Cory’s Dilemma: Missing the Beat: Dangerous Music (Suspenseful Secrets Book 1)

His big music career break…

…was because of a lie.

Did someone know his secret?

Cory struggled for years in Manhattan, but just couldn’t get a hit. It wore on him and he was desperate. Late one night at the studio, he took a chance, and it made all the difference.

But was it a risk that could ruin him?

Would he be able to live with what he’d done?

As his career took off, the money, fame, and success came with a price he never imagined. His marriage was in trouble. And someone was out to destroy him.

Would he lose everything he cared about?

You’ll love this suspenseful thriller, because the lines sometimes get blurry and the path to redemption isn’t easily traveled.

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The ‘GREAT’ Kickin’ Dog

Ex musician, assembly line worker and alcoholic, John Coleman Sr. is a man with deferred and shattered dreams. Living in a Chicago housing project during the 60’s he is a father raising his eight-member family; four girls, two musical prodigy boys and a mentally unstable wife, in a drug, gang and gun infested environment among households with absent dads. During a competitive time of young musical prodigies, he fights for a pathway out of the projects through his talented sons. On a quest to find a way out, he drags his gifted boys on a whirlwind journey of hope, from talent shows to south side Blues clubs and observes their reputation growing with each performance. But along with the journey to see his boys “get great”, is his ongoing struggle with alcohol, his wife’s neurotic behavior and the fortified barrier of resentment from his jealous daughters all brought on by a family history of mental illness. Not only does John Coleman Sr. have to contend with the inner turmoil of his family, but a family tragedy shakes him to the core and threatens the sanctity of his high-spirited loved ones.

The ‘Great’ Kickin’dog is a Black experience during a turbulent time of civil rights in the 6o’s and free spirits of the 70’s embedded in the cradle of Chicago’s segregation. It is a coming of age saga of passion, perseverance and the courage to rise above; a compelling story of hope and the question of fate.

Meet Kenneth Allen Crutchfield, Sr.

Kenneth Allen Crutchfield, Sr. was born on the south side of Chicago into a family of musicians. During his formative years he worked as a professional drummer in Chicago then traveled globally after finishing high school. He received a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern California and a Masters degree from Queens College (CUNY) in New York City, both in music. He has written several plays, The Great Kickin’ Dog, Balloon on a String and Lorna’s L’Elegant Lounge; two musicals, All God’s Saints Go To Heaven-Not and Bones Brothers Brothel. All were produced in New York City as well as nationally. Ken is also a writer of prose and pens poetry as well. The ‘Great’ Kickin’ Dog’ is his first novel, loosely based on his family.

In the world of magic oceans, the vain and cruel prince, Octavian, seeks praise while his scheming advisor, Cassius, designs castles to conquer nations and grow his own wealth. Powers from beyond have their own plans and reveal secrets to mortals that will later prove ruinous. Out at sea, the pirate, Captain Keallach, commits brutal murders in his search for treasure. A girl named Taesa, having immense musical power, enchants all with her songs, in ways no one yet realizes. The ancient-yet-young Chronicler named Judith records the unfolding events. While in the throne room of the tyrannical Octavian, Judith learns plans of what danger is to come and wants to warn those in the path of destruction. However, the Chronicler’s Oath that she took forbids interference, so she must keep some secrets in confidence for ages to come.

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In the not-so distant future, most people live in the nameless cities of a globalized world in the safety of artificial atmosphere domes. Those who don’t fit in with the system end up on the streets in a parallel society with different rules. When 17-year-old Robyn steals the priceless violin of young prodigy Akira Sato, she sets a series of events in motion that will change both of the girls’ lives fundamentally.

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How to Play the Violin: Comprehensive Techniques for Violinists

Learn the comprehensive techniques of a topnotch Violinists

Do you want to learn how to Play Violin?

Do you want to know the techniques needed to take you from a beginner violinist right up to the virtuoso player?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you. This book is written for both beginners and advanced violinists who want to build their skills and become virtuoso players.

This is a comprehensive guide to some of the major techniques that you will need to learn as a violinist. In this book, the basics of playing the violin are provided, and the book presents an overview of some of the most important skills that you must master to be an excellent player.

In this book you will learn,

•The basics of playing the violin. This book presents an overview of some of the most important skills that you must
master to be an excellent player.
•An overview of all the things you need to master on your journey to becoming a professional violinist.
•In just a few chapters, this book will guide you through the basics of playing the violin from scratch and cover some of
the most popular playing techniques that every violinist must master, in a clear and concise manner.

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