Paper Targets

Art, math, obsession, and greed. An artist who confesses to murders through her drawings, and a stuttering computer criminal, have their paths collide while both are struggling to make amends for their past failures. Part Montana wilderness, part techno, and part desperate love, Paper Targets is a story of confessions. But more than crime, Paper Targets is infused with nature and solitude and unpacks questions about why people sometimes do bad things. Based on the actual fringe events of two of the world’s largest criminal frauds: the collapse of WorldCom and Enron.

Meet Steve Saroff

Steve Saroff is the host of the podcast Montana Voice, and the author of over 30 traditionally published short stories, first printed in Redbook and other national magazines. His available books include Paper Targets; The Long Line of Elk; and, the forthcoming Mixed Drinks. He was a runaway who became a ‘coder’ and then started several software companies. Two of his start-ups were purchased by public corporations. He was the founder of FreeMail Inc, the first commercially successful web-based email system. FreeMail was acquired just before the criminal fraud and combined collapse of WorldCom and Enron (still the world’s largest criminal frauds). His novel Paper Targets was written about the criminals that swirled about him during that corrupt and mysterious time.