Searching For Monkumar


An amazing and engrossing tale of a journey to find that which is forever elusive.

Searching for Monkumar contains several signposts to life’s important lessons. It takes some of us a lifetime to discover and it’s okay to be reminded by as many signposts as you need.

The principals within this book are universal to the human species, but India is a perfect place to start

Searching for Monkumar”.

An extraordinary tale by Gordon lee Chambers, a quest for truth and hope, through friendship, mysticism, music and spirituality. Discover the path of gratitude and understand the power of synchronicity.

Take a journey that will leave you eager to engage in life’s great adventures.

Follow an epic pilgrimage of two lifelong friends, wandering minstrels from West Bengal, as they journey to Varanasi, the Kumbh Mela and onward toward the source of the River Ganges high up in the Himalayas.

This novel is set in India at the turn of the century, this was where the original film material which seeded the story was shot. Actually, were it not for the original film footage which set the Indian theme, the book could have been set anywhere in the world.

It could just as easily be two Sharman walking through central America; an Aboriginal tracker in the heart of Australia; two monks escaping from Tibet; two medicine mystics in Africa; Sufi poets in Eurasia; or a couple of Christian mystics traveling through Europe.