Save Your Brain Now: A Functional Medicine Perspective

There is an ever increasing epidemic of the decline of cognitive function and the diseases of dementia! Save Your Brain Now describes how a healthy brain functions and what causes cognitive decline that all too often leads to the diseases of dementia.

In addition, the book provides valuable tools for improve symptoms such as poor memory and brain fog, which can indicate cognitive decline and progress to diseases of dementia. We give hope and practical tips to improve brain health using a multimodal strategy. This strategy includes keys to maintaining excellent cognitive function and even successful strategies that can restore cognitive function even if you are suffering from diseases of dementia.

The Co-authors Naturopathic Doctor, Peter Wilhelmsson and Neuroscientist, Hayde Bolouri both reside in Sweden and have extensive training in functional medicine and brain health.

Meet Peter Wilhelmsson

A.A. Journalism,Valley College, Van Nuys, 1972
B.A. History Cal State Northridge, 1974.
M.A. English Cal State Northridge, 1976
Herbal Medicine training Wild Rose College 1978
Naturopathic doctor, European College of Natural Medicine 1984
Anti Aging practitioner and advanced fellow (ABAAHP), 2017
Post Graduate Cognitive health certification with Functional Medicine
Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) 2019
Naturopathic Medical Practice since 1979
Author of 14 books in Health genre from 1986 to 2019 in Swedish, English,Finish and Korean.
Encyclopedia of Nutritional Medicine, Sports Nutrition,Allergies, Candiasis, etc.