Wall of Fire (Bargain Read)

“A riveting tale of resistance, romance, and betrayal, […] a blistering rollercoaster ride from start to finish.” – Readers’ Favorite® Review

The final safe haven. A test of belonging. Deception of epic proportions.

Sheltered inside a dome city, Emery believes she’s safe from the worst danger imaginable: a ravaging pandemic. But when her beloved brother falls victim to a strange and deadly disease, she risks everything to save him, illegally crossing the Wall of Fire that divides their city in search of the medicine that will save his life. When her plan goes awry, she becomes an unwilling participant in a gauntlet of trials she must pass or be exiled forever.

While fighting for her life, she unexpectedly meets up with Eason, the guy she’s secretly loved forever and never dreamed she’d ever see again. Suddenly, everything she thought she knew is thrown into question, and trusting the wrong person could mean the difference between life and death—not only for Emery and her brother, but for everyone she’s ever known.

Could the one thing that was meant to protect her actually be her biggest threat?

For fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, andDelirium series comes a gripping, fast-paced story of deception, intrigue, hope, and enduring loveWall of Fire is the first book in the young adult, post-apocalyptic, dystopian Wall of Fire Series.

Meet Melanie Tays

Melanie Tays is an author of young adult, speculative fiction. She loves stories with twists you don’t see coming, intriguing questions, and satisfying answers. She spends her days imagining how the world could be different and then takes readers along for a surprising and exciting ride.
Melanie lives in Arizona with her husband, Chris, and two brilliant daughters who keep life interesting.

Plague Diaries: a Covid Chronicle

This journal begins with a Russian-American-Canadian workaholic trying to keep his artsy and immuno-compromise girlfriend safe from covid in rural Ontario in March 2020. Things get a whole lot weirder after that. This book is a chronicle of one man’s quest to stay away from covid, to find vaccines, and – hopefully – maintain his sanity as the world falls apart. Part personal journal, part time capsule, each of the 406 days has a small personal update and a link to that day’s strangest news, be it political or covid-related. Mundanity and boredom are mixed with global horror as the virus spreads… Relive the events of that turbulent year with this book: the stranded cruise ships, the sourdough starter mania, the summer riots, the week-long uncertainty as Trump caught covid, the longest election of our lifetime, the long-awaited vaccine news, the January coup attempt, the GameStop saga, and much, much more. Along the way, there are road trips, abandoned mine exploration, a quest to become a Canadian, a love affair with an Instapot, a pursuit of financial independence and early retirement, and lots more.

Meet Grigory Lukin

Hi there! I’m just your average nomadic Russian-American-Canadian misadventurer. :) I enjoy writing non-fiction Kindle books, and my pandemic journal eventually grew long (and, I hope, interesting) enough to become a book all of its own. Please check out my blog if you’d like to learn more about me and my Quebecois adventures.

Daily Affirmations: Gratitude & Positive Affirmations to Cope With the Uncertainty Caused by Pandemic Times

Do you Want to Get Rid of the Negative Thoughts That Seem to be out of Control? Here’s an Easy Solution That Can Help You Chase Those Uncertainties Away!

Ever since the pandemic started, don’t you just feel like your negative thoughts are taking over you? Does it feel like uncertainty has become a constant part of our lives and you can’t help but overthink all day?

You may start talking to yourself for comfort but you only end up with more worries, anxieties, and more negative thoughts. Keeping a clear mind during the current world conditions seems to be an unreachable goal.

The ensuing lockdowns were hard for everyone, especially because you can’t meet with your family and friends at the time when you need them the most.

Increased rates of mental health issues are becoming common among many countries around the globe like never before. The majority of them are caused because of people’s inability to cope with everything that is happening around us.

Luckily for you, we’ve got just the solution: positive affirmations!

Yes, you read it right! Daily affirmations are the best remedy for this alarming problem. Mental health professionals have vouched for it as well! It helps cultivate a positive attitude that can help you face this chaotic world and embrace the uncertainty which has become a constant part of our lives because of the recent world situation.

In her book Daily Affirmations: Gratitude & Positive Affirmations to Cope with the Uncertainty Caused by Pandemic Times, Tessa explains how to battle negative thoughts, control your mind and build a positive mental attitude in any difficult situation life throws at you.

In this book you will discover:

  • The True Power of a Positive Affirmation: What positive affirmations are and how their outstanding effect can impact various aspects of your life.
  • Failproof Methods for Using Positive Affirmations: Myth-busting tips for avoiding common mistakes, as well as explanations why your affirmations might not have worked in the past.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Daily Affirmations: Practices that can help you succeed in developing a positive attitude through the use of affirmations. Advice on applying affirmations productively and making them work for you.
  • Simple Pro Tips for Creating Affirmations: Easy tricks and techniques that can help you create your own positive affirmations.
  • 5 Different Types of Positive Affirmations: The most useful types of affirmations that you can apply in any aspect of your life.
  • Best Affirmations for Your Daily Use: Lists of positive affirmations specifically chosen and approved by the author.

In this fast-paced world problems and conflicts are inevitable so it’s very understandable that you feel lost, tired, and lonely. As you go about your day-to-day life, this book can serve as your supporter, friend, and partner who can help you overcome life’s hardest battles.

If you want to be empowered and enlightened…

Scroll up, click on “Buy Now with 1-Click”, and Get Your Copy Now!

Meet Tessa Anderson

About Tessa Anderson

Tessa Anderson is a professional journalist and writer.

Born in Corinth, Greece, to American parents, she has been working in the writing and publishing industry most of her life. In 2017, Tessa quit her job in a creative agency and sold almost all her belongings to travel around the globe full-time.

Tessa believes that the key to making the world a better place is constant self-development. Through her books, she aims to give everyone an opportunity to become happy and successful. At the moment Tessa is completing her studies to become a certified psychologist and body-oriented therapist.

She currently lives in Palm Springs, Florida.

When not writing, she enjoys discovering new places and collecting ideas for her future books.

The Braintrust Complete Series Omnibus

A Presidency under siege. A worldwide pandemic, followed by a global economic collapse. Is a happy ending even possible?

Does real life emulate fiction? Or does fiction emulate real life?

All five books of the BrainTrust examine topics ripped from today’s headlines: Pandemic, Global Economic Meltdown, Deportation. How closely will the world follow the BrainTrust script?

Warning: Political satire included in this near-future hard sf techno-thriller. Please remember the Golden Question: How do you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving!

Long ago, the President for Life expelled all foreign engineers from Silicon Valley. They moved to…

The BrainTrust:

A fleet of immense cruise liners jammed with teams seeking the next great breakthrough

A locus freed of bureaucracy and autocracy, a thorn in the side of every dirtside power.

A home for creativity where no problem is unsolvable, but no crisis is as simple as it seems.

A clean, well-lighted place for …  ferocious commando assaults, and desperate copter combat.

The Heroines:

Dash: the plucky mad scientist.

Ping: the bouncy itty bitty ninja with the Real Big Gun.

Jam: the quiet, resilient commando with the grace of a dancer.

The Frightening Fact: A little too much of it is coming true.

If you can’t laugh about your favorite politician, journey elsewhere.

Otherwise, Come Aboard the BrainTrust.

Every book a Prometheus Award nominee.

If you like Robert Heinlein, Michael Crichton, Charles Stross, or Ayn Rand, buy your ticket and come aboard.