To Kill a Catfish

Exposing men’s lies is Vally’s specialty—until one comes back for revenge. Vally Evans has a dangerous hobby. After her boyfriend cheats on her with a girl online, she vows to spare others from the same fate. Using her best friend Brooklyn’s photos, she creates a fake Instagram account, helping girls who suspect their boyfriends might be unfaithful. It’s easy. With Brooklyn’s winning smile, she’s perfect bait. And while it’s satisfying to catch them in the act, Vally’s profile is slowly becoming more and more notorious around her college campus. A recent victim of her vigilante warpath, Blaine isn’t happy that she’s ruined his “perfect” relationship. Vally is suddenly inundated with threatening DMs, promising revenge. But what can he do with a fake Instagram account? That is, until Brooklyn goes missing. Fueled by panic and guilt, Vally is determined to find her friend. But Blaine has gone silent. And not only that—there are dozens of them. Men whose lives Vally has ruined under the guise of Brooklyn’s photos. With trails leading to dead ends, no help from the police, and a handsome neighbor who’s mysteriously invested, Vally will stop at nothing to get Brooklyn back. Fast-paced, hilariously witty, and exhilaratingly suspenseful, To Kill a Catfish will have you caught up in the mess that is kidnapping, mistaken identity, and revenge. Buy To Kill a Catfish now to walk the fine line between justice and vengeance.

Meet Polly Harris

Polly Harris is the founder and owner of Pauline Harris Editorial, an editorial company that focuses on juvenile and genre fiction. Polly has worked in publishing for almost a decade, as an author, first reader, assistant, and editor.

Dead Girl Dating

Finding a boyfriend is hard enough. Especially if the guy you like thinks you’re dead. Daisy Delamarre is dead. Found lying in a pool of blood on the music building floor. And two years later, it’s still the best ghost story that Bayer University students have ever had. Daisy died in the most haunted building on campus, and if you’re not careful, you might be next—adding to the list of ghosts that haunt its halls. And so that’s all Daisy becomes—a story for students to whisper about. Until another Daisy moves to campus. A freshman with no knowledge of Delamarre’s demise, Daisy Deily joins the ranks of Bayer’s students, ready to make friends, memories, and maybe even a boyfriend. But when Daisy accidentally logs into the wrong student account, things begin to sour. At first, she doesn’t realize what she’s done, but others do. And with Bayer’s queen ghost seemingly back to life, rumors swirl. But not only rumors. Because there are people uncomfortable with Delamarre’s return—in more ways than one. Because underneath the stories, whispers, and the frenzy of Bayer’s favorite ghost, is a dark secret. Why did Daisy Delamarre die? And if she’s not careful, could Daisy Deily be next? Tough college assignments, awkward romantic interests, threatening messages, and now a potential haunting have Daisy wondering whether this school was the right choice. But it seems that her only way out might be to appease a ghost and solve her murder. Fast-paced, hilariously witty, and exhilaratingly suspenseful, Dead Girl Dating will have you caught up in the mess that is murder, haunted houses, and surviving freshman year. Buy Dead Girl Dating now for a spooky, mysterious read!

Meet Polly Harris

Polly Harris is the founder and owner of Pauline Harris Editorial, an editorial company that focuses on juvenile and genre fiction. Polly has worked in publishing for almost a decade, as an author, first reader, assistant, and editor.

Life Happens

“Life Happens” is a captivating contemporary romance novel that delves into the world of K-pop and the intertwined lives of its main characters, Titalee and Liam. Titalee, an ambitious and talented aspiring singer, crosses paths with Liam, the charismatic leader of a popular K-pop band. Set against the backdrop of the fast-paced and glamorous K-pop industry, the story explores their journey as they navigate fame, love, and the challenges that come with pursuing their dreams. As their paths intertwine, sparks fly, and their connection deepens, readers will be drawn into a tale of passion, self-discovery, and the unpredictable twists that life often brings. With elements of chick-lit adding a delightful touch of humor and relatability, “Life Happens” promises a heartwarming and engaging story that captures the essence of love in the modern world.

Meet Madhu Pandey

My debut novel is ‘Life Happens.’ With a background in 3D animation and graphics, as well as a postgraduate degree in English literature, I love to bring a unique blend of creativity and depth to my storytelling. When I am not weaving words into captivating narratives, I enjoy crafting engaging videos on my YouTube channel, showcasing my diverse passions and skills.”

The Echo of Time: Awakening

It is the first day of spring. Seventeen-year-old Vivienne Polanska wakes up with a strong feeling that something is changing. Later that day, while walking in the forest, she encounters a group of medieval horsemen. The riders appear to be a strange phenomenon on the forest road, but paradoxically, it is Vivienne who feels like she’s found herself in the wrong place. And at the wrong time… After the encounter, Vivienne is left with the feeling that she has experienced something extraordinary and an image of beautiful blue eyes with a delicate hint of green imprinted on her mind. Vivienne cannot resist the impression that she has seen those eyes somewhere before … Soon, it turns out that those beautiful eyes exist in reality, and the medieval events start pulling her in more and more. The Echo if Time. Awakening is a multidimensional and breathtaking novel. There are the main characters with whom the reader falls in love, medieval castles, forests, and time travels. There are magical descriptions and brilliant dialogues, but above all, lots of emotions. There is passion and romance but also action and adventure. Isn’t that too much? Definitely not! Everything is balanced and connected in an absolutely masterful way. The story unfolds at a peaceful pace. It flows, but suddenly, the readers find themselves inside it. And they don’t want to leave… Powerfully emotional and subtle, but at the same time humorous and surprising. A truly captivating story of love and self-discovery. The book contains QR codes leading to external sources that allow readers see the places and interesting items mentioned in the novel.

Meet Sophia Wietrzna

Sophia Wietrzna is a debuting Polish author and painter. Her writing is a reflection of her path of self-discovery and personal development. In her novels, fiction and personal experiences blend into a powerfully emotional, authentic, and engaging story. What might seem to be fiction on the surface might be a real-life experience, even though it looks like a product of imagination. Impossible? Well, the world is more complex than we are normally told it is. If you look for answers, quantum physics may be very enlightening. Sophia has developed a completely new category in literature, which she calls energetic novels. The events in her books rarely have just one meaning and usually come with a deeper message that is underneath. They are also humorous and surprising. This is not a typical romantic fiction but a blend of magical, paranormal, and spiritual experiences that lead to a transformation of the main characters. Sophia was born and brought up in Poland. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow with a master’s degree in English Philology. Apart from writing and painting, she loves traveling and looking for answers beyond the obvious. And she loves Nature. She currently lives in the Caribbean with her husband, two sons, three fairies, and a forest spirit.

Falling for the Villain

An enemies-to-lovers story with humor, epic battles, and twists you won’t see coming! Can be read as a stand alone or with book 2: Heart of a Hero (also on sale). Being a superhero is hard enough…Don’t fall for your arch nemesis. College junior Aubree Klein stays busy with a full course load, work, and protecting River City from villains as flame-wielding superhero Blue Nova. The last thing she needs is more time with her arch enemy, the evil super genius Dr. Vile. Using his malicious inventions to inflict destruction on the city, Dr. Vile knows just how to get under Aubree’s skin. But when a new and even more powerful villain threatens the city, there’s only one person she can turn to for help. As the temporary allies get closer, they find that identities aren’t the only secrets being kept, and their mutual hatred may have been masking something else all along. With the fate of the city hanging in the balance, will the tense partnership last? And will Aubree find a way to combat her conflicting feelings for the one person she swore to despise?

Meet Kim Elliott

Kim Elliott lives in British Columbia with her husband, two busy kids, and a sleepy dog named Marley. When she isn’t writing stories, she enjoys watching singing competition shows, eating donuts, and going jean shopping. (That last one was a blatant lie.) Falling for the Villain is her first published novel and can be read as a stand alone or as part of a trilogy.

The Workshop: Week One

Nine writers enter… only one will escape. (Figuratively—the door works fine.) The Workshop: Week One introduces nine competitive college students who will battle for literary superiority and existential purpose over sixteen weeks of their Creative Writing in Various Media course. Who will find a career? Who’s gonna cry all the way home? Who had garlic for lunch? Featuring disparate characters locking horns over prose, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, and more, The Workshop is a dynamic, meta, and novel novella experience unlike any other.

Meet Matt Mills

Matt Mills is a stone-cold weirdo and wearer of many hats. After graduating from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in Music Theory & Composition, he naturally spent his 20s screenwriting, playwriting, consulting, and winning various unimpressive awards. A survivor of his collegiate creative writing workshop, he has parlayed his favorite course into his oddball eBook series The Workshop.

Heart Wreck

Two damaged hearts. One tropical vacation. That’s where our story starts… Four years ago, a tragedy left me shattered, and my life has sucked since. So, when a guy I met online suggested we meet in Hawaii for a first date, I agreed to go. It sounded like an exciting adventure. But upon arriving, my date said he couldn’t make it. As an apology, he paid for my room and said to enjoy the resort on him. Though a nice offer, it meant I’d experience paradise alone. Or would I? Somehow, I’ve met someone interesting. Cillian is a handsome and mysterious fellow resort guest. He’s also on his own for the week. I’m drawn in by the questions he asks and how he listens and wants to learn about my life. Though I like him, I sense something has Cillian stuck in his past, giving him reservations about me. Can I see what’s happening between us in just six days? I’ll soon find out…

Meet Melinda Hazen

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. I have a B.S. in family studies with an emphasis in child development. For most of my life, I’ve worked with students of all ages, from pre-k through high school. Photography, genealogy (especially helping adoptees find their birth parents), and Betsey Johnson accessories are a few of my many interests. Work on my novels has been done in my spare time—often late into the night. I enjoy writing romance because I can create the perfect couple who are striving to achieve their happily ever after. Everyone loves to be in love. And, to put it simply, I write books I want to read. My mornings always begin with a homemade iced latte. The remainders of my weekdays are spent either substitute teaching, going out to lunch, or working on my novels. My weekends are spent at soccer fields of varying location (I’m a soccer mom and love it), listening to psychological thrillers while on road trips, and binge-watching shows with the love of my life. Disneyland will forever be my favorite place on Earth and has provided many of my best memories with my son.

Mafia’s Dirty Secret

Marie should have run away from her abusive mother when she had the chance.
But she stayed home and cared for the terminally ill monster.
The one person that she loved but never loved her back.

Just as she thought her miserable life was never going to get better…
She met a mysterious out-of-towner.
She ignored her mother’s advice: to never speak with any man, that all men are bad.

This beautiful stranger showered her with gifts, kindness, and attention.
He gave her the sort of love that she had never experienced before in her life.

What Marie didn’t know is that this gorgeous man—a mafioso—had a reason to get close to her.
He was on a special revenge mission—and she was his target.

Warning: This story contains strong language, adult scenes, and some domestic abuse. Intended for adults only.

Meet Summer Cooper

Besides (obviously!) reading and writing, Summer also loves cuddling her dogs, shouting at Alexa, being upside down (aka Yoga) and driving her family cray-cray!


The Collective military has spent its years destroying the last remnants of The Hive, an alien force which devastated the old world, bringing forth the apocalypse , and ushering a new age of warring factions.Alexander King is a Collective soldier who during a mission monitoring the outskirts of Zone 6, discovers evidence that The Hive’s presence is stronger than commonly believed. With his new information it becomes vital that the Collective acts fast, for if they don’t the world will be brought to it knees again in a second wave of destruction that will end humanity forever. Astonishing, complex, and character driven. Hive is the first in The Arcane Volumes.

Meet Jeremiah Ukponrefe

Jeremiah Ukponrefe is a Toronto based author and stand up comedian. He has written for The Runner, The Reel Anna, and Envie Magazine. His debut novel Hive released March 2021, the first of The Arcane Volumes Series. As a comedian his style is a mixture of clever observations with subversive darkness, all performed under a veil of innocence. He is a founder of the comedy production company Punching Sideways Productions. He is really hoping this artist thing works out.

RIOT: A 1960s Love Story

A fast-paced journey on an emotional roller coaster, bursting with political and sexual passions. It’s the late 1960s. The Vietnam War, the Antiwar Movement and the Black Power Movement are rushing toward their explosive peaks. In the midst of this charged environment, an inter-racial pair of young activists fall madly in love. Awaiting them are excitement, danger, heartache and redemption. RIOT: A 1960s Love Story chronicles these lovers’ challenging journey: their coming of age amidst an unpopular war, a racially polarized city, a hostile mayor and ever-mounting threats, all while working through their own deep psychological issues. 1968 is marked by campus unrest, urban rebellions and assassinations, as well as political violence that thrusts the duo into clashes with Chicago’s police and the National Guard. The suspense builds breathlessly to a heartrending climax during the street protests surrounding that summer’s Democratic National Convention.

Meet Charles S. Isaacs