The Surprise

This book is about heartache, sadness, happiness, and a few surprises. Natasha wanted to be happy most of all and share her life with a special someone. She had a lot of Love to give and wanted to be loved back the same way. She wanted to be respected at her job and to help as many people as she could. In this story, she goes through a lot of emotions and realizes that the most important things in life are people and family. You need to trust your gut and let go of what is not yours. She learned that life is unpredictable and it is full of many Surprises!

Meet Rochelle DeSorte

Loving and hopeful person who values happiness, love, and helping others. I believes in trusting my instincts and learning from life’s surprises. Join my journey of self-discovery and connection.

200+ Easy Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipe Cookbook with Pictures: Your 2 in 1 Guide with Delicious and Tasty Food, Treats and Slow Cooker Recipes for Your Pup’s Healthier Living

Is your furry friend begging for more than bland kibble? Do you crave delicious, nutritious meals that fuel their playful spirit and wagging tail? Are you ready to take your furry friend’s health to the next level? Indulge Your Pup with Flavorful & Nutritious Delights! Introducing “200+ Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipe Cookbook with Pictures: Your 3 in 1 Guide with Delicious and Tasty Food, Treats and Slow Cooker Recipes for Your Pup’s Healthier Living”! This comprehensive cookbook is your one-stop shop for creating gourmet meals your dog will drool over. Inside you’ll discover: Over 200 mouthwatering recipes: From breakfast buffets to hearty dinners, we’ve got every meal covered. Plus, tantalize their taste buds with delectable treats and healthy snack options,This cookbook has just about every type of dog food you can think of: ➭ Puploaf recipes featuring meat, fish, and plant proteins, plus low-calorie options. Soup and Stew recipes for dogs who enjoy trying something new or get bored with their meals. Healthy Treats and Snacks for positive reinforcement and rewards. Easy-to-prepare Kibbles as a cost-effective alternative to commercial food. Frozen Recipe Options for those who enjoy trying out new things. Celebrate together with wholesome Special Occasion Meals. …And much more. 3-in-1 Guide to Canine Cuisine: Master the art of homemade dog food with easy-to-follow recipes for every dietary need. Explore delicious options for active pups, senior companions, and even picky eaters! The Slow Cooker Advantage: Short on time? Unleash the power of your slow cooker with nourishing, fuss-free meals that simmer to perfection while you’re busy. A Visual Feast for Dog Lovers: Every recipe is accompanied by a stunning picture, so you can see exactly what culinary creations await your furry friend. More than just a cookbook, it’s a journey to a healthier, happier dog! Here’s what you’ll gain: A stronger bond with your pup: Spoil them with homemade meals that show you care. Improved digestion and overall health: Ditch the fillers and artificial ingredients; fuel their bodies with real, wholesome food. A radiant coat and boundless energy: Watch their fur shine and their playful spirit soar with a diet rich in essential nutrients. Stop settling for average, unleash the extraordinary! Order your copy of the 200+ Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipe Cookbook with Pictures today and embark on a delicious adventure with your four-legged companion! Are you still scrolling? What are you waiting for? Scroll up and BUY NOW, show your love and see them wag with joy!

Meet Queen Cook’s

Queen Cook’s is an experienced author and pet nutrition enthusiast known for her passion for creating healthy and delicious meals for dogs. Her book, “200+ Easy Homemade Healthy Dog Food Recipe Cookbook with Pictures: Your 2 in 1 Guide with Delicious and Tasty Food, Treats and Slow Cooker Recipes for Your Pup’s Healthier Living,” showcases her expertise in crafting nutritious recipes tailored to meet the dietary needs of dogs. As an author, Queen Cook’s has dedicated herself to educating dog owners on the importance of providing wholesome meals for their furry companions. She believes that a well-balanced diet plays a crucial role in maintaining a dog’s overall health and well-being. Through her cookbook, Queen Cook’s aims to empower dog owners with the knowledge and tools they need to prepare nutritious meals at home.

GOAL SETTING: The Goal Setting Theory for Breakthrough Achievement and Ultimate Success: Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To

Welcome to “Goal Setting: The Goal Setting Theory for Breakthrough Achievement and Ultimate Success” – your definitive guide to unlocking the power of goal setting and turning your aspirations into reality. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards unparalleled success? Discover the Art and Science of Goal Setting In this groundbreaking book, we delve deep into the intricate world of goal setting, unraveling the secrets behind turning dreams into achievable milestones. Backed by the Goal Setting Theory, a proven methodology that blends psychological insights with actionable strategies, this book provides you with the blueprint for success. What You’ll Learn 1. The Psychology of Success Uncover the psychology behind setting and achieving goals. Learn how to overcome mental roadblocks, develop a success-oriented mindset, and tap into your limitless potential. 2. Crafting Your Vision Define your aspirations with clarity and precision. Explore techniques to articulate your goals, ensuring they align with your values, passions, and long-term vision for success. 3. Strategic Planning for Success Develop a step-by-step roadmap to guide you towards your goals. Discover effective planning techniques, time management strategies, and the art of breaking down ambitious objectives into manageable tasks. 4. Overcoming Challenges Face challenges head-on with resilience and determination. Learn how setbacks can be stepping stones to success and gain insights into turning obstacles into opportunities. 5. Accountability and Progress Tracking Master the art of staying accountable to yourself. Explore proven methods for tracking your progress, celebrating achievements, and adjusting your course when necessary. Why This Book? – Proven Methodology: Grounded in the Goal Setting Theory, this book combines the best practices from psychology, personal development, and success literature. – Actionable Strategies: Each chapter is filled with practical exercises, real-life examples, and actionable steps to guide you on your journey to success. – Transformative Results: Witness a profound transformation in your personal and professional life as you implement the principles of goal setting outlined in this book. Take the First Step Towards Your Dreams Are you ready to take control of your destiny? “Goal Setting” is not just a book; it’s a roadmap to your breakthrough achievement and ultimate success. Whether you’re striving for career advancement, personal growth, or financial independence, this book will empower you to achieve anything you set your mind to. Seize this opportunity to unlock your true potential. Your journey to success starts now!

Meet Shaun Oliver

Shaun Oliver, the luminary force behind Self Help Powers, brings over 15 years of dedicated immersion in exploring the profound depths of spiritual psychodynamics. His journey, marked by extensive study and deep introspection, led Shaun to amass a wealth of wisdom—a mosaic of insights drawn from the timeless teachings of diverse cultures and spiritual philosophies. Shaun Oliver’s commitment to empowering people culminated in the creation of—a digital haven fostering personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment. This book stands as a testament to his mission: empowering people worldwide to unlock their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Subconscious Mind: Master Your Subconscious and Achieve Happiness & Success

Available for FREE on 24th, 25th and 26th February, 2024 Finally, a proven guide to unravel the mysteries of your subconscious mind, paving the way for unparalleled happiness and success in every aspect of your life. Subconscious Mind: Master Your Subconscious and Achieve Happiness & Success Unlocking the Hidden Power Within: Master Your Subconscious Mind and Achieve Happiness & Success Ever felt like there’s a hidden power within you, just waiting to be tapped into? Dive deep, and you might be astounded at what you find. Imagine a vast, untapped reservoir of power within you, holding the keys to success, happiness, and a life beyond your wildest dreams. This isn’t some mystical fantasy; it’s the reality of the subconscious mind, a potent force influencing our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, our destiny. Introducing “Subconscious Mind: Master Your Subconscious and Achieve Happiness & Success,” your definitive guide to unlocking this hidden potential and shaping your life with conscious intent. This book is more than just a self-help guide; it’s a transformative journey. You’ll delve into the fascinating world of the subconscious, understanding its secrets and learning how to tap into its immense power. Within these pages, you’ll discover: Achieve Lasting Happiness: Discover actionable steps to rewire your thoughts, paving the way for genuine happiness in every facet of life. Success Blueprint: Harness the subconscious to craft a clear path towards your goals, ensuring every step taken is in alignment with your true desires. The Science of the Subconscious: Unveiling the biological and psychological mechanisms that drive our subconscious programming. The Power of Belief: Understanding how subconscious beliefs shape our reality and learning to rewrite limiting narratives for empowering ones. Harnessing the Law of Attraction: Mastering the art of attracting your d esires through positive thoughts and intention setting. Visualization Techniques that Work: Cultivating the power of visualization to program your subconscious mind for success. Breaking Free from Negative Patterns: Releasing limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that hold you back from your full potential. Developing a Growth Mindset: Fostering a mindset of continuous learning and self-improvement, allowing you to embrace challenges and reach new heights. Practices for Building Inner Peace: Cultivating mindfulness and emotional resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace. Holistic Well-being: Achieve a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit, fostering holistic well-being and a renewed zest for life. Grab your copy of “Subconscious Mind” now and unlock the secrets that await within!

Meet Shaun Oliver

Shaun Oliver, the luminary force behind Self Help Powers, brings over 15 years of dedicated immersion in exploring the profound depths of spiritual psychodynamics. His journey, marked by extensive study and deep introspection, led Shaun to amass a wealth of wisdom—a mosaic of insights drawn from the timeless teachings of diverse cultures and spiritual philosophies. Shaun Oliver’s commitment to empowering individuals culminated in the creation of—a digital haven fostering personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment. This book stands as a testament to his mission: empowering individuals worldwide to unlock their potential and lead fulfilling lives. You can connect with Shaun: [email protected]

Stress Free Living: Unveiling the Science of Stress, Burnout, and Resilience in the Modern World

Do you feel continually wrecked by pressure and uneasiness? Might it be said that you are fed up with feeling wore out by the requests of present day life? Do you yearn for a feeling of internal harmony and peacefulness, however feel like it’s barely too far? Stop letting stress and burnout take over your life. Get in charge of your health and reach your full potential. Introducing “Stress-Free Living: Unveiling the Science of Stress, Burnout, and Resilience in the Modern World,” your definitive guide to regaining equilibrium, happiness, and resilience in the face of difficulties in life. What’s Inside? This weighty book takes you on an excursion through the study of pressure, unwinding its underlying foundations in our science and investigating its effect on both physical and mental prosperity. We discuss the particular difficulties that women face as well as societal expectations and caregiving responsibilities. By exposing normal fantasies encompassing burnout, we make ready for a science-supported way to deal with understanding and overseeing pressure. Key Features: Insights into the Modern Stress Landscape: Comprehend the development of stress and how it appears in our quick moving world. Special Viewpoint on Ladies and Stress: Learn about the particular difficulties that women face and learn how to become more empowered. The Decoding of Burnout: Break free from misinterpretations and find a way toward strength and revival. The Stress Cycle: Find out about the physiological interaction and how to intrude on the cycle for supported prosperity. Why You Really Need This Book: Learn a great deal about the research behind stress and burnout. Learn practical methods for coping with stress in everyday life. Find how to construct flexibility and embrace a really satisfying life. Don’t miss out on this great chance! Order your copy of Stress-Free Living today and start your journey to a happier and healthier tomorrow!

Meet Belinda Neel

Meet Belinda Neel, a luminary born on April 8th, whose pen weaves threads of wisdom and serenity. Belinda is not just an author; she is a guide on the journey to stress-free living. From her birth date in the blossoming days of spring, Belinda has carried a natural affinity for growth, renewal, and a harmonious life. In her profound book, “Stress-Free Living,” Belinda draws from a wellspring of experience and insight to offer readers a roadmap to tranquility in the midst of life’s demands. Her words are not just written; they are an invitation to step into a space of calm, to rediscover balance, and to navigate the complexities of daily life with grace. Born with a gift for distilling complex concepts into practical wisdom, Belinda Neel has crafted a guide that transcends the pages. Her journey towards stress-free living is not just a personal quest; it’s an offering to those seeking respite from the chaos of modern existence. Belinda understands the toll that stress can take, and she shares her transformative approach to inspire others to live with intention, mindfulness, and joy. Beyond being an author, Belinda is a compassionate soul with a vision for a world where stress is not a constant companion but a passing cloud. Her book is an embodiment of her commitment to empowering others to lead lives filled with purpose and peace. Step into the world of Belinda Neel’s “Stress-Free Living,” where each page is an invitation to embrace tranquility, rediscover joy, and find your own path to a more serene existence.

The Lymphatic Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Massage for Detoxification, Radiant Skin, Immune Support, and a Healthier You

Tired of feeling sluggish, puffy, and disconnected from your body? Wish you could flush away toxins, awaken radiant skin, and support your immune system naturally? The answer isn’t another fad diet or expensive treatment. It’s hidden within you, waiting to be unleashed: your lymphatic system. This powerful network of vessels and nodes is your body’s secret weapon for detoxification, immune support, and overall well-being. But it often gets clogged and sluggish, leading to puffiness, fatigue, and even low immunity. But there’s good news! You have the power to activate your lymphatic flow and unlock its transformative potential. Introducing “The Lymphatic Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Massage for Detoxification, Radiant Skin, Immune Support, and a Healthier You” the ultimate guide to reclaiming your health and radiance through the power of self-massage. In this game-changing book, you’ll discover: The fascinating science behind the lymphatic system and its profound impact on your health. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step self-massage techniques for your face and body, designed to target specific concerns like puffiness, bloating, and sluggish digestion. Tailored routines for different needs and goals, whether you’re a busy professional seeking a quick glow-up, an athlete recovering from a workout, or someone looking for natural immune support. Real-life success stories and testimonials from people who have used self-massage to transform their health and well-being. Imagine: Waking up with a sculpted, de-puffed face and a spring in your step. Kissing goodbye to bloating and discomfort, embracing a flatter stomach and improved digestion. Experiencing a stronger immune system, less prone to illness and feeling your best from the inside out. This isn’t just a book; it’s a self-care revolution. It’s about taking control of your health and unlocking your body’s natural healing potential. It’s about saying no to quick fixes and expensive solutions and saying yes to empowered self-care. Stop searching for magic pills and gimmicks. The power lies within you. Let’s activate your lymphatic flow and embark on a journey of self-discovery, detoxification, and radiant health. Get your copy of “The Lymphatic Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Massage for Detoxification, Radiant Skin, Immune Support, and a Healthier You” today and start your transformation.

Meet Dr. Melinda Delgado

Dr. Melinda Delgado, born on April 8th, is not just a doctor but a compassionate healer on a mission to guide people towards a longer, healthier life. With a heart as warm as her birth month of spring, Dr. Delgado brings a unique blend of medical expertise, love for children, and a passion for translating emotions into healing words. A dedicated physician, Dr. Melinda Delgado employs her medical skills with an extra dose of love and care to ensure her patients not only receive the best treatment but also feel the warmth of genuine empathy. Her commitment to the well-being of others extends beyond the clinic walls, making her a trusted source of guidance and support for those seeking a healthier, more fulfilling life. Dr. Delgado’s love for children is not confined to the medical realm; it’s a driving force that shapes her approach to healthcare and life. Whether she’s soothing a young patient’s fears or infusing joy into the pages of her books, Dr. Delgado’s connection with children is evident in every aspect of her work. As an author, Dr. Melinda Delgado extends her healing touch beyond the examination room. Her books are not just informative; they’re emotional journeys that resonate with readers seeking inspiration, comfort, and a deeper understanding of their own well-being. Dr. Delgado believes in the power of words to heal, educate, and uplift, and she infuses her writing with the same care she provides to her patients. In each book, Dr. Melinda Delgado invites readers into a world where medical expertise meets heartfelt emotion, creating a space for growth, healing, and the pursuit of a healthier, more joyful life. With a genuine smile and a passion for making a positive impact, Dr. Delgado continues to touch lives, one patient and one reader at a time.

The Cash Diet: A Simple Plan to Help Women Take Control of Their Finances

Imagine this: No more fret over cash The opportunity to pursue decisions about your existence without agonizing over funds The capacity to seek after your fantasies A solid and stable monetary future for you as well as your friends and family “”The Cash Diet” is your vital aspect for opening all of this and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Why “The Cash Diet” Is Your Fundamental Financial Buddy: Effortlessness Meets Strengthening: This isn’t simply one more monetary arrangement; it’s an extraordinary methodology. ” The Cash Diet” improves on the intricacies of individual accounting, engaging you to take control with certainty. Declutter Your Financial Life: Express farewell to monetary tumult and hi to smoothed out straightforwardness. Find the freeing effect of cleaning up your monetary life, making space for deliberate spending and significant monetary choices. Budgeting Without the Problem: Not any more overpowering bookkeeping sheets or befuddling recipes. ” The Cash Diet” presents a straightforward, successful planning technique customized to the interesting requirements of ladies, assisting you with assuming responsibility for your cash easily. Growing long term financial stability Made Available: Whether you’re simply beginning your monetary excursion or looking to develop your riches, this guide gives noteworthy stages and bits of knowledge to make constructing your monetary future a reality. Mindset Shifts for Abundance: Experience the extraordinary influence of outlook moves that will alter your relationship with cash. Transform monetary pressure into strengthening and shortage into overflow. Why Your Monetary Achievement Matters: Comprehensive and Open: This guide tends to the different monetary difficulties looked by ladies from varying backgrounds, guaranteeing inclusivity and availability for each Reader. Your Journey to Financial Empowerment: ” The Cash Diet” isn’t simply a book; it’s your buddy making progress toward independence from the rat race. Together, we rethink your monetary story. Are you ready to embark on a journey of financial empowerment, simplify your financial life, and take control of your destiny? “The Cash Diet” is not just a guide; it’s an invitation to a future where financial confidence and freedom are your daily companions. Don’t wait any longer. Take control of your finances today! [Order Now] and make “The Cash Diet” your initial move toward an existence of financial strengthening!

Meet Gaby John

Born on April 8th, Gaby John is an influential author and business coach dedicated to transforming lives through her insightful writings in the business & money niche. With a passion for guiding individuals towards financial freedom, Gaby has become a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to break free from the constraints of the traditional rat race. Her true passion lies in coaching aspiring entrepreneurs on the nuances of starting and succeeding in online businesses. Her coaching style is marked by a blend of practicality and empowerment, encouraging individuals to harness their unique skills and passions to create profitable online ventures. A prolific writer, she found her calling in authorship, using her words to inspire and educate. Through her writing, she demystifies the complexities of making money and provides practical guidance on escaping the traditional 9-to-5 grind. If you enjoy any of the book purchased kindly drop a review and rate the book, thank you in advance.

The workbook for SMART goals – the scientifically proven template for successful goal setting: SMART goal setting templates with guided questions, tips and examples

The workbook for SMART goals – the scientifically proven template for successful goal setting Multiple studies show that SMART goals are central to planning and attaining effective changes. The question is, how to turn your goals into SMART goals? What’s in the book What are SMART goals? How to set SMART goals – step by step with examples. 45 SMART goal setting templates with questions and prompts to turn your own goals into SMART goals. At 6×9 inches compact size, this book is easy to carry everywhere and set goals on the go. Grab a copy, gift to friends and colleagues and get started on your goal setting success!

Meet Clove Books

STARTUP COMMUNICATION SKILLS: A Practical Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Amplify your startup journey with ‘Startup Communication Skills’ by Pete Moon. Elevate your impact through the power of effective communication!

Meet Pete Moon

Pete Moon is a Reluctant Entrepreneur, Aspiring Publisher and Founder of ‘Moonster Handmade Leather’ – 7 Figure Global ECommerce Business. He started out with a next-to-useless Media Degree at Cardiff University in the UK. He went back to study again at a Bible College, then swiftly ‘failed’ at becoming a Pastor. This led him to retrain as a plumber/kitchen fitter and then set up his first company. In his “spare time” (burning the candle at both ends), he began to build a second business from scratch – what is now a multi-million physical products business, selling in 10 online marketplaces worldwide. Currently Pete is working on a third digital products ecom business and is always dreaming about other possible future start-ups.

Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner

Ready to unlock the secrets to a lush self-sustaining garden oasis, even if you’ve never held a trowel in your life? Tired of old, boring gardening books? Ahhh, livin’ the dream. Your own delicious organic food growing right outside your window. A harvest so bountiful, it feeds you, your family, and the whole neighborhood. Year-round abundance. Yummy homegrown tomatoes. What a life! Sounds like true wealth, doesn’t it? And yet, sometimes, that dream can seem so far out of reach. Permaculture comes in with the solution by unveiling nature’s blueprint to a thriving garden that takes care of itself. And guess what? It works with any size space, or budget, and you don’t have to know a thing about gardening to get started. In Permaculture Gardening for the Absolute Beginner, we’ll cover all the basics with an easy-to-digest, motivating, hold-you-by-the-hand approach. We’ll discover your green thumb that’s been there all along. We’ll take good care of our fellow human and our planet … And we’ll have a lot of fun doing it. Friend, you really can live the dream, and make it your reality. It all starts with one step. Let’s take it together inside these pages. Your slice of paradise awaits you!

Meet Josie Beckham & All We Need Publishing

Josie Beckham is happily a mother of two, writer, and bonafide homesteader. She has been homesteading since 2011, as she does now with her family in SE Virginia near the coast. Josie grew up playing outdoors, exploring the woods, with a bright-eyed curiosity for wild plants and animals. Her fondness for nature has only grown since she was a little girl. She particularly enjoys gardening medicinal plants, and she loves being surrounded by critters. She raises a variety of animals, including goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and other birds. She has a background in education, and loves sharing her knowledge with people, especially kids and newcomers! She is passionate about empowering people who feel overwhelmed or unqualified, believing that anyone can get started with some encouragement and practical knowledge. She also has a background in the arts and design, and she really feels like designing a garden or working on the homestead can be like crafting a work of art, and creating a place of profound joy and beauty. Josie’s mission is to be that friend on your team, who can walk right beside you with a confident smile, as you take your next steps in making your own dream a reality.