The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women

The 9 colours of Vibrant Women is an inspirational sequel of the book, A Journey in Search of Happiness and it urges everyone to be strong and passionate to live a meaningful and extra-ordinary life. The book emphasizes on the need for special personality traits in millennial women.

A loving mother, Shivani, consoles her teenage daughter, Anila, who suffers from depression after losing her school friend, Nirbhaya, to a sexual assault. Inspired by NAVARATRI celebrations, Shivani tries to encourage her daughter to incubate NINE TRAITS, correlating them with each of the nine avatars of goddess Durga. She associates the key traits required for a vibrant woman with NINE COLOURS and explains the need for fostering SITUATIONAL SELF-LEADERSHIP to nurture inner-self.

On each night of Navaratri, the mother MOTIVATES her daughter to develop a specific quality within herself by narrating five real-life examples of EXCEPTIONAL women personalities. Mother’s teachings help Anila TRANSFORM herself. At the end, what does Anila do as a tribute to her friend? How does it change India? That is for the readers to explore.

The book, though uses a festival in the background, provides an agnostic message about the need for diverse personality traits and urges readers to discover the value of self-leadership. This book would serve as an INSPIRATIONAL AID for personal growth – to live up to our dreams by realizing our passion and potential.

With 45+ real life examples of game-changer INDIANWOMEN PERSONALITIES, the book portrays how a woman can lead a fulfilling life by pursuing their PASSION.

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The Book of WHY (and HOW)


The Book of WHY (and HOW) is designed to help people discover their passion, purpose, and mission while also leveraging the top habits of the world’s top achievers. Broken down into three sections, The Book of WHY (and HOW) reveals the four WHYs that can dramatically change a person’s life, the shortest path to thriving in a challenging world, and the key to becoming more enlightened in the process. In short, multiple?time TEDx speaker, Corey Poirier, helps readers tap into their purpose so they can thrive in a more enlightened way. The Book of WHY (and HOW) is unique in the way it addresses the importance of uncovering the WHY while also revealing the HOW.

Many people struggle with feeling a lack of purpose in their life and work. They also struggle with how to uncover their purpose as well as what to do with it once they do. The Book of WHY (and HOW) tackles this exact challenge while revealing the timeless secrets Corey Poirier has discovered while interviewing more than 5,000 of the world’s top achievers.

Shadow Ballet- Betrayal


“I’m trapped. They want my blood. They want my head.
I feel a rat walking on my corpse. The blood on my skin… I can smell the soil. There is a song in my ears disturbing with insolence the silence of the forest. It is not your beautiful voice. I want to cover my ears… but I can not move.”

Jerry opens his eyes in a cell, accused of the murder of the most feared gangster in Atlantic City: His dad.
On his way to jail, Jerry bursts out for vengeance, but whoever set him up placed a large bounty on his head. Head hunters, police and detectives on the payroll are after him. It is not very easy to survive the night. So, he does not. Jerry gets shot.
A beautiful prostitute, Lin, finds Jerry and shelters him. However, she has no idea who Jerry is and what kind of trouble he brings.
Jerry tears down the underground world, sacrificing his love and destroying the family which he longs for desperately, but very late he realizes:

She was his family. She was his salvation. She was his hell.