PC Dill Pickle: The Case Of The Missing Bear

Police Constable (PC) Dill Pickle cracks cases in the fridge – you read that right, he’s a pickle and a cop!In this imaginative picture book, he’s on the hunt for Sherry Cherry Tomato’s missing teddy bear, and he needs your help.

Join PC Dill Pickle, Greg Egg, Sonia Soda, Sherry and Terry Cherry Tomato as they piece together the clues and find their furry little friend.


If you know a 3-5-year-old who likes:

  • Funny kid’s books
  • Nursery rhymes books
  • Picture books
  • The stories of legendary authors, Julia Donaldson and Nick Bland

Then they’ll LOVE PC Dill Pickle! This book is fun to read and interactive too.

‘Young children will find PC Dill Pickle and The Case of The Missing Bear by Hani Bruce entertaining. They’ll laugh and probably call out the character names. They’ll absolutely have fun spotting the clues!’
Reedsy Discovery (Editorial Review)

The Case Of The Missing Bear invites its reader (and little listener) to help find a lost toy – a common problem for 3-5 year-olds! Children use critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they follow a string of clues. They’ll also learn about teamwork and communication.

Children are mesmerised by the colourful illustrations, entertained by the funny characters, and swept up in the rhythmic storytelling style.

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Meet Hani Bruce

Debut children’s book author and indie publisher Hani Bruce released her first book, PC Dill Pickle – The Case Of The Missing Bear in 2022, with two more books in production.

The PC Dill Pickle series is about a Police Constable (PC) pickle who lives in a fridge. He cracks cases alongside colourful characters like Sonia Soda, Greg Egg, Tony Pepperoni and Rocky Broccolini while prompting the reader to piece together the clues.

While working as a brand builder and copywriter helping others find their ‘voice’, Hani found her own in writing the PC Dill Pickle series.

‘Tapping into a completely different form of creative writing and letting loose with my imagination has been a thrilling adventure. Nothing is too weird. The ideas don’t need to be logical. It has been a fun and freeing experience.’

Hani’s husband, Adam, illustrates her books and is instrumental in exploring the story and character ideas. Together, they agree on an everyday situation or problem (like losing a toy) and plot out how characters can solve it through critical thinking and teamwork.

These rhyming books are fun to read and show children that many problems are solvable when they ask for help and work together.

The Tooth Fairy Quits

Suzie loves spreading joy to children, but being a tooth fairy is no easy task. Annoyed with gross teeth and a scratchy tutu, Suzie turned in her tooth fairy wand. She QUITS the only job she’s ever known! While Suzie doesn’t miss her tutu, she misses spreading joy to children. When one child wishes for a Birthday Fairy, the other fairies don’t know what to do. Suzie flies into action with a new look for a new job.

If your child loves beautifully illustrated books with fabulous fairies, then The Tooth Fairy Quits is sure to delight. Suzie used her grit and determination to find her true joy.

If you enjoy this book and the Birthday Fairy family tradition, please be sure to check out other Fairy-Tailed titles:

  • A Birthday Fairy Tale
  • Fairy-Tailed Wish
  • Fairy-Tailed Birthday Trouble

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The thing about…Clowns

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Learn what life is like for all those silly pranksters.

Curious why they wear such wacky outfits? Want to know what’s the shape of a clown’s nose? Eager to ask how they can all fit in a single car? Whether they’re called jesters, fools, or comedians, there’s a lot to understand about these costumed funny fellows.

From where they work to how they get there, these eleven wholesomely hilarious poems highlight easy-to-grasp facts about this unique group of entertainers. And by using simple language and sweet jokes, author Steven Megson neatly balances intriguing insights with inclusive explanations, so that anyone dreaming about growing up to make crowds roar with laughter can walk in oversized shoes.

The Thing About… Clowns is the fun first story in The Thing About… children’s book series, suitable for ages 3 to 8. If you or your child like clever rhymes, circus-related trivia, and brightly colored illustrations, then you’ll love Steven Megson’s honkingly good tales.

Buy The Thing About… Clowns to take a pie to the face today!

Meet Steven Megson

Steven Megson is an award-winning children’s book author who lives in Newmarket, Canada with his wife and daughter. When he is not busy working on his next writing adventure, he enjoys reading, watching movies with his family and building very large pillow forts.

Ellery’s Magic Bicycle

A touching picture book about a remarkable childhood bond between a little girl and her magic bicycle, perfect for children ages 4 to 7 and for fans of The Giving Tree.

Inspired by the author’s own childhood adventures, this heartfelt story will take readers on a whimsical journey through Ellery’s childhood with her magical bicycle in tow. Ellery and her bicycle share many wonderful new experiences together; lonely yet curious Ellery finds adventure, love, and friendship, as well as weathering sorrow and loss.

When she grows up, Ellery starts to forget her special bond with the bicycle. Will Ellery remember what’s important before it’s too late and the magical bike is lost forever?

A story of redemption, Ellery’s struggles, hopes, and triumph serve as an uplifting reminder to parents of their childhood bonds. Young readers will grow to love Ellery’s strong, kind, and compassionate spirit, and will see their own cherished bicycle in a new light.

  • A heartfelt and emotionally powerful read-aloud book
  • Books for kids ages 4 and up
  • Picture books for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

Praise for Ellery’s Magic Bicycle:

★ ” A fantasy grounded in real life with a gentle message about loyal friendship.” –– Kirkus Reviews 
★ “An uplifting picture book in which a girl forms a magical friendship that lasts throughout the years.” –– Foreward Reviews ★
★ “A sweet tale about honoring the best of your past that young readers should enjoy.” –– Blue Ink Reviews ★

Meet Maria Monte

Maria Monte writes beautifully sweet, heart-warming, and fun stories that teach little ones great values, such as kindness and love. Her spare time is divided between family, caring for her young son, and writing children’s books. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Maria enjoys mochas, watching comedies, and losing herself in wiki rabbit holes.

If Not You Then Who? Book 4: We’re Going Green!

The Inventor’s Fair is finally here and this year’s theme is Going Green! Noah has been tinkering for weeks but he’s worried…Can one invention make a difference? Join Noah and the rest of the Young Inventor’s Club to learn about the different ways we can all go green and make the world a better place.

From solar energy to water conservation, the children of the Young Inventors Club explore the bright future of conscious environmental practices, and how every family can participate. Perfect for the child who is passionate about contributing to solutions to one of the world’s most pressing challenges.

If you like fun, informative, and factual kid’s books like The Magic School Bus, then you’ll love the new STEM series If Not You, Then Who?, a recent Amazon bestseller. The books are fun to read for both adults and children and can be read on multiple levels. Younger children will relate to the main storyline, while older children will enjoy diving into the backstory of the inventions. All children will be invited to imagine their own creations. The series aims to show that no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small to succeed.Written by David and Emberli Pridham and presented by Dominion Harbor, a leading intellectual property firm, If Not You, Then Who? aims to teach children about the inventions and patents in everyday life, inspiring them to create their own. Available in both Kindle and hardcover formats. The latter is a 9.5″ x 9.5″ hardcover book with sturdy paper and vibrant illustrations. Spark your child’s curiosity and imagination now!

Meet David and Emberli Pridham

We’re Going Green! is written by Emberli and David Pridham, and part of the best-selling children’s picture book series “If Not You, Then Who?” The books are designed to help kids learn the backstory of everyday inventions and realize that anyone can be an inventor. The authors invite children to use their curiosity and imagination to solve the problems around them. After all, no dream is too big, no dreamer too small to make a difference.

Deep Sea Diver Dave

Who will Deep Sea Diver Dave meet as he dives deeper into the sea? An octopus, a shark? Or perhaps even a big scary… SEA MONSTER!

Deep Sea Diver Dave meets lots of sealife as he dives down deep into the ocean, where each creature is both bigger and scarier than the last. But none of the animals wants to swim any further because they’re afraid of getting eaten! On Dave’s way back up, he persuades the creatures that maybe they shouldn’t be so afraid after all…

READ ME, COLOR ME – Two books in one! Picture book + coloring book.

The second part of the book repeats the same story again without the colors – so you can color it in and make the story your own! (Ebook readers can screenshot the pages and do the coloring straight onto your tablet unlimed times!)

The story introduces the idea of a simple food chain and encourages you to face your fears and make new friends.

There is also a secret starfish hidden on each page… See if you can find them all!

Prologue to The adventures of Booh and Babbot


This Prologue is the origin story of how Bartholomew Hardgrove and Jonathan Babbot met. It introduces the reader to Booh and Babbot. It also provides the initial information on how the two met and why they have been chosen to take on a series of adventures simply because of a simple act of kindness. This book and the series are meant for the young and the young at heart.

Pug with a Passport: A Kids’ Travel Guide


Jump into this exciting kids’ travel guide series with Kipling, the Pug with a Passport!
Ride along with Kip as he takes his first trip away from home. Learn with him as he discovers the many countries and cultures of the world.
Explore with Kip as he takes his first airplane ride and makes new friends along the way. Tag along as he tastes new foods, learns new words, and tries new things!

The Endless Fart


This is a very special day for Ralph the elephant, but a serious farting problem is turning it into one of the most difficult days of his life. A journey of strength and courage is the path for this adorable character. Ralph will learn that being himself and telling the truth is always the best idea.

The unique and hilarious illustrations of this story are guaranteed to make any child laugh. Is this stinky gas bound to ruin Ralph’s whole day, or will he be able to control this endless fart?