Rise Up and Take Your Position: Don’t give up. Find your Gift and Cultivate it

This book is to encourage individuals to find their talents and gifts. Once they find their gifts, they must cultivate them and then rise up and fulfil the purpose for which they were created for. Too many people are staying in the same position for too long because they are suffering from inferiority complex, bitterness, and anger. They have great ideas but lack the confidence in themselves so that they can get up and proceed to the next level. Some people have not gotten over their past and are waiting for the perfect time. This book has 12 chapters and hopefully will be a motivational tool for you that will transform your life.

Meet Drexwell Seymour

I am 51 years old and am married with 5 children. I am a certified public accountant and have my own business. However, over the past three years, I discovered my love for writing. I write weekly articles and also have a Youtube channel.

I suffered from inferiority complex for many years from when I was a little boy to a an adult. I felt insignificant and inferior to others. I now know that I am important and that no one is better than me and hence I want to write this book to inspire, influence and educate others.

Business Credit Leveraging

This book will help a person with a plan, yet funding caused everything to come to a complete stop. It will also help someone bridge the distance between ambition and destiny. I sometimes look at it as my bridge to fulfill my purpose in life. I feel that knowledge is power. So many people don’t understand financial institutions. I feel I need to share the information with people to help someone.

I found myself in this position after I graduated from college. I had a degree but no job. I had goals and ambition to get to that point in life. I just didn’t understand how to get my plan funded past this point. I had 65,000 dollars in debt from loans in college, so my social security number was just a little over-leveraged. I had no idea what an EIN number was at the time.

I realized I had an IT degree, but I needed a business financial mentor. This book explains what I learned over the next few years to drive my net worth over a million dollars.

I have streamlined the process for people now: AllenRevenueSolutions.com.

I have the entire process step by step for anyone in this position in life. Many people have a plan but can’t get the money to get it started. I just simply want to help these people reach their goals, which I call their divine destiny in life.

Just Eat The Worm: Six Great Strategies That Will Help You Earn More And Never Waste A Crisis

In times of obscurity, due to the global epidemic, inspiration becomes the mind’s well-being. Hope is required to keep moving towards progress. Who we need to become must occur before we become to outlast any crisis. Every crisis will pass because it’s temporary and seasonal.

Just Eat The Worm is not just a book of hope and inspiration but wisdom and an antidote to excel in any adversity. A gem can’t be refined without friction, nor a man perfected without trouble.

This book covers six proven strategies to embrace in tough times. Just Eat The Worm is a mental weapon for overcoming and outlasting crisis.

Each story is unique, with lessons from real life experiences. It’s a must-have book for anyone who wants to achieve massive success.

Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could have just about anything you wanted by simply imagining you already had it? When you learn to unlock and use your Subconscious Mind Power that’s pretty much how it happens. But will it work for you?

If you have failed at getting the life you want after trying various motivational strategies and personal transformation methods such as The Law of Attraction, Mind Power, Hypnosis, Positive Thinking, learning how to set and achieve goals, even undergoing years of traditional therapy that did not deal with healing your inner child…if mind power, self esteem and self confidence methods worked for several months then STOPPED and your life reverted to square one…if you feel as if you can never get anything you want, that something always sabotages your efforts to succeed, you’re a continual victim of bad luck, your life is in constant turmoil, you’re dealing with low self esteem and see yourself as a loser… you could be a victim of what Mr. Wissler defines as “The Unwritten Universal Law”. If so you must free yourself from its grip before anything will improve your life.

This book brings to the table “The Missing Piece To The Self Improvement Puzzle”, something no established Mind Power, Law of Attraction or other self improvement gurus talk about. It reveals why some people will NEVER succeed in life no matter how much determination they have or how hard they work at attaining success or how much they try to improve their life by improving their thoughts…until they discover what that “Missing Piece” is and free themselves of it.

Here’s what you will discover:

•The 6 Keys that unlock your Subconscious Mind Power that can get you just about anything you want
•How and why you MUST go beyond Positive Thinking by stating affirmations correctly for mind blowing life achievements and personal transformation mastery
• How to achieve ambitious, extreme goals beyond realistic ones that only produce average results
• How to put your Mind Power on steroids so it works very quickly….in SECONDS 
•Why your subconscious mind belongs to the entire world and how to use it to prevent and cure yourself AND OTHERS of disease
•How to rewrite history to heal your inner child from painful relationships with parents even if they’re deceased and WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time and money in traditional therapy
•How to determine if you are a victim of “The Unwritten Universal Law” and what you must do to free yourself from it because until you do NOTHING ELSE will improve your life

Even if you’ve had a pretty successful life so far you will learn how to achieve even greater greatness and unlock abilities you never knew you had by “aiming for the stars”. To begin what could be the most important venture of your life add this book to your cart, check out and get going.

Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty

Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty - ASIN B08DPZ259T

In these difficult times, we are all facing adversity, both individually and collectively. Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty, provides guidance for not only going through difficulty but growing through it in a way that strengthens us, builds our self-confidence and improves our resilience to overcome future hardships.

Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty, is uniquely organized to guide both those who are suffering as well as those who wish to help them.

Adults rarely get training in how to support other adults. While we may have empathy for another’s suffering, we may be so intimidated by our fear of not knowing what to do or say that we turn away when they need us most. This book resolves that problem and lays out the roles, boundaries, skills and techniques that help us support our friends with confidence. While growth is an ‘inside job’, support from compassionate friends helps us to fearlessly embrace our emotions while we learn from our experiences. Friendship can keep us on track and enable us to discover new (and sometimes surprising) solutions. This is a practical guide to show you how friendship can be extended in ways that are supportive and compassionate while honoring another’s process of grief and self-discovery. The guidance of this book will help you be better prepared and more confident to support your friends through their rough patches. We can all benefit from compassionate friends who are prepared to help when needed.

For those who are facing a change, ending, loss, or distress, this book provides constructive guidelines, techniques, checkpoints, and practices to help you participate fully and move more smoothly through your healing process. You will face your fears and learn from them. You will be enlightened by your setbacks rather than a victim of them. You will be empowered by making thoughtful decisions using emotional intelligence. You will learn to select the support you need. And ultimately, you will move through your difficulties with less suffering, more confidence, enriched, and at peace. Throughout our lives we face challenges; let us welcome the opportunity to navigate them with confidence.

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Choose Happiness “Happy Rules”

? “Choose Happiness” because Happy Rules!  Regain the power to overcome what ails us.

True self-help happiness for beginners, and those wishing to turn their not so happy life path into a superhighway of discover and adventure paved with cobblestones of wisdom, joy, and True Happiness.

Finding True Happiness is no easy task these days, or, is it?  The how to’s for a happy life are elusive.  One can’t buy it and no one can give it to you.  Truth is, only you can create true lasting happiness for you.  Now, we’re not talking about the happiness that comes when one buys a new pair of shoes, a new car, or even their first home.  This form of happiness evaporates over time; and may become burdensome or costly.

? Your Happiness Hypothesis: Remove obstacles that are preventing one from realizing their True Happy state of being. “Choose Happiness” because Happy Rules!  Priceless self help for everyone.

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Passion Power: Discover the 3 Indispensible Keys to Your Success!

Passion Power: Discover the 3 Indispensible Keys to Your Success!- ASIN B0868WWPL1

In “Passion Power: Discover the 3 Indispensable Keys to Your Success” Andy Craig walks you through the three key areas in creating the success you seek in life. He starts with the question, “Are you settling?” and shares his own journey in the pursuit of his desires in life. He continues and discusses the 3 Keys to empowering your success. 1.) Your Past. Break through the bondage that has held you captive in Your Past. 2.) Your Provision. Uncover the hidden resources you have in Your Provision. 3.) Your Purpose. Unleash what you were created for with Your Purpose. Follow these three keys to wield your Passion Power and fuel the achievement of your hidden desires!

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F*** Leadership: How to Motivate and Mentor Your Team to True Success


You want to succeed. You want to reach your goals. Even more,
you want to make a difference. You want to inspire others and help
them to succeed.

But that takes leadership. And according to what you have
seen, heard, and read, that means you have to be a larger-than-life
personality. You have to have a celebrity status on social media. You
have to be the most organized and structured human on the planet.
You have to memorize thirty-seven different personality types and
know how to communicate properly with each one.

How in the world can you do that and still find a way to lead
by example? Apparently, being a leader is only for super-humans
that have some type of natural-born qualities the rest of us just do
not possess.

This is what you’ve grown to believe. That is why your business
has become a struggle and a burden instead of a purpose and a passion.

I’ve mentored some of the top leaders in the network marketing industry, and trained thousands in my online training groups. I’ve spent four years developing simple systems that help average people to get extraordinary results.

This book will challenge you to lead from the front and become the kind of person that people want to follow. You will also learn simple systems, that when applied, will lead to team energy beyond what you could imagine!