Do THIS With Your Money: Six Steps to Live Your Dream Life and Retire Rich

Don’t spend another minute wondering what to do with your money.

Do THIS With Your Money will guide you through six straightforward steps that will get you on your way to increasing your income, destroying debt, planning for retirement, getting invested, saving on taxes and more!

You’ll be guided on how to plan for financial success with actionable education, relatable real-life stories, and a journal at the end of each chapter to keep you focused and on track.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced in personal finance, you’ll develop the skills needed to make smarter financial decisions and retire richer than you thought possible.

Don’t let money manage you- YOU need to manage your money!

Retire Plugged In: The Ultimate Guide to All Your Retirement Questions

Discover the retirement mistakes that could cost you thousands!

Make the RIGHT decisions about Medicare, Social Security Income Planning and more…

Afraid that you won’t have enough money for retirement, after countless years of hard work? Feel overwhelmed by the complicated rules of Social Security, Medicare, IRA’s, investing, and handling taxes in retirement? In Retire Plugged In, authors Nora Hartquist & Patti Lerch help retirees create a secure, rich, retirement lifestyle. As fiduciary advisors, they have helped hundreds of families retire, and none of them have run out of money!

With the help of Retire Plugged In, you’ll be “plugged in” to the secrets of retirement success (Even if you are a complete beginner or don’t have an advisor!)

You’ll Discover:

• The #1 Biggest Mistake that could cost you $100,000 in retirement
• Retirement accounts that give you FREE money
• Medicare “agents” who trick retirees into plans that could cost them their lives
• The top secrets to getting Long Term Care, WITHOUT buying a policy
• How IRA mistakes could cost you a 50% penalty
• The “Widow’s Penalty” and how to handle it
• The Estate Plan that AVOIDS probate and lawyers

This book is perfect for pre-retirees 55+ preparing for retirement, and retirees looking for a strategy to secure their retirement.

You can take control of your retirement, and make it successful, even if you don’t understand all the big words and terms advisors use. As said by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said, “If you’re ignorant, it’s easy to be bullied.” Don’t let that happen to you!

To get answers to all your retirement questions (Even ones you didn’t know to ask!), scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button!

Wealth, Fitness & Power For Life: Create Your Path to Financial, Physical and Personal Transformation

For over a quarter of a century caring for patients in the ER, as well as teaching the principles of fitness-based weight-management to thousands of men and women, Richard Kelley, M.D. has acquired a treasure trove of wisdom and experience which comes only with time in the trenches.  

As the author of ‘The Fitness Response…21 Steps to Model Your Way to a Fit, Fabulous Body,’ and multiple Amazon eBooks, Dr. Kelley delivers ‘Wealth, Fitness & Power for Life’ as an inspirational resource for those seeking a springboard to a healthier, more meaningful and prosperous life.

In his new book, Dr. Kelley takes you on a journey of lessons learned throughout the course of his life, while aspiring to reach his own potential in the areas of financial, physical and spiritual prosperity.

No matter where you find yourself today in the realm of realizing your own aspirations and dreams…through ‘Wealth, Fitness & Power For Life,’ Dr. Kelley wants to open your eyes, not only to the unprecedented times in which we’re living today, but also to awaken your understanding of the potential that resides within you, and give you the push to move toward the greatest expression of your life possible.

As a physician, author, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Kelley wants to give you a ringside seat view into the successes and failures that have shaped his life over the past four decades, and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and ‘Swing the Bat.’

In ‘Wealth, Fitness & Power For Life’ you’ll hear stories of triumph, inspiration and loss, and you’ll learn what it takes to keep going when times get tough.

In the pages of this book you’re going to discover…

-Why most people can’t simply rely on ‘a job,’ if they wish to thrive financially and to prosper, and why the best investments you can make are ultimately the ones you make in yourself.

-The intangibles of wealth that you already possess, that lie beyond the realm of financial assets. 

-Why it’s not only OK to desire and seek financial freedom and prosperity…it’s a mental shift that you can and must cultivate daily to avoid complacency and to move your life forward on multiple levels.

-That YOU have one or more superpower which could be the key to creating a greater, more expansive life for you and your family.

-How you can explore and resurrect dreams, aspirations and goals from your past, that may hold a key to your future.

-Why using Social Media to ‘just be social,’ may represent an enormous mistake for millions of people worldwide.

-Why prioritizing your health and fitness is a foundational necessity for creating success in other areas of your life.

-How the world as we know it has rapidly changed and why your ability to pivot, educationally as well as in the realm of entrepreneurship, may define your opportunities for the future.

-Why your ingrained attitudes regarding money and wealth will dictate your ultimate level of financial prosperity over the course of your life.  

-How you can reinvent yourself at any age and create the physical, financial and spiritual life you’ve always desired.

The Short-Term Retirement Program: Break Out of Your Financial Prison

Living paycheck to paycheck? Exhausted with financial stress?


The revolution includes people who are taking back their financial lives after being sick and tired of working year after year, living paycheck to paycheck,and going nowhere.

Sound familiar? It should—76% of Americans are in the same boat.

Do these circumstances eerily mirror your life?

  • Your paycheck spent, often well in advance of receiving it?
  • Credit card debt: unpayable and unsustainable?
  • Student loan debt: often exceeding most people’s house mortgage?
  • 30-year home loans you are making no progress on?
  • Less than $500 in your checking or savings account?
  • Wondering when and how this will all end?

If this sounds like you—you need THE SHORT-TERM RETIREMENT PROGRAM.

Change Your Life Starting Right Now

Learn how to pay off your personal mortgage in as little as three to five years.Leverage your income to invest in rental properties that can help you build wealth for years to come. Learn WHY you are unable to get ahead, the nefarious financial market factors intentionally arrayed against you, and how to solve your financial problems ONCE AND FOR ALL.

THE SHORT-TERM RETIREMENT PROGRAM will change your life forever.

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