Wisdom from the Inner Oracle: Why Humanity Must Evolve

Do you feel there is more to life than what you have been told? Do you feel there is a greater purpose for your life and humanity? Do you feel there is something wrong with modern society and humanity as a whole?

In his debut book, Mohammed Ali Ejaz will teach you the importance of living an ambitious and purposeful life to reach your full potential as a human being, why living righteously is a necessity to achieve this aim, while discussing the moral decadence of humanity and why it is essential for the species to return to a spiritual civilization for their evolution rather than continue to deteriorate under this present hedonistic one.

In this book you will learn:

  • The importance of knowing your life purpose and taking the necessary steps towards your success.
  • Why living morally and holistically is essential for the evolution and wellbeing of humanity.
  • How experiencing suffering and expressing gratitude can make you strong.
  • Why a reformation of human civilization is required for humanity to evolve.
  • The flaws of modern society that are harming and hindering humanity.

Meet Mohammed Ali Ejaz

Mohammed Ali Ejaz is an Old Soul and Spiritual Teacher dedicated to the moral and spiritual evolution of humanity, by discussing what is required for humanity to reach their full potential, by living an ambitious, noble, and purposeful life that strives for the wellbeing of the earth and humanity.

You Are The Solution: Harness your Mind’s Power For Success And Inner Peace

Everything you need to eliminate fear and doubt and take control of your life is within you. Keep reading to discover the three simple but proven steps to unlocking a meaningful life!

Do you often feel you’re living an endless cycle of waking up, going to work, doing chores, going to bed – only to do it again the next day?

Do you find yourself questioning every little thing you do – your work, your role, your purpose, your future – only to end up with more unanswered questions?

Or do you think your life can neither get any better nor worse, and you just have to live with it?

As society continues to define happiness as having the dream job, newest car, best vacation spot, or even a relationship, people start thinking they have to pursue happiness to be happy.

People think positions, material things, and relationships can bring them happiness, but the sad news is some people get everything they want in life and still feel unhappy.

You might ask yourself, what does it take to be happy and peaceful with where you are right now?

The answer might surprise you.

And if you’re tired of…

  • Having a monotonous and humdrum approach to life
  • Asking the same questions and not getting answers
  • Chasing society’s distorted view of happiness and success

And you’re ready to face the truth and find answers – you’re in the right place.

With this helpful and enlightening guide, you will discover:

  • The simple yet proven three steps of the You-Are-The-Solution program and how to reclaim your life and experience the difference of an empowered life
  • How the decisions you make – and the ones you didn’t make – shape the outcome of your life
  • The power of goal setting – and how to know which goals are your goals and not what society says you should be chasing
  • How to uncover limiting beliefs and release fear and doubt that stop you from achieving your goals
  • Why your life is only as good as what your mind thinks – and how understanding how your mind works is the key to your success
  • That your habits (positive and negative) run your life – and how to create new ones with the perfect balance of affirmations and commands
  • How feelings and emotions can impact your situation – and how you have the power to control it
  • The power of your inner world – and how you can change it to reflect what’s within you to the world around you
  • Why going out of your comfort zone brings fear and doubt and how to neutralize them with your thoughts, goals, and actions to make the changes you want to see in your life

And so much more!

Reprogramming your mind to create the purposeful life you’ve always dreamed of is not easy – but it is possible.

With the exercises, practical tips, and applicable advice in this book, you can overcome any challenges and obstacles you will face as you embark on this life-changing journey.

Society can only suggest how you should live your life, but in the end, you are responsible for the actions and decisions you make for your life.

You have the power – you are the solution.

To discover the key to a meaningful and fulfilling life, scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.

The Leadership Lessons of Howard Stern: How the King of All Media Can Make Us Better Leaders

Do you have the right energy to lead yourself and others? Are you lacking joyful energy in your career?

Contrary to certain opinions, Howard Stern provides a strong example of what it takes to be a great leader. Howard uses his unique energy and shares it with the world. That is what great leaders do. You are a great leader as well, although you may not yet know how to share your uniqueness with others.

Author Michael Kublin founded PeopleTek after twenty years of career navigation and years of deliberate self-discovery. To help others avoid the frustration of wandering aimlessly without the right tools, Kublin and his organization created a process called the Leadership Journey.

Kublin loves to share real world examples of leadership, and in his fourth book, he wants you to focus on the King of All Media! If you feel like you are out of touch with your own brand of leading, let Howard Stern’s leadership of himself and his team guide you to living and working with fulfillment.

Most people don’t really know Howard. Most have only heard about his reputation from others. Learn for yourself, and at the same time, grow and transform your own leadership skills. In seeing how Kublin’s concepts apply to Howard, you will discover your own qualities and desires. From there, your presence will reflect what you’ve always held in your heart.
In Kublin’s book, you will explore . . .

  • Where Howard Stern and PeopleTek’s Leadership Compass Meet
  • How Howard’s self-awareness can inspire your daily courageability
  • How he uses his talents and strengths to live and perform congruently with purpose, and how he encourages this in his team (Chapter 3)
  • How his vision, mission, goals, and measures inform his behavior — and how you can accomplish the same for yourself (Chapter 4).
  • How the vulnerability and authenticity of his communication inspires his guests, audience, and team to show up as their best selves.
  • How accountability is necessary to instill trust and fairness among everyone around you — and the necessity of never holding back (Chapter 7)
  • How he uses discomfort to inform improvement — and how facing conflict directly can help you further your own self-improvement (Chapter 8).
  • How his mastery of inspiration and motivation, of asking the right questions, allows each of us to be ourselves while being proud of it (Chapter 12).
  • How he not only uses continual learning to further improve himself, he has no issue sharing his phobias, resources, and allies with everyone along the way (Chapter 13).

Once you begin to see how Howard Stern’s actions and behavior provide examples of leadership, you can get started towards success. Not only does Howard demonstrate these behaviors for himself, he encourages others on his team to excel. You can learn how to motivate and inspire others as well.

While author Michael Kublin was working for a Fortune 50 company in the financial services industry, he used his energy to lead other professionals. What he didn’t know was how to use it all the time, not be afraid of it, and help others to do the same. Having found his way, Michael started PeopleTek and created a program that has trained thousands of others to realize their true potential and begin to live it every day.

Find your passion again. Find the joy and energy you need to empower yourself and others to go where you’ve never gone before. Start by clicking “add to cart” and ordering your copy today.


“Never Give Up – The Story of an Underdog” is a compelling collection of true stories that illuminate the triumph of resilience over adversity. Through vivid narratives, it unveils the remarkable journeys of individuals who, against all odds, transformed challenges into victories through unwavering determination. These inspiring tales serve as a beacon of hope, encouraging readers to embrace their inner strength and persevere in the face of life’s obstacles. Prepare to be moved and inspired by these powerful stories of human resilience and the unstoppable spirit of the underdog.


K. Fedrick Sanjay, a highly qualified Management Graduate and Chief Operating Officer at a leading Education Consulting Firm, offers unparalleled career counseling services to students. With extensive experience in Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, and Customer Relationship Management, Sanjay is an expert in his field. Moreover, he is a certified MASTER CAREER GUIDE with vast knowledge spanning across multiple industries.

UNSHAKABLE YOU: Healing Heart, Home, and Health for Exuberant Success

Start Your Journey to Sacred Bliss: Discover the Secrets to a Spiritual Awakening and Transform Your Life

Are you tired of carrying the heavy burden of emotional wounds that weigh down your heart, suffocating your spirit and hindering your growth?

Do you long for a peaceful sanctuary within your home – a sacred space where you can recharge your energy and find solace amidst the chaos of everyday life?

You’re not alone.

It’s all too easy in this modern world to lose yourself in the outward trappings of success and neglect the health of your heart and soul.

The good news is you can change that.

You can discover your life’s purpose and be both successful and happy again.

You don’t have to isolate yourself on a remote mountaintop and meditate for years – you can heal your heart, home, and health right where you are now.

Achieving true healing and transformation isn’t just for spiritual gurus or enlightened beings – it’s for anybody who wants to break free from negative cycles and patterns and find purpose and fulfillment.

All you need are the insights and expert advice this guide provides.

Of course, it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s an ongoing journey where each step brings you closer to deep healing and lasting bliss.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Why fear and doubt keep you stuck in old destructive behaviors, and how you can become unstuck and unshakable, and have lasting inner peace
  • How to clean up your sh*t and be in tune with your heart, home, and health to achieve balance and harmony, even in the darkest of times
  • How to become the master of your emotions, energy, and body, and become connected with the divine world surrounding you
  • How to embrace self-love and acceptance to be your authentic self, even if you’ve struggled with self-doubt and self-criticism for years
  • How to create a sacred sanctuary within your home, where positive energy flows freely and supports your well-being
  • The “blanket of bliss” that will unlock your inner radiance and vitality, even if you feel lost and disconnected right now
  • The personal stories of others who have successfully journeyed from darkness to light, and how you can too

And much more.

It doesn’t take sacrifice or giving up your earthly possessions and living the life of a religious fanatic to heal. You can nurture both your spiritual growth and worldly needs at the same time – all it takes is harmony and balance.

Discover the practical tools and techniques that bridge the gap between spirituality and real-world transformation.

Don’t let skepticism and limiting beliefs hold you back – open your mind and experience the power of spiritual healing for a life of true well-being, fulfillment, and purpose.If you’re ready to unleash your inner radiance, align with your true purpose, and experience the sheer ecstasy of spiritual healing pulsating through your heart, home, and health, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button now.

Rule 3: How Elite Leaders Win

Ever wondered why elite leaders inspire and drive success while others falter despite tireless efforts? The secret is simpler than you think: it’s all about the Rule of 3.

Have you ever had a feeling that, despite your best efforts, you’re just managing rather than leading?

Do you sometimes end the day with a heavy sigh, wondering if you’re truly inspiring your team?

Do you wonder if you were better off staying put in your old role, rather than taking on the responsibilities of leadership?

If your answer to any of these is a resounding “yes” – You’re definitely not alone.

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, leaders all around the world struggle with challenges related to their effectiveness, their ability to inspire and develop others, and how they navigate change.

But what if there’s a proven formula that can turn the tide in your favor, guiding you toward extraordinary leadership?

Imagine yourself leading an organization with a clear vision, unstoppable drive, and an outstanding fortitude for turning challenges into opportunities.

In this illuminating guide, you’re about to uncover the secret “Rule of 3” employed by the most successful leaders across a spectrum of fields – and apply it to drive yourself and your team to success.

In this indispensable playbook, you’ll discover:

  • Elite Leadership strategies revealed: Advanced strategies that the finest leaders utilize to sway outcomes — all at your fingertips
  • The 101 on People Management — the secrets to people-first leadership that can spell the difference between success and failure
  • Effective time management techniques that enhance your performance in every aspect of your leadership role
  • Numerous targeted exercises for improvement… practice makes perfect, but only with leadership skills designed to fast-track your skill development
  • How to build resilience, maintain focus, handle pressure like a pro, and develop a winning mindset
  • Common mistakes you should always avoid — identify the common missteps you’re making that are stalling your progress (and learn how to correct them)
  • Your personalized improvement plan — develop a bespoke action plan that targets your unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring maximum growth

And so much more.

Like every leadership journey, success requires preparation, perseverance, and practice — each being a cornerstone of this comprehensive guide.

Even if you think you’re stuck in your leadership journey or have attended countless seminars and workshops to no avail, this book offers a fresh perspective.

This playbook will surprise you with advanced, effective strategies that can take your leadership to new echelons.

Your journey to becoming a top-tier leader starts now.

The conference room awaits, your team looks to you for direction, and the game is in your hands… what will be your next move?

The clock’s ticking, and the stakes are high, but the power to change the narrative is in your hands: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” now.

To All That Speak: The Ultimate Guide To Building the Most Updated Existence Awareness

All words are made up. All words spoken between us are nothing more than made-up sounds from manipulated air. They’re just lung puffs. All of the letters that we text, email, and write are made-up symbols to coincide with our made-up noise. It’s really just hand scribbles. This would mean that everything from existence theories to religious ideologies to politics to our names and much more are all one hundred percent fabricated from thin air, literally. In fact, these words here and the pronunciation sounds you hear in your head as you read the symbols on this page are made up as well. Essentially, this book uses made-up words to further dissect and clarify other made-up words. However, by the end of this mental deconstruction and rebuild, you will walk away with this liberating awareness- we just are. Existence just is.

Meet Brandon Wolfe

Brandon Wolfe is the author of the best-selling self-help adventure memoir “Cold Beer and a Hot Dart.” In addition, his award-winning screenplay titled “Freedom’s Basement” has garnered outstanding praise from prestigious screenwriting competitions worldwide. Brandon’s writing is committed to thought-provoking content and sustainable self-help practices that will remain relevant to later generations. Aside from writing, Brandon is an avid culture-focused traveler, adventure enthusiast, and passionate entrepreneur.

Seriously, God? WTF!?!: Your Life Has Hit the Proverbial Brick, Now What? Let Me Teach You How to Reclaim Your Power and Life Balance!

Seriously, God? WTF!?! is an openhearted book for people who have come up against real obstacles in life and need some structure, fortitude, and reassurance to move on in a positive way. We are all vulnerable and subject to feeling shot down in life as part of the human condition. Whether from a diagnosis out of the blue or from the loss of a loved one through death or divorce or from a job loss that can have not only a financial impact but can deliver a blow to our identity, we all have the need at times to take stock and reassess.

From her own experiences, Wanda Huntington is helping others take back their agency by focusing on conducting their own self-inventory and putting in the hard work that will lead to positive outcomes. It is easy to just get stuck after a major blow.

Huntington’s book seeks to help readers in finding the insight and power to make meaningful changes from the inside out.

Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses, Hilarious Secrets to Heal a Broken Heart & Get Your Life Back!

Discover the One Word that will Change Your Life.

This inspirational collection of ingenious tales that include schemes for getting your life back is woven into a series of hilarious triumphs filled with love, grief, and mischief. High-spirited shenanigans will motivate you to move ahead after a loss, breakup, or divorce. No matter what you’ve been through, every reader (you) will achieve a heightened sense of happiness and a deeper level of confidence than you ever imagined. This book supersedes everything you’ve been told about healing.
Uncover unusual secrets for getting on with your life after a big disappointment or being dumped. You’ll be motivated to revitalize your life in ways you never thought of. Spoiler Alert: You’re going to learn more than how to fake your death and dance naked, with dignity. (You’ll love those chapters.)
Wine glasses raised here.
You’ll not only learn how to tie knots when you’re at the end of your rope, refocus your energy, and outsmart a bear; you will find remarkable ideas to enhance your notoriety before you croak. Begin rejuvenating and basking in self-appreciation and exhilaration. Learn how to get there in one spectacular day!
PLUS: a sure-fire plan for moving forward.
Discover the one true secret to living a meaningful life. You can laugh, you may cry, but you will ultimately be entertained and redirected. You’ll find that you’re not alone.

This Book is Full of

  • Encouragement
  • Enlightenment
  • Recipes
  • Affirmations
  • Life Hacks
  • Travel Flub Fixes
  • Fun facts about potatoes, dogs, cows, turtles, dolphins…
  • Gut-busting inspiration to create happiness all around you
  • Gleeful tactics to escape humiliation, balconies, & boredom

If you enjoyed bestsellers like Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she takes her life out of the comfort zone, you’ll love Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses‘ real-life examples of haphazard accomplishments. It’s nothing like the book He’s Just Not That Into You, where Greg Behrendt gives you the courage to walk away. You’re probably already walking. Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses is more like: Dance, Rejoice, Laugh, Live, Excel, and Get Your Life Back – no matter who isn’t into you.

  • It’s a Journal
  • It’s a Vision Board
  • It’s entertaining, comical, and inspiring

You deserve more than an old mattress and day-old coffee. Follow the 10 simple steps to getting over Richard Cranium (AKA Dick Head) and learn to live as if you’re going through Hell. Hint: Keep going.
Coffee Cups & Wine Glasses is the perfect gift for yourself, your girlfriends, and anyone who needs reassurance, a comical boost, a kick in the rear, or a reason to believe how brave, lovable, and magnificently courageous they are.
Be Brave. Scroll to the top and click the “Buy Now” button to find proof that your life can be rewarding and fulfilling!

Meet Debbie Seagle

Debbie Seagle lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia near most of the things she loves: family, friends, dirt, water, and mountain air. She has lived in several countries and all around the USA working as an airshow director, marketing director, operations manager, and Top Secret senior technical writer for some of the world’s unknown oracles.

Debbie authored a Sunday column in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, was a US Embassy newsletter author/editor/publisher, events director, teenage lifeguard, young military wife grocery-bagger for tips, shampoo girl, united airshow grunt (UAG), senior census field manager, and systems trainer to assist in finding bad guys.

When she isn’t hiding at the cabin writing to you, Debbie enjoys being with her family, scuba diving, snow skiing, sailing, gardening, hiking, kayaking, hanging with friends, and good wine in a magnificent wine glass. She once shared a bottle of $1,600 wine with a celebrity. It wasn’t any better than her favorite $28 bottle. That was a life lesson.

She has degrees and certificates for various other obscure vocations, but her lifelong endeavor to become an accomplished juggler has not transpired – yet. Someday she will DOiT.

Random Facts about me (from Debbie Seagle):
1. I’ve jumped out of an airplane 3 times (with a parachute).
2. My Indian name is “Little Whirlwind.”
3. I played the clarinet in the high school concert band.
4. Colonel Sanders touched my boob.
5. Don Hoe grabbed my butt.
6. Bill Clinton winked at me.
7. I had lunch with Nicholas Sparks. He talked to me.
8. I hung out all day with Jeff Foxworthy (once). He signed my sign.
9. Davy Jones & I spent a day at his horse stall. He sang a song to me. My life is complete.
10. I still sometimes twirl a fire baton.
11. I was married to a US Marine and moved 42 times.
12. I’ve been interviewed on TV and radio 72 times.
13. I’ve been to Camp David twice.
14. I planned an international gala ball in the Eiffel Tower.
15. I have 3 sons and 8 grandchildren (so far).
16. I once could do back walkovers on a balance beam.
17. I call my bathroom The Jim. I go to The Jim every morning!
18. I’ve touched 4 US Presidents (I shook their hands, ok?).
19. I’m an expert in fitted-sheet folding.
20. Bananas make my throat itch.
21. I love my truck.

Non-Negotiable: Ten Years Incarcerated- Creating the Unbreakable Mindset

This book is about the MINDSET and The NON-NEGOTIABLE daily HABITS I applied everyday in prison to make it thru Hell and stay sane while thriving?

My MINDSET while INCARCERATED and these HABITS I stick to religiously made me a Multi-Millionaire within’ 4 years and I did it saving lives all over the world!!!

Meet Wes Watson

Wes Watson was incarcerated in California state prison for 10 years where he was a leader of a Prison gang, running drug trades and participating in extreme violence. He turned it all around and upon his release made it his mission to push Conscience Congruent living at the highest level and change millions of lives through his daily Stoic lifestyle.