Decimation of the Multiverse


All the players have come to the board. The endgame is finally upon them. After such a weary journey, will they have the resolve to stay alive and, better yet, will they have it in them to reach the final destination?

Sacrifice has been made, but rarely is a single one enough to stop a force as brazen and formidable as the antichrist. Still ahead lay the titans, an unholy trinity of ancient beasts intent on ruling over their parallel Earth. Our prophet is so close, yet so far from his own final destination. How will poor Tim fair through the monstrous sized challenges that lay ahead?

With all universes about to end forever, where is God? Will the archangel Michael be capable of taking down the worst thing the universe has ever known? Can our prophet fulfill his destiny and keep what’s coming in check? Come to the very end with the group you were rooting for from the beginning to see what wonder and devastation awaits them all!

Return to the Distributed Fate shared universe and see how the end of times will transpire!

Lives Of E


It can be hard to accept something as real when you’re convinced it’s not.

Erik had never heard of quantum computers. He had no interest in that sort of thing. When a woman he isn’t interested in tries to seduce him during dinner, his best mate mentions that he is building one. Desperate to escape the awkward situation, Erik insists on seeing the prototype.

That turns out to be a really bad idea.

A series of unfortunate events ends with Erik getting electrocuted. Subsequently, his life starts changing in every conceivable way, starting with him waking up in bed next to the woman he was trying to avoid the night before. Convinced that he went to sleep alone, Erik begins to doubt his ability to trust his own mind. Each new day is worse, presenting him with a completely different life every morning—subtle changes at first, although soon they veer to the extreme. Reality as he knows it becomes warped beyond all recognition.

Has he lost his mind? Is he living with multiple personalities? Or is this a never-ending lucid dream of alternate lives? Erik’s quest to understand what’s happening to him turns out to be nowhere near as difficult as finding a way to make it stop.

Interaction Region


That place where you tripped? What if a prominent but slightly odd physicist told you that’s where two universes intersect, and you’ve just stumbled into a universe that’s just slightly different? What if he then recruited you to tour neighboring universes to assess their stability? What if you agreed to help out, then realized when you went home every evening, your spouse was a slightly different person?

A short science fiction story set at a modern-day accelerator laboratory, with a healthy dose of humor.