The Paladin Chronicles Book bundle 1-4: A Sword and Sorcery/ Alternative History/ Epic Fantasy

Mega book bundle. Over 1700 pages/ 6000,000 words. All Hakeem wanted was to become a religious monk. He can’t understand why he was refused. The Grand Abbot of the monastery where he grew up said he was destined to be something he had never heard of, called a Paladin. Broken hearted and penniless, he runs away to join their mercenaries fighting in the Greek colonies on the western coast of Turkey. Little does he realise that soon he will be caught up in events prophesied two thousands years before. The once mighty Elves are fading. Their final destruction has been foretold and now the time is all but upon them. Soon Hakeem, an Elvish Princess and their newly adopted daughter find themselves fleeing from assassins as they try to find a way to save the Elves. Review excerpts: “Historical fantasy really doesn’t get better than this” “first-rate … truly memorable” “Awesome” “truly an epic story”

Meet Neil Port

Neil has been a day dreamer all his life, creating stories in his head. He retired from a medical career to write and play a little bad golf. When his wife, dog and family allow him, he loves disappearing into a world of swords, warriors, warrior women and elves. His love of ancient history has resulted in his fantasy series being set in exotic locations in ancient times.