Missing: A Suspense-Filled Mystery for Young Readers

When everything she knows is ripped away…

After coming to terms with the loss of her mother at a young age, Lola’s biggest struggle has been keeping the peace with a stepmother who doesn’t seem to get Lola for who she really is.  Thankfully, Lola has her sister Bonnie (who she sometimes gets along with — that’s normal, right?), her best friend Sophia, and her doting father to support her while her love of the outdoors, flowers, and stars tend to ease her through.

Overall, Lola is a pretty ordinary girl living a fairly ordinary life, even with the occasional annoyance of being told to do something she doesn’t want to do. She goes to school.  She does her chores. She does all the things that a normal kid her age would do, until everything is turned upside down!  What does a girl do when everything she knows is ripped away?  The people she counts on, the safety of her home, the truth that she’s always known, all suddenly torn from her grasp!

Makenzie R. Casseday’s debut novel is a suspense-filled adventure of loss and discovery for young readers.  Robbery, abduction, lies, and even murder ensue as Lola sorts through the mystery of whom she can trust, makes peace with the truth of her past, and decides to move forward focusing on what is available to her now.

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