The Crucible of Steele is a fast-paced techno-thriller filled with unexpected twists, ethical entanglements and provocative science.

To secure the earth for the perfect few, they need to rid the world of the imperfect many. Only one of their own can stop them ….

In a remote region of Honduras, Dr. Gene Young fears for his young patients. The extremely high teen birth rate has inexplicably dropped to zero, and he can’t find anyone who will listen. Only Frank Anderson, a discredited geneticist and pioneer of in-vitro fertilization, believes him.

In Atlanta, a successful technology consultant, Georgia Steele, makes a living protecting her client’s data, systems, and intellectual assets, while discreetly exposing embezzlement and corporate espionage. A multi-racial orphan in search of blood relatives, her keen ability to uncover hidden information has failed in her personal life.

Georgia’s luck changes after a brief encounter with a near-twin leads her to track down her estranged and paranoid godfather, Frank Anderson. He tells Georgia that she is the product of a 150-year plan to create a superior race. Furthermore, her progenitors are now trying to rid the world of “average” humans.

Driven to discover the truth, Georgia travels to Honduras to find Dr. Young. There she is faced with a dilemma – join her true family or to try to stop them before thousands of innocent people are killed and humanity forever changed.

Readers of AG Riddle, Douglas Preston, Douglas E. Richards, James Rollins, and Matthew Mather will love this debut novel.

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The Modest Proposal Institute: An Old Path to a New Future

Can two school rivals save the Western world?

Like many young men, Alexis dreams of adventure and being an adventurer, a Viking or a Pirate, or maybe just your movie-style heroic action man saving the Western world. He knows that he’s going to do it by leading his new school, an offshore boarding school and university built by his grandfather and a retired engineer, to ever greater success. The only barrier he sees standing in his way is a kid called Shane. 

Shane is only at the school because he somehow upsets people whenever he speaks, which isn’t too surprising because while they are very ordinary, he’s extraordinarily clever. It turns out this strange island school is full of misfits like him and he quickly sees that his destiny is to lead it to world away from the people who rejected him. His only real rival for head of the Institute is a kid called Alexis.

Each of them believes that only by besting the other, and by clever detective work to stop the other’s rise, will they achieve their true place and that only under their leadership will the future of the world be safe. It’s a coming-of-age, do-or-die struggle, him or me – or is it? Can they both succeed?

This visionary science fiction tale begins with Paul James’s new Dystopian Young Adult Fiction novel, The Modest Proposal Institute: An Old Path to a New Future, which launches two new heroes into the world and the cosmos.

Buy The Modest Proposal Institute and start your journey to the New Future

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