Unlevel Playing Fields

If you want to learn more about the most scandalous moments in sport, then keep reading…

As a sports fan, you know that from as long as sport has been played, it has always evoked great passion and emotion. Amid the desperation to win, passes will be dropped and easy shots missed but nothing infuriates us like officiating blunders, lying and blatant cheating. Sports and controversies fit together like hand in glove. When there is one, there is always potential for the other.

Whether you are a player, coach or fan, you naturally want every call to go your way. Any given game can potentially be littered with controversial moments, where one side or the other is left feeling cheated. But nothing has created as much criticism, debate or unabated feeling as the events in this book. It is a fascinating journey through the greatest sports scandals of our time.

These are the headlines you may know but the stories you don’t. In this book you will discover how a cheating culture has developed in sport and how players almost make an art of controversy. You’ll read several chapters about cheating in baseball along with other unbelievable sports stories. Together, they detail the consequences of not only the most debatable moments in sport, but also some of its most scandalous characters.

Unlevel Playing Fields includes the compelling stories of:

  • ? The incomparable Diego Maradona scoring his infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal in the FIFA World Cup
  • ? Ben Johnson winning the ‘Dirtiest Race in History’ before being stripped of his gold medal and sent home in disgrace
  • ? The ‘Bodyline’ cricket series – a controversy so fierce it threatened political relations and left scars for generations
  • ? How the dark shadows of political corruption permeated into sport and influenced an Olympic basketball final
  • ? Stella Welsh who had one of the most controversial careers in Olympic history that continued even after her death
  • ? Our ongoing fascination with ice skater Tonya Harding and what she really knew about the attack on Nancy Kerrigan

And many more! There are a total of 13 different sports in the 25 chapters so there is guaranteed to be something for every fan. This is one of the best sports books of 2019 and a great addition to your collection.

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Bounce Back – Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis

Step-by-Step Actions to Rebuild a Better Business

This insightful book by business expert and international best-selling author, Richard Mowrey shows you exactly how to develop the three critical plans to make meaningful stress-free progress toward personal and business success.

This easy to follow guide prompts the thinking required to effectively reposition your business to weather an economic storm. You’ll learn why it is important to start with a new look at the basics of business ownership and what to do with new your new vision.

Most people wouldn’t rebuild their home exactly as it was before if it was extensively damaged by a natural disaster—they would design a stronger structure with improved functionality. It is exactly the same when you are forced to step back and truly looks at how to rebuild your business.

Who is This Book For?

Bounce Back – Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis was specifically written to help business owners and their advisors who want to:

  • Penetrate key market segments in new ways
  • Reposition their business to foster new growth after a crisis
  • Implement a disciplined customer-focus during disruptive periods
  • Deliver rapid, measurable results
  • Build a business to meet and exceed customer expectations

For more than four decades Richard Mowrey has built an enviable reputation—first as a successful owner of three businesses; then as an expert advisor in the valuation and the ownership transfer of privately held businesses. His direct, conversational approach provides invaluable guidance to business owners. The tools and techniques in Bounce Back are an extension of the methods Richard shares with his private clients. The actions outlined to help a business survive and thrive are all based on experience with proven management principles.

Bounce Back Shows You How To:

  • Deploy the 12-12 Plan Approach to quickly finish the planning part of the journey
  • Discover and communicate your business’ true purpose to energize your staff
  • Cultivate a management environment with responsibility and accountability
  • Optimally use new-found, low cost, no cost business intelligence methods
  • Identify, examine, and access a new market segment to driver improved margins
  • Gain momentum with sound financial decisions and improved assessment of staff skills

As you work through the process to rebuild your business Richard presents some key actions to systematically reduce your operating costs, lower your breakeven point, generate needed revenue and improve margins. By methodically measuring and improving customer services your business you can aim at growth targets few owners ever reach.

This easy to read book also addresses how to:

  • Develop the mindset required to prune your products and services
  • A timely acquisition in difficult times may be a masterful move
  • Small cost reductions combine to dramatically increase earnings
  • Systematically use market intelligence to highlight areas for improvement

For any business owner, there are sometimes more questions than answers when a crisis strikes. Bounce Back – Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis offers time-tested approaches to formulate the answers to these questions.

Order your paperback, Kindle eBook today and take this important step toward rebuilding your business so you can “Bounce Back” for you and your family.

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Being There: A Daughter’s Voice

This book was written as a companion for caregivers. I am the friend who understands the emotional rollercoaster of being involved with caring for a loved one tragically left with a minimal quality of life due to an unfortunate life saving measure. I am the friend who shares the deepest pain, the torturous amount of guilt, and the inner thoughts of wishing for death. I am also the friend who finds happiness in the smallest moments, shares the strength of a family who sticks together, and finds forgiveness and hope when life takes unexpected turns. Through my story, medical professionals should see the necessity of communicating and including the family on decisions for the incapacitated. “Being There” takes you along as it happened and shares how hospice was able to provide peace in the end – for everyone. Back Cover: “As I sat at his bedside, I watched his chest rise and fall – hoping it was his last breath. How cruel is that to say? It’s not, if you truly love someone and know it’s time for God to take over.” A daughter takes you with her on a nineteen month journey after her father suffered a massive stroke. She shares the unbelievable tragedy of a life saving measure, a feeding tube, which prolonged the inevitable with pain, misery and heartache for all. She was the baby of the family and now her role had changed. She fought hard to find the inner strength to be strong when her father was weak. She brought life and beauty to him when he couldn’t see it for himself. She shares stories along the way, life lessons, and the heroes she would never have met. All the while, she spoke for her father’s silence, held his hand when there was nothing more she could give, and together watched the beauty of the crape myrtle trees come to life each summer. Please return to Amazon and leave a review if you found this book helpful. Thank you.

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Finding PHIL: The Four Traits for Conquering Chaos

Award-winning author and teacher Michael Frickstad brings you an uplifting look on how to cultivate Peace, Hope, Integrity, and Love into your life. Read it and be inspired!

Like the ravages of puberty, chaos can be conquered. When things are starkly, mind-bendingly nuts, there are ways through the mayhem, ways to help you confront, tolerate, and eventually overwhelm the forces trying to annihilate you. Everything we do, everyone we meet, everywhere we go is a lesson on how to live productive and satisfying lives.  

Finding PHIL is one person’s story of learning to recognize and apply those truths.

In his new book, writer, teacher, and speech coach Michael Frickstad relates how he overcame the commotion and frustration of chaos by heeding the inner voice some people call God, others call their guardian angel, and still others call Mom.

His unexpected renewal tales—from a second-grade show-and-tell to surviving puberty, from choosing a career to surviving a stroke, from loneliness to wooing the perfect spouse, and many more—reveal the secret of how the four lifestyle traits of peace, hope, integrity, and love can transform life from confusion to joy.

By incorporating the wisdom of celebrated thinkers, the warmth of a budding romance, the brutal consequences of failure and arrogance, plus a healthy dose of pure silliness, Finding PHIL uncovers the light inherent in our darkest moments.

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Soul Reflections (Soul Book Series 1)

‘Soul Reflections’ is an insightful, meditative book that uses words and pictures to stimulate the contemplation of life’s journey.

Our Soul is our essence it encompasses all that we are. ‘Soul Reflections’ is about the journey we take and how this develops us. How we develop as individuals within this path of life.

The book ponders what it is to be human. It is written to impart some level of enlightenment. We are all different and our lives vary, yet we are connected by an essence of being.

We all look for answers as to who we are, where we are, where we have been, and where we may yet go.

This book is not religious in its bearing, but rather imparts an awareness of

“Something greater than we.”

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The Honest Guide to the MBA

In the world of management, the MBA is seen as a badge of honour and an accolade, but prospective students are often met with confusing accreditations, various price structures and widely different formats of studies.
This guide not only explains all of those areas but also shows the real-life experiences awaiting those who chose to pursue an MBA.
The book was created out of frustration of the author (a student of University of Leicester Business School) who, not so long ago, waded through the labyrinth of different offers himself.
He candidly shares ways of securing funds for the course, guides through the process of selection and advises on best ways of getting through this extremely intense course.

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Lost for 72,000 Miles: Parallel Journey

Following a difficult breakdown of a relationship, Paul decided a progressive change of scenery and lifestyle would be a positive step, so he moved from England to America.Straightforward to others, it was by far, a more complex situation: the aftermath of the relationship breakdown triggered a sequence of events – from losing a sense of realism to dealing with issues from his past, catapulting him to another country, which he at first believed would be an extension of his existing way of life and culture. In fact, it turned out to be a very different experience to what he ever imagined, bringing about a life-changing experience, moving him from a low mood of betrayal and sadness of the past to a new level of acceptance and understanding of a happier future leading Paul into a purposeful investigation into his own mind during a journey of self-discovery.

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Bend Reality: Timeless Tools to shift the Illusion of Reality, Reinvent Yourself and Master Life

What is reality? Is it “real”? Is it an illusion? If it’s an illusion, can we bend our way around it?

These questions are not only in our minds. They’ve troubled great scientists and philosophers throughout the ages. But the answers to them are not so easy to understand.

You see, our world seems quite real to us. Well, most people think so. But I’ve seen how this leads to huge problems in life. We believe we can’t change it, we believe we’re at the behest of faith, or worst, we believe that God is controlling everything. All these thoughts have put us in victim consciousness for too long.

All your problems – lack of money, lack of relationships, lack of success, lack of fame, lack of recognition, lack of this and lack of that – cease to make any sense once you understand really what we’re talking about. Even your successes in life will just be another feather on your hat once you develop a deep inner sense of purpose, peace, joy, and happiness.

You don’t need specific steps to achieve your specific goal, instead, you need a better model of living. A systemic upgrade – top to bottom – so that you can start looking at things in a different way, and guess what, you’re at the right place.

Mixing the knowledge of ancient eastern sages along with modern scientific evidence, you’ll see how you’ve been blind sighted your whole life – and this book will do the simple act of removing the blindfold from your eyes. You’ll discover:

• Why most people are wrong about Reality
• How to set yourself up for success by identifying your true purpose (it’s not what you might think!)
• The tools you need which will help you to cross the jungle of life
• Practical Guides and Activities to help you master the tools to change your reality
• How to develop the habits you need to protect yourself from obstacles
• The power of meditation that most people ignore, and finally
• How to bend reality using a step by step approach from everything you’ve learned!

This is not another book about the Law of Attraction or manifestation. With deep truths waiting for you inside, it also gives you practical ways to start taking action right now. Instead of reading book after book, it will push you to take action.

It details simple, step by step procedures that can quickly get you on the right path to master your life. You’ll find all the tools and techniques that you can use to achieve whatever you want. Perhaps you may not need any other tool if you master the ones mentioned inside!

Dive in, to learn how to bend reality and achieve your highest potential.

Grab your copy today!

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Civics, Law, and Justice–How We Became U.S.: Insights from a Trial Judge

Civics, Law, and Justice–How We Became U.S.: Insights from a Trial Judge - ASIN B086W7YZWB

If you have questions about U.S. civics, law, and justice but don’t want to wade through dry and dull legalese to get the answers, you will love this down-to-earth collection of essays that provide an insider’s view of the legal system. In Civics, Law, and Justice—How We Became U.S., career trial lawyer and judge J. Layne Smith offers crystal-clear insight and straightforward answers to everything you’ve ever wondered about the art and science of justice in American history and society.

How does a judge feel when handing down a sentence? Which is better: A republic or a democracy? And what do King Henry VIII and his six wives have to do with the U.S. Constitution? Infused with Smith’s warmth, clarity, and humor, this accessible collection will make you feel like you’re learning about U.S. civics, law, and justice while having a cup of coffee with a knowledgeable friend.

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