Peter the Turtle Can’t Poop

On his adventure, Peter discovers treasures on the beach. Little does he know how harmful litter is to a turtle. Alone on his journey, he gets stuck on the shore and has tummy troubles. Who will come to his rescue? Will Peter the Turtle be able to poop? Find out in this rhyming story that captures attention with giggles and teaches the importance of friendship, healthy eating, and putting litter in a bin.

Meet Kim Wilch

This award-winning author lives in Nebraska with her husband of thirty-five years, two precious pooches, a litter box-trained bunny, and a duck that quacks her up. She is a mom of two and grandma to three amazing grandchildren she adores.

Interviewing a Regular Joe

Maxwell Maltz once said, “you can always find the sun within yourself if you will only search.” We often ask ourselves various questions in our search to discover our purpose, questions like, ‘who am I? Why did I come to this world? What for? How can I become the best version of myself? These questions, though intriguing, leave us in an unending sea of doubts and dismays as we struggle to come up with the right answers. Answering these questions demand total self-awareness, authentic knowledge of spirituality, the experience of a life lived fully, a broader view of the world, and many more. Interviewing a regular Joe is a powerful and one-stop-shop approach that answers most of these questions. It is a novel written in a unique style that addresses a highly important aspect of the human personality. This book will guide you as you figure out almost everything about your personality from religion, ethics, politics, socio-economics, and personal point-of-views. It covers many essential topics that range from faith, future, personal greatness, nutrition, and many others. This book is the best read for you if you desire to discover your inner self and nourish your content.

Meet John Rose

John Rose produces books that talk about the problems and hardships human faces throughout life and offers insights and recommendations on answering some of life’s toughest questions in storytelling form.

SLOW Life Diet : Greek Village Living – The Pathway to a Healthier Lifestyle, Healthy Habits, and a Happier You

Ever wonder why people in Greek villages live past their 90s? Is it good genes or luck? I’ll let you in a little secret…it’s neither. It’s their slow living lifestyle. Greek villagers are known to have a long-life expectancy. They live a healthy, honest, and happy life. This all comes down to all-encompassing idea of Siga Siga, which literally means ‘slowly, slowly’, but emblematically means to take a deep breath, embrace the moment you are in, practice self-caring, and exhale. We have shunned the lifestyle that will make us happy – the one of simplicity and listening to what our body needs. The Slow Life diet is all about lifestyle. It is a road that leads to health, good habits, and happiness. It is a condition according to which the soul lives calmly and steadily, being disturbed by nothing. It focuses on eating right and creating healthy life habits. Greek villagers live their life in a way that focus on their lifestyle and their habits. They create healthy habits, taught to later generations, and in turn become ingrained in society in general. By making little and sustainable changes in our lifestyles, we can gradually and sustainably take ourselves out from the unhealthy life we have created and recreate our life’s infrastructure the siga, siga way.

Meet Stratis Kamatsos

I am lawyer and social entrepreneur who started my business path by reviving my 3-generational, family tradition of olive oil production on the island of Lesvos, Greece, with my company evo3 olive farms. Through my love and knowledge of olive oil, I began to advocate for its health benefits and the role it played in the Greek way of life. I not only promoted olive oil’s health benefits, but also saw that the Greek village diet was much more than just food, but a lifestyle, and I witnessed first-hand that it could make someone live longer, happier and healthier.

Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy Book 1

What to Eat, What Not to Eat! Still confused? Clear your confusion with Eat So What! The book includes a bundle of 5 chapters, which will make your life healthy and happy—a complete nutritional food guide for a disease free healthy life for vegetarians. You can prevent most of the diseases with nutritional foods and a healthy lifestyle. The health secrets that no one tells you will reveal in the book Eat So What!

Meet La Fonceur

La Fonceur is the author of the book series Eat So What! and Secret of Healthy Hair, a dance artist, and a health blogger. She is a Lacto vegetarian since birth like her parents and her grandparents. She has a master’s degree in Pharmacy. She specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology and worked as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical research and development department. She is also a registered pharmacist. Being a research scientist, she has worked closely with drugs. Based on her experience, she believes that one can prevent most of the diseases with nutritious vegetarian foods and a healthy lifestyle.

The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue: Remarkable Hope for Depression, COVID, AIDS & other Viruses, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Cancer, Heart Disease, Cognitive Enhancement, Pain

Harness the power of Methylene Blue to Revolutionize Your Health and Life

20th Century scientific breakthroughs have revealed that virtually all diseases in existence are metabolic in origin, and that improving cellular mitochondrial function is the fastest way to restore health.

Originally developed for dying fabric by the textile industry, you’re about to learn why methylene blue is one of the most potent metabolic medicines ever discovered.

Your Complete Guide to Methylene Blue will show you the secrets of dye therapy, and how to use it to improve mitochondrial function and powerfully enhance your body’s metabolism.

Bestselling author Mark Sloan is the creator of the popular blog Endalldisease, which delivers evidence-based health information and has helped tens of thousands of people get healthy. After losing his mother to cancer at age 12, Mark has committed his life to finding safer and more effective therapies for diseases of all kinds.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Skyrocket your energy levels so you can take action in your life
  • Boost your brain function, memory and creativity
  • Relieve aches and accelerate repair of injuries and wounds
  • Enhance sexual function, performance and fertility
  • Eliminate depressive thoughts and feel better about your life

Methylene Blue is your ultimate guide for understanding what disease is, what disease isn’t, and how to use methylene blue to dramatically enhance your health and quality of life.

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Meet Mark Sloan


Mark Sloan is the #1 bestselling author of numerous books, including The Cancer Industry, Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled and the 6x international bestseller Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine and has published over 300 articles on his popular health website Endalldisease.

Tired of Being Tired

A very short non-fiction eBook (Just over 6000 words) written in a scientific manner. Each chapter provides actionable steps you can take to solve the proposed issue of sleep: What to eat, what to do, what not to do, quirky bio hacks, and most of all scientific reasoning for the reader to understand the importance of a claim and why it is recommended. There are parts of the book that are whimsical and filled with dry humor, so perhaps not a good fit for a person with a strictly serious demeanor. The best fit for the book would be people who have an issue (particularly with sleep) and are looking for an enthusiastic guide to present possible solutions for them to pick from. Some points are obvious yet detailed insight is shared upon those. The majority of the book should contain information you did not know or did not know you needed to know. I hope you join me in the quest to master the process of sleep!

Meet Milan Venter

Just a BSc Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) student experimenting with writing eBooks. My favorite genre is non-fiction science, particularly around the health and fitness space. My preferred style may be a little eccentric but it would be difficult to call boring. I plan to write one good book a year from now on (they’ll be longer than my first one!). This is purely a passion project for me, I will still write despite the lack of feedback.

Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing

Declare a crusade against the chronic kidney disease (CKD) and accelerated ageing by getting educated on diverse interventions with possibility to stop and even reverse its progression.

Kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body, and it is one of the most interesting too. Kidneys filter the blood and act as the waste disposal system of the body, sending unwanted products to the ureter to be passed out as urine. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is turning out to be a silent epidemic in making, as it’s tricky to diagnose it at an early stage. 10% of the population worldwide is affected by it, and millions die each year because they do not have access to affordable treatment which usually are very limited and often ends with dialysis or renal transplant. It is estimated that number of cases of kidney failure will increase disproportionately in developing countries, such as China and India, where the number of elderly people are increasing.Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing is the most comprehensive guide to understanding how your kidneys work, why CKD is often associated with accelerated ageing and how to apply a set of scientifically researched holistic strategies, diet, nutrition, herbs, supplements and exercise routines to fight against this silent epidemic. Get measurable results in 60 days.

Crusade Against Kidney Disease & Ageing includes around 68 interventions spanning over 14 amazing chapters supported by hundreds of medical studies published in journals of medicine, biochemistry and nephrology. It’s an interesting read even if you don’t have CKD and want to get proactive about kidney health and anti-ageing

You will learn:

  • Steps to slow or reverse progression of kidney disease in particular, and ageing in general
  • How to take the control of your health back by understanding how your body (& kidneys) work, and how to make them last longer
  • Wide variety (68 of them) of innovative & amazing therapies for kidney and anti-ageing, backed by numerous medical studies
  • Nutrition plan to reduce load on kidney. Go beyond the vanilla CKD / renal / “alkaline diet”
  • About precision supplements to rejuvenate your kidneys & entire body
  • Exercise protocols to feel more energised, slow down ageing and keep kidneys healthy
  • Highly affordable renal and anti-ageing strategies including ones uncovered from traditional medicine, herbs and yoga, validated by scientific research
  • A set of biomarkers and specialised tests to monitor and manage health of your kidney, in consultation with your integrative GP or Nephrologist.

The author having painfully watched three of his extended family members suffer terribly through chronic kidney disease (CKD), accelerated ageing, failure (and toxicity) of traditional clinical treatments, deep-dived within medical research journals and genetics to uncover effective and affordable therapies, stabbing at the heart of CKD and accelerated ageing.

14 Chapters:

  • Popping BP Pills
  • Strange Story of The Sunshine Vitamin
  • The Wine Factor
  • Apple of Grenada
  • That Mythical Greek Goddess
  • It Stores The “Jing”
  • The Darkness Hormone
  • The Acidic Controversy
  • His Majesty – King Trumpet
  • An Ancient Bacteria
  • The Simmering Fire
  • Fix The Gut
  • Breath It Out
  • The ‘Third Kidney’

Bonus: FREE eBook (link inside; worth 9$) on how to improve health of your family away from the #BigPharma’s profit machine.

NOTE: Recommendations given in this book needs to be ran through an experienced integrative GP or holistic nephrologist.

Meet D. Bose

After a successful career as an engineer and entrepreneur, when Deb painfully watched three of his extended family members suffer terribly through chronic kidney disease (CKD), accelerated ageing, failure (and toxicity) of traditional clinical treatments, he dived deep within medical research journals to uncover effective and affordable therapies, stabbing at the heart of CKD and accelerated ageing.

Diet for Great Sex: Food for Male and Female Sexual Health

As Featured In: -Huffington Post -Marie Claire -cbs -Daily Mail -The Sun “A comprehensive, valuable, enjoyable, and potentially society-enhancing resource on how to enjoy mutually magnificent sex regularly and naturally.” -Indie Reader Hot Sex, naturally? Sex truly becomes great when our nerves, blood vessels and hormones operate in synchrony. Luckily, modern research has shown that diet affects this trifecta, and having a great sex life might just be as easy as preparing the right dinner. In Diet for Great Sex, author Christine DeLozier, L.Ac. explains how the foods we eat can balance hormones, increase blood flow and strengthen nerve conduction to and from the genitals. Calling upon her years of experience treating sexual health issues, and her training as a research scientist, DeLozier walks readers through the specific foods that will lead to great sex and explains the science of how it works. When our bodies are well-nourished, desire comes naturally, pleasure comes naturally, and orgasm is effortless. Isn’t it time you unlock the secret to eating for sexual pleasure? • “Top sexual therapist reveals the sizzling sex diet that will make you fall in love all over again.” – Daily Mail • “Packed with easy-to-navigate advice along with delicious food ideas, as well as no-nonsense tips on how to bring out the best passion in a ho-hum intimate encounter.” – Toronto Sun

Meet Christine DeLozier

My name is Christine DeLozier, author of the book, Diet for Great Sex: Food for Male and Female Sexual Health. I am a licensed acupuncturist in private practice specializing in sexual health. A lover of nature and of food, I strive to cook delicious, beautiful and healthy food for myself and my family. Having a science background, I love learning about how food affects every aspect of human health. I have 4 kids, live in NY and love to ride my bike.

Make Me THIN Again

“A no-nonsense diet guide from a regular guy whose commonsense approach to weight loss is both relatable and not intimidating. This just may be the book that helps shed those stubborn pounds once and for all.”

The strategy outlined in this book can be used to lose just a few annoying pounds or many pounds. Just follow the process until you reach your goal, which could be a couple of weeks or six months (as my case in order to lose 40lbs). This helped me lose a little less than 2lbs per week. By losing only a couple of pounds a week it will be easier to maintain your weight loss in the future.

Meet John Zur

John Zur is a retired engineer from the tech industry and has been applying science, logic and common sense all his career. He used that same approach with the “Make Me THIN Again” guide.

He is currently retired and does volunteer work for veterans, animals and the arts.

Over his career he saw the world three times over, having been to almost every major city. His best memories are not from the new technology he helped develop but from meeting so many people from different cultures and spending time in their wonderful countries.

He can be contacted at: [email protected]