How to Parent Your Teen for a Life of Faith

By following the practical advice, tips, and conversation starters in How to Parent Your Teen for a Life of Faith, you will learn how to apply faith-based principles to daily parenting challenges, and you’ll be empowered to strengthen your own faith and allow it to guide you along your parenting journey. By nurturing your teen’s faith, you are not only shaping your child’s life but also growing personally and deepening your own relationship with zod.

Meet Pete Moon

Pete is an Entrepreneur, Leader and Author. He founded his second business, Moonster Handmade Leather, a global leather products brand in 2015. His first book ‘Startup Mindset’ shared some of his thoughts around startup culture. Growing up, he attended a religious boarding school in the UK. Its legalistic, irrelevant, and, quite frankly, boring approach to Christianity turned him away from the faith at an early age. After high school, he was introduced to the Alpha Course book, which totally changed his outlook. Pete realized there’s a massive difference between religion and faith in Christ, and he became a believer before heading off to college. Pete’s mother passed away when he was just seven years old, and he wasn’t close to his father, who became a workaholic and wasn’t very good at showing emotion or displaying affection. Because he didn’t have great parenting role models as a child, he and his wife Alex, whom he married in 2004, wanted to learn how to parent their kids in a loving, fun, adventurous, and nurturing way that also encouraged individual, real faith and not dead and boring religion. Their girls are now both teenagers, and Pete and Alex are still learning how to navigate that path!

What To Do When Your Ex Begins Badmouthing You To Your Kids

We wrote “What To Do When Your Ex Begins Badmouthing You To Your Kids,” with the intent of providing a little bit of help in one of the most stressful and infuriating forms of parental alienation. Children should never have to be a party to a divorce, it’s unfair, and it may be unlawful. We hope that you find this guide helpful in helping you discern the appropriate steps to take when dealing with an unruly ex. Our attorneys built our law practice on successfully assisting spouses to navigate the difficulties of family separation. This eBook is a healthy start to understanding key topics and terms you may encounter. Visit our website to order your free eBook today!

Meet Charles D. Jamieson

poems to the universe

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos of emotion and contemplation with “Poems to the Universe.” This collection is not merely a compilation of verses; it is a celestial odyssey crafted with words that traverse the vast landscapes of human experience. Immerse yourself in the ebb and flow of life’s rhythms, beautifully expressed through poetic tapestries. Each poem is a star in the universe of emotions, illuminating the complex constellations of love, joy, sorrow, and self-discovery. As you turn the pages, you’ll find yourself navigating through the galaxies of introspection, where the universal themes of existence are explored with profound insight and delicate lyricism. The verses resonate like cosmic echoes, connecting you to the cosmic dance of existence. “Poems to the Universe” is a voyage through the ethereal realms of the human soul, an exploration of the boundless possibilities that poetry offers. It’s not just a book; it’s a celestial guide, inviting you to ponder the mysteries of the universe and discover the magic woven into the fabric of everyday life. Get ready to embark on a poetic adventure that transcends time and space – because within these pages, the universe unfolds, and every word is a star that lights up the infinite expanse of the human spirit.

Meet diego arroyo

Diego Arroyo, a luminary in the realm of literature, a seasoned life coach, and a prolific content creator, crafts words that transcend mere prose—they are gateways to profound self-discovery. With a poetic elegance, Diego’s creations beckon each reader to embark on a transformative journey, awakening their inner deity, creator, or magician. His magnum opus, “Las 7 Leyes Universales de la Creación,” stands tall as a best-seller in the Spanish-speaking world, a testament to the universality of his message. Diego’s literary works are not just books; they are guides, leading individuals to unlock the latent magic within themselves. Explore the realms of limitless potential and spiritual awakening under the guidance of Diego Arroyo, where each page unfolds a tapestry of beauty and empowerment.

STARTUP COMMUNICATION SKILLS: A Practical Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Amplify your startup journey with ‘Startup Communication Skills’ by Pete Moon. Elevate your impact through the power of effective communication!

Meet Pete Moon

Pete Moon is a Reluctant Entrepreneur, Aspiring Publisher and Founder of ‘Moonster Handmade Leather’ – 7 Figure Global ECommerce Business. He started out with a next-to-useless Media Degree at Cardiff University in the UK. He went back to study again at a Bible College, then swiftly ‘failed’ at becoming a Pastor. This led him to retrain as a plumber/kitchen fitter and then set up his first company. In his “spare time” (burning the candle at both ends), he began to build a second business from scratch – what is now a multi-million physical products business, selling in 10 online marketplaces worldwide. Currently Pete is working on a third digital products ecom business and is always dreaming about other possible future start-ups.

How to Write a Book: Taking the Plunge into Non-Fiction and Conquering Your New Writer Fears and Doubts

How many times have you said, “That’s an interesting topic- I’d like to read a book about that,” but you really meant that you would like to write a book about that? How often do you find yourself conducting research on a topic for hours on end? Do you have a tendency to click every link, search every citation, and maybe even find a few surprising sources yourself when reading about something? Have you ever been embarrassed when a friend or family member found the little notebook where you jot down your ideas? If you secretly identify with any of the scenarios above, it’s time to get your own copy of “How to Write a Book: Taking the Plunge into Non-Fiction and Conquering Your New Writer Fears and Doubts”, by Lauren Bingham. Combining two of Ms. Bingham’s highly-rated books into one comprehensive source, “How to Write a Book: Taking the Plunge into Non-Fiction and Conquering Your New Writer Fears and Doubts” helps writers understand how they can write the book of their dreams. Rather than drilling readers on how to structure sentences, how to schedule their day, and what buzzwords they need to use to attract fans, “How to Write a Book: A Book for Anyone Who Has Never Written a Book (But Wants To)”, shows readers that they really can write their own book. Ms. Bingham helps aspiring writers understand their voice, organizational preferences, and motivation to help them move through the mental and emotional obstacles they may encounter on their journey to authorhood. Ms. Bingham continues her motivational education in “Non-Fiction for Newbies: How to Write a Factual Book and Actually Kind of Enjoy It”. This book is targeted to those who wish to write such books as: Biography Autobiography and memoir History Travel Self-Help How-To Philosophy Insight/Analytical With loads of examples and exercises, Lauren Bingham’s kind tone and welcoming approach to the art of writing set her apart from other writing experts. Ms. Bingham even shares samples of her own writing for new writers to dissect. These tips, strategies, and occasional jokes encourage a new generation of authors to pick up the pen today! If you’ve ever had the slightest urge to start your own writing journey, add a copy of “How to Write a Book: Taking the Plunge into Non-Fiction and Conquering Your New Writer Fears and Doubts” to your collection. A motivator, mentor, and someone who’s shared those tough times in the writing trenches, Lauren Bingham leaves readers feeling encouraged and supported as they move towards making their writing dreams come true.

Meet Lauren Bingham

Lauren Bingham grew up in a house full of books. A dedicated bibliophile by first grade, she often got into trouble for voraciously consuming any written material – from consuming Reader’s Digest cover to cover in one sitting to completing library books before they even made it home. Lauren has been avidly writing for pure passion since childhood, and thanks to the internet for providing a comfortable place where all writers are welcome. Ghostwriting and copywriting since the early 2000s, she believes strongly that there is a story in each of us, and that any time is a great time to share those stories with others. If you’re interested in learning to write books, chances are high that you’ve tried before and gotten stuck. As a result, you may be even less enthusiastic about trying again. If that’s the case, check out some personally selected writing exercises from author Lauren Bingham’s vault of helpful tricks and tips for getting the cursor moving again… or for the first time.

Freedom from Failure: A 10-Step Guide to Actionably Transform Painful Setbacks into Life-Defining Triumphs

An easy-to-understand 10-step book designed to drive you toward your highest purpose. No shortcuts. Only raw honesty. Actionable examples that if followed with discipline will improve the quality of your life forever. It is shifting your mindset in all areas and surrendering to great outcomes. Invest in your best right now.

Meet Desmond Devenish

Desmond Devenish is certified in CBT, NLP, ACT, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy & Positive Psychology. He loves to make films, run, cold-water swim, and practice somatic breathwork. His passion to connect with those who bring their A-game to the table is his driving force.

Chaos Calmed: Introduction to Meditative Prayer & Spiritual Healing Workbook

From Blue Tapp, the author of Amazon International Best Seller “My Demon, My Jesus,” her extraordinary true story of surviving suicide, defeating depression and demonic oppression, and discovering real joy. Blue Tapp’s latest book introduces readers to Christian meditative prayer in a practical, easy to follow guide. Blue compassionately and gently leads readers through the process she followed to find healing from chronic suicidal depression.

The methods in this book will benefit anyone who struggles with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fearfulness, chronic sadness, grief, bitterness, anger issues, unforgiveness, pessimism, addiction or any other internal anguish. Move beyond a temporary feel good from a bottle into real deep lasting authentic healing. Everyone should read this life-changing book!

Chaos Calmed: Introduction to Meditative Prayer & Spiritual Healing Workbook is a four week program that introduces readers to Christian meditative prayer and guides them through the spiritual healing process that healed the author from chronic suicidal depression.

In 1 Kings 19, God tells Elijah to go stand on a mountain. There was a great windstorm, then an earthquake, and then a fire. But God was not in any of those things. Instead, God spoke to Elijah in a “low whisper.” We find ourselves in a similar situation. Our culture’s messages are loud fires storming around us, constantly bombarding us. God’s words to us are often quiet. They can be drowned out by everything else. We usually must unplug from our culture and our busyness to hear God’s voice. If you make space for God regularly, in quiet stillness, He WILL respond to you.

If you want your relationship with God to be deep, lasting, and real, then it must go deeper than the surface physical level of you. It must reach down into your soul. It is within our souls where Christians will find the Holy Spirit residing within us. It is there that God can heal you and fill you with His love, peace, victory, and strength.

Each day’s session includes a short main message, meditation exercise, correlating Scripture and prayer. These exercises teach you how to quiet your thoughts and rest in the presence of the Holy Spirit. You can learn to manage your thoughts and emotions rather than being trapped inside of and controlled by them. Learning this discipline will bring you tremendous peace, joy, victory, and spiritual freedom. Your spirit will awaken as you grow closer to God.

The full workbook, Chaos Calmed: Introduction to Meditative Prayer & Spiritual Healing Workbook, includes four weeks of sessions (20 sessions, one session per day, five for each week with two free days each week). Sessions include introduction to meditative prayer, spiritual warfare, spiritual healing, mastering your thought life, conquering fear and depression, finding joy, going deeper with God, and living in victory. Readers explore a variety of meditative prayer techniques including deep breathing, lectio divina, breath prayer, meditation with nature and music.

Meet Blue Tapp

Blue Tapp is an author, artist, photographer, musician, videographer & podcaster with AA Fine Arts, BA in English, MA in English Literature & PhD coursework in Rhetoric & Composition. She has run her own website development company, Blue’s ArtHouse Graphics & Web Design, since 1997.

Blue’s artistic vision emerges from her own story of struggle with suicidal depression, addiction and an emotionally abusive childhood home. As a young adult, she attempted suicide by swallowing a handful of sleeping pills. Her spirit left her body before she was brought back to life in the hospital. Blue is alive today because God miraculously saved her life. Four angels appeared and helped her call for help before she died.

Since then, Blue has been miraculously healed from depression and addiction. She has discovered the marvelous joy of living in deep relationship with Jesus and He has blessed her with glorious visions of heaven and messages of how deep is God’s love for us. Her memoir, “My Demon, My Jesus,” is an international best seller available on Amazon. Her podcast, “Join Hands With Heaven with Blue Tapp” reaches followers around the globe.

Blue and her husband live and homestead in Blue Eye, Missouri, where they raise chickens, ducks, quail, rabbits, goats and sheep and grow their own food.

Getting Unstuck

EBook FREE for a limited time! Do you suffer from ‘childhood’ inner wounds? Here is a telltale sign! If you experience ‘recurring’ or ‘out of proportion’ emotions and reactions to present-day events, experiences, people, or behaviors… …there is a good chance you do. If this sounds familiar, Dr. Murphy’s book will give you life changing information. Inner wounds will keep you stuck. Why? Because they are unconscious. These wounds impact day-to-day life by causing pain, suffering and damage. People live their life not knowing why it is so difficult. No matter what they do, nothing changes. The same cycle of pain and struggle continues causing despair and hopelessness. The truth is… …many of our day-to-day struggles and afflictions such as depression, anxieties, relationship difficulties, or mal-adaptive behaviours are based in early childhood trauma or the lack of a loving, nurturing environment that is crucial to bring forth the child’s Spirit and give birth to the positive self-beliefs that create confident, happy, loving adults. THERE IS AN ANSWER! Dr. Murphy’s powerful insights will help you: • Find the cause of what holds you back, keeps you stuck, and darkens your world so you can break free, see the light, and live your wonderful life. • Develop four critical levels of awareness so you can heal the source of your pain and reclaim your Life. • Learn how inner wounds affect your present-day life. • Discover the powerful source of your existence that is within You. • Use your intense and volatile emotions to set yourself free. LEARN TO CONFRONT THE “ROOT CAUSES” OF DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, ADDICTION, ANGER, SHAME, CODEPENDENCY, FEAR, COMPLEX PTSD, PHOBIAS, EMOTIONAL DYSREGULATION, COMPULSIONS, MALADAPTIVE BEHAVIOURS, AND STRESS SO YOU CAN END THE PAIN AND STRUGGLE. START LIVING YOUR EXCEPTIONAL LIFE! Getting Unstuck equips not only sufferers but also psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and trauma-informed therapists with the insights and tools necessary to break free from the long-term effects of childhood trauma and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Consciousness is freedom! Build kindness and compassion for yourself…Explore your trauma…Invest in your recovery…You can heal! With Dr. Murphy’s powerful insights and ground-breaking work, you can integrate deep-rooted, unconscious wounds and break free of your emotional prison – so you can finally become the loving, happy adult you were meant to be! Pick up your copy today.

Meet Dr. Dennis Murphy

It is not uncommon for a person’s life to unravel when faced with extreme stress or trauma. Dr. Dennis Murphy’s primary mission in life is to help people find healing. Dennis’s passion is to point people home to Being, so their thoughts and emotions align with Truth—the Truth of who they really Are. Dennis knows there is no single approach to healing but he is convinced all forms of healing and all therapists can benefit from his insights. His books can dramatically shorten the journey to living a life of happiness, joy, peace and wholeness. Dennis makes his home in the center of Canada and loves writing his books by the water on an island in northwestern Ontario. He is currently writing his latest books “Heal Through the Power of Being” and “Daily Bread”. “Transformational” is the word, long time healer and spiritual teacher, Sister Theresa uses to describe his work. He especially hopes his books can free people from the dragon which creates so much depression, anxiety, addiction, negativity, division, isolation, anger, hate and fear; so they can enjoy every precious moment and live an exceptional life. Dr. Murphy has a six-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Canada. He belongs to the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. He graduated from Applied Counselling and Addictions Counselling after studying at the University of Manitoba and Brandon University. He studied Couples Therapy at the University of Winnipeg and General Counselling at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dennis walks the walk. He has been committed to the work of personal growth and healing for over 30 years. To take advantage of his work, visit his website and sign up to receive emails about his latest insights and new releases.

My First Book Of Strangers: The People I DON’T Know

Are you interested in teaching your child the dangers of strangers at a young age? If so, this book is for you! Encourage your little one to stay close to family and friends when strangers are around with People I DON’T Know, from the My First Book Of Strangers series. The imagery found in this book will allow the child in your life to see and feel the dangers of wandering off with people they don’t know. Within these few pages lie lessons that are sure to stay with your child for a lifetime! Be sure to take advantage of this promotion to download this book for free today!

Meet Laura Pruett

Laura Pruett began her writing career at the ripe age of approximately three years old by signing her name in her books. She soon advanced to writing random words on doors and, eventually, kindergarten stories about a Santa Clause she had never been taught existed (this time, on normal notebook paper). By the time she finally entered college classes, she would answer the introductory “If you could do any career that you wanted, what would it be?” question with, “I would like to edit dictionaries.” That said, although she minored in English, she majored in psychology, a degree which she obtained in 2003. Years later, in 2011, she began working as a freelance writer and editor on a site once called Elance (now Upwork). Because she preferred editing to writing, she soon eliminated the writing portion from her offered services and focused on editing–including GoFundMe pages, personal memoirs, fiction stories, self-help books, scientific reports, financial reports, and so much more. After years of editing others’ works and encouraging her husband, Michael C. Sahd, to publish his, Laura decided to finally contribute some of her own to the reading world. As of 2022, she has entered a number of short story contests, and one poetry contest. Currently, in addition to writing Gedra Gets a Man and To Catch A Fish, she is working on another super-secret Kindle Vella novel, under a pen name. If you’re interested, here’s a one-word hint: Dwarves. Look around and see what you can find!

The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook

Are you thinking about selling your creations at craft fairs but aren’t sure where to start? Are you already selling items but would like more ideas to enhance your displays? The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook: Ideas to Inspire is the go-to guide for people interested in this creative side hustle..

Including many color photographs from craft fairs and other vendor events, this book offers logical ways to display merchandise, simple solutions to save time and make money, and other practical advice. It even includes tips for craft fair organizers.

The author’s specialty is wire-wrapped jewelry, but the book’s principles may be applied to other crafts and merchandise. Learn tips on attracting customers to your enticing booth displays, including the Z layout.

Being a craft fair vendor involves efficiently transporting your booth items, quickly setting everything up like an attractive “mini store,” dismantling everything later that day, loading your vehicle (again!), and going home with more money than you’d brought. Setting up a portable display poses different challenges from creating one that will be stationary in a store setting. Each craft fair has its own layout and what works in one venue may not work in another. Therefore, it’s essential to have a variety of display ideas to determine the best one for each show.

The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook contains common sense strategies to assist with your home-based business. It starts with business basics and expands to cover a wide range of topics from set-up to sales, including selling beyond the typical craft fair venue. Offering economical DIY techniques, learn how a child’s art kit can be transformed into a lovely jewelry display case or how PVC pipe can uplift your displays literally and figuratively.

Throughout the book, the author shares her experiences to encourage and inspire others. Instead of wasting countless hours searching online for realistic ways to elevate your craft fair business, this book is a handy, step-by-step reference. A quick read including 100 color photographs, this book should spark ideas and motivate vendors to create their best booths ever!

Note: This book has been updated regularly with the most recent in February 2023.

Meet Brenda DeHaan

This was my first book, and it has been one of my most popular books. I have regularly updated it as I have learned more at various craft fairs over the years. I am a certified English teacher and K-12 librarian, so I enjoy helping people discover information and find more ways to be creative.