid disappointment or loss.

However, you are in full control of how you process and deal with these circumstances. By living according to your core values, you can stay positive, keep your eye on the prize, and continue to celebrate the beauty of life, with all its chaos and unpredictability.

If you are ready to be true to yourself while also aiming to support others and give something back to the universe, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.

Life Changing Vision: Launch Direct Action, Realizing Necessary Elements, To Live Large

If you want to discover, explore, and master yourself, you need to use your insight and create a Life Changing Vision. The purpose of this book is to elevate business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who are underserved to believe they can thrive in their personal and professional lives. Through this “Life Changing Vision” people can secure their goals and reach guaranteed success. The book’s aim is to encourage you to use inside-out thinking to accomplish positive personal and business goals for yourself. Your Life Changing Vision will cause you to love yourself and to control your thoughts and beliefs resulting in a positive and happier you.

The Accomplished Creative: Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Forge Courage, and Tap Into Limitless Creativity

Feeling stuck and unsure of yourself? Tired of the constant self-doubt and insecurity holding you back from living your best life? It’s time to end that negative self-sabotage and open up a world of limitless creativity and personal growth.

Get ready to laugh out loud while you learn the skills and strategies to stop doubting your talents and start exuding confidence.

Inside The Accomplished Creative: Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Forge Courage, and Tap Into Limitless Creativity, you’ll discover:

● why imposter syndrome takes control of your unsuspecting mind (p. 9)
● why most personal development books fall short in changing your behavior (p. 25)
● significant techniques to create more certainty and clarity (p. 54)
● the improvisational way to retrain your brain (p. 75)
● which self-care methods work best to balance your mind and prime your creativity (p. 147)
● how to separate myth from reality with evidence-backed techniques you can apply today (p. 158)
Plus, you’ll get practical exercises throughout the book to keep you enthusiastic about the process!

Writer Jeremy Richards brings his improvisation and leadership skills to this energetic ride toward positivity and poise. His personal, relatable examples and connections will help you achieve your new, determined mindset.

This irreverent, hilarious page-turner is sure to have you feeling accomplished as you step out of the corner and release your creativity into the world.

Praise for Jeremy Richards:

“Richards excels at witty and piercing turns of phrase … It feels like
he’s in the room with you, speaking his story.”
— Utne Reader

“Damn! That Jeremy Richards is pretty good.”

— Mos Def, rapper and actor

“Not to take anything away from Mos Def, but J. Richards is more than pretty good. He is damn fine, super smart, and a fine dresser to boot.”
–John Hodgman, actor and author of Vacationland and Medallion Status

“Jeremy has an instinctive way to communicate with people. He years of experience make him an innovative leader, trainer and team-builder. He can inspire a group to move mountains.”
–Kent Whipple, Story Coach and Marketing Director

The Dragon and the GOAT: The One That Wins…is the One You Feed

The Dragon and the GOAT: The One That Wins…is the One You Feed - ASIN B0BSG7MLS5

A war rages within us with the reptilian or “Dragon” part of our brain that thinks it’s keeping us “safe” locked in a constant battle with our desire to live a full and vibrant GOAT (Greatest of All Time) life. Most people fall prey to the louder and faster Dragon, punching the clock, settling for “good enough” and watching their dreams fade to grey. When the world seems heavy and the days seem long, the Dragon is winning. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The tragedy of a bland life can be transformed by tending to your inner GOAT: that unique and incredible version of you that wants to write the story of your life, in your own words, with your own adventures. Your GOAT is like none other. It strives to live a happy, successful and free life, always in control, clear on its purpose and the meaningfulness of each day.

In “The Dragon and the GOAT” Rebecca will show you how to know if your Dragon is winning and whether your GOAT has been hidden away, just waiting for you to take notice and open the door to the life you truly want. Then, you’ll be guided through a series of strategies on how to shrink the Dragon, limiting its ability to hold you back, and scale up your GOAT-ness, taking small steps towards that magnificent future you really want, but for various reasons, haven’t stepped into – yet.

Every day, there is a winner and loser between the Dragon and the GOAT. Which one will you feed?

To All That Speak: The Ultimate Guide To Building the Most Updated Existence Awareness

All words are made up. All words spoken between us are nothing more than made-up sounds from manipulated air. They’re just lung puffs. All of the letters that we text, email, and write are made-up symbols to coincide with our made-up noise. It’s really just hand scribbles. This would mean that everything from existence theories to religious ideologies to politics to our names and much more are all one hundred percent fabricated from thin air, literally. In fact, these words here and the pronunciation sounds you hear in your head as you read the symbols on this page are made up as well. Essentially, this book uses made-up words to further dissect and clarify other made-up words. However, by the end of this mental deconstruction and rebuild, you will walk away with this liberating awareness- we just are. Existence just is.

Meet Brandon Wolfe

Brandon Wolfe is the author of the best-selling self-help adventure memoir “Cold Beer and a Hot Dart.” In addition, his award-winning screenplay titled “Freedom’s Basement” has garnered outstanding praise from prestigious screenwriting competitions worldwide. Brandon’s writing is committed to thought-provoking content and sustainable self-help practices that will remain relevant to later generations. Aside from writing, Brandon is an avid culture-focused traveler, adventure enthusiast, and passionate entrepreneur.

Seriously, God? WTF!?!: Your Life Has Hit the Proverbial Brick, Now What? Let Me Teach You How to Reclaim Your Power and Life Balance!

Seriously, God? WTF!?! is an openhearted book for people who have come up against real obstacles in life and need some structure, fortitude, and reassurance to move on in a positive way. We are all vulnerable and subject to feeling shot down in life as part of the human condition. Whether from a diagnosis out of the blue or from the loss of a loved one through death or divorce or from a job loss that can have not only a financial impact but can deliver a blow to our identity, we all have the need at times to take stock and reassess.

From her own experiences, Wanda Huntington is helping others take back their agency by focusing on conducting their own self-inventory and putting in the hard work that will lead to positive outcomes. It is easy to just get stuck after a major blow.

Huntington’s book seeks to help readers in finding the insight and power to make meaningful changes from the inside out.

The Sweet Spot: The Moments That Can Transform An Ordinary Life…Into An Extraordinary Experience

“The Sweet Spot” is a book of stories. Not the stuff found in a novel, but real life experiences.

Though we measure time in the hours, days and years…our lives are really more about the moments. It’s in the best of those moments where a fuller meaning and appreciation of one’s life can be uncovered. The sweet spots.

Are you here by happenstance…or is there a greater meaning and purpose to this existence? We have all been born and one day we will all die. In the end what will this experience mean for you?

Join the author on a reflective journey that will eventually take you to a very special place. The moments where you experienced the love, laughter and tears of this thing we call life.

Your sweet spots.