Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale

Joey Flynn is an ordinary eleven year old boy. He likes baseball, video games, and hanging out with his friends. The summer before sixth grade his family moves from California to Oregon. Joey is not happy about moving. Now he has to start over with new friends and even worse, a new school.
Exploring the woods of his property in Oregon, Joey meets an extraordinary individual, like no one he’s ever met before. This new friend teaches Joey about faith and trusting God.

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Join the pups and Henry as the prepare for moving day!

“With every new adventure, there is a chance to learn, grow & change.”

For Ages 3-9, Henry’s family is moving to a new house! Walter, Finley, and Phoebe get a little nervous about the change, but no one more so that Walter.

This is a book about change and transition. Join the pups as they learn to navigate change in their lives and learn to identify the important constants that matter most.

Great gift for housing warming gift, birthdays,or christmas!

Grab the next copy in the Dreambuilt Kids Series & engage your young reader in a story about change!