City of Dark

The Paris catacombs. The city’s subterranean shadow. Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels. A land of history and legend, where the underground explorer treads a fine line between reality and irreality. As the top inspector on the counter-terror squad, Khalid Sadiqi thought he knew everything there was to know about the City of Light’s weak spots. But this is new. This is the City of Dark. Seeking to learn more about the world below the city, Sadiqi stumbles on the impish help of Antonia Corrigan. The vibrant young engineer heartens the jaded inspector. Not only can she wend her way through her underground playground with lively agility, she also knows all the myths and legends that will prove to be the key to unlocking the mysteries. But will her knowledge of the tunnels below ground be enough to stop the mayhem above?

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When Ben, a California local, spends one lazy Saturday afternoon in his favorite café, his life is suddenly uprooted. Ben is reluctantly coerced into flying to Paris with only the beautiful, but devious Vanessa as his companion.
Unsure of who he can trust, Ben arrives in Paris with one objective—to get his life back to normal.
Along the way, he unexpectedly gains new friendships, an appreciation for the city of love, and a possible romance of his own.

A mysterious and exciting read for any lover of travel, adventure, or romance.