What do you do when that annoying ex keeps popping up?

That’s what Abby West would like to know.

Six years after leaving Brooklyn and her entire life behind, she’s back for one summer.

Two jobs, wild friends and a crazy family who all think she should stay away from the one who broke her heart and ran her out of the city.

It should be easy, but the heart wants what it wants. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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Mrs B’s Younger Man: An Age Gap Romance

Shelley Berrettini’s life is ordinary.
A solo mother with a grown up daughter,
A job in a grocery store,
A cat lover,
Avid tennis player.
She’s pretty sure that this is her lot in life,
That this is as good as it gets.

Until the moment that the young high school boy starts work
Under her supervision.
Suddenly Mrs B is living out her fantasies.
And realizing that life isn’t so bad.
But she knows that this isn’t right
She knows that things can’t work out for her
And her younger man…
Or can they?

If an 18 year old boy and an older woman offends you, this book is not for you!

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A Crack in Everything

Life used to be simple.

I was a city girl with humble dreams. Then Dylan O’Dea broke into my flat, held me against the wall and told me to stay quiet.

It was like in the movies, where the universe zeros in on a single scene. I looked into his eyes and knew he was going to change me.

For Dylan, the sky was always falling. He showed me how our world is a contradiction of beauty and ugliness. How we choose to ignore the awful and gloss over it with the palatable. How you need just a tiny drop of something unsavoury to create every great scent.

Pretty deep for a pair of teenagers living in a block of council flats in inner city Dublin, right? Probably. But we weren’t typical. We both had our obsessions. Mine was growing things, Dylan’s was scent. He taught me how to use my nose, and I introduced him to the magic of flowers. 

I had no idea that one day he’d build an empire from what we started together. But before that, there was love and happiness, tragedy and epic heartbreak…

My name is Evelyn Flynn and I’m going to tell you about the crack in everything.

***A Crack in Everything is Book #1 in L.H. Cosway’s Cracks duet.***

The Fake Boyfriend Lesson


I hate him, but I need the scholarship. He’s my boyfriend now.

From the moment I met Isaac, I knew he was trouble.

Tall, fit and outrageously attractive with an arrogant smirk on his face, he’s a doctor-to-be who acts as if it’s just a matter of time until I fall in love with him.

Wrong—I’d never date someone like him.

Besides, I’m busy with applying for the prestigious Hope Scholarship.

However, due to a disastrous mistake, I’m forced to take an experimental fake relationship class.

Guess who I’ve been paired up with?


To pass the course, we have to go on cheesy dates and post embarrassing profile pictures.

I can’t stand him; we’re a complete mismatch.

But then he reminds me, we both desperately need the perfect grade.

And to get an A+, we have to convince our professor that we’re in love.

Like it or not, I’m trapped with my fake boyfriend until Christmas.

The Fake Boyfriend Lesson is the third juicy new adult romance in the West Seoul University series. The books are stand-alone and do not need to be read in order. Festive scenes, no cheating and a HEA guaranteed.

A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment: A Dramatic Romance


A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment is a  dramatic romance of college sweethearts torn apart, second chance relationships, the unfolding of destiny, and the emotional journey of five orphans finding their way from abandonment to rescue. A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment offers readers a story of love, a dose of hope, and how to gain faith in the midst of heartache. You will experience both laughter and tears in this story of romance, drama, and suspense.

“The struggle is real- Read this and feel for yourself the emotions of the characters. And the ending is… well all I’ll say is wow! ” ?

“Her story has drama, intrigue, romance, and humor, and Deborah Patrick hopes to share it with the world.”
Northwest Daily News

Only Between Us


Bestselling author Sarah Fine presents an emotional standalone novel sure to thrill new adult romance readers everywhere.

Will they be strong enough to hold on?

Last semester, Romy escaped from an abusive relationship with the guy she’d thought was the man of her dreams. This semester she’s putting herself back together, determined to reclaim her passion for art and for life. When she signs up for a painting class at the local art co-op, the possibility of passion becomes very real — in the form of her teacher, Caleb. Both mysterious and seriously hot, Caleb bares his soul on his canvases, and Romy’s fascinated by what she sees.

Caleb is just trying to keep his head above water. Caring for his traumatized, unstable sister is getting harder every day, and his paintings are so dark and bleak that no one is buying. Teaching classes at the co-op is no longer enough, and now he’s going to have to sell more than just his art to the wealthy, sex-starved women in his classes. But when Romy comes along, she makes everything more complicated. She sees the truth in his paintings — a truth no one else has realized, until now.

Romy and Caleb might have a real shot together — one that could heal them both. But when ghosts from their pasts re-emerge, determined to keep them apart, will they be strong enough to hold on to each other?

**WARNING: This is a new adult novel and contains material which is sexual in nature. Content may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18.**