Cat Naps, Dog Naps: Who Naps More?

Cats love to nap, but so do dogs. Who naps more? This beginning reader book has fun color photographs of two loveable pets who try to out-nap each other.

Meet Brenda DeHaan

Brenda DeHaan is a K-12 librarian who loves reading and writing books. She is a grandma, cat mom, dog mom, and real mom. Oh, she’s a wife, too! Brenda has over 16,000 pictures on her phone. Her books feature photographs that she took while not knowing they’d end up in a book.

LULU the Tiger The Incredible Pet

ULU the Tiger & the Incredible Pet is part of the Lulu the Tiger series for young readers. Dinosaur facts accompany colorful illustrations and fun rhymes that your child is sure to read again and again.

Meet Ann Lee

Ann Lee is a talented author of several highly rated children’s books and a mom of three. Her children are the joy of her life and the inspiration for her writing. She is a natural in the kitchen and decided early on that learning how to cook was not only a good way to stay healthy but fundamental for her children as they grow up.