The Seeds of Akara

“The vast cosmos isn’t what it used to be in this clever SF tale.”  -Kirkus Reviews

The universe has died.

It has reached its eventual heat death and no further life processes are possible.  

But something has gathered all the sentient life-forms that had ever reached a reasonable level of complexity and placed them in a lattice-work sphere around a final star. The truth of their existence is known to a select few, and the ultimate reason for their existence is known to fewer still.

When a nihilistic, malevolent force releases a pathogen designed to end all life, a young girl and some allies must get to the central world to keep her world from being destroyed to stop the spread of the virus. 

Book one of the New Sky trilogy is an epic adventure featuring multiple worlds and characters whose actions will determine nothing less than whether or not life continues. You’ll love the characters and adventure in this novel.

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Meet David Lapiana

A childhood sense of wonder led the author to discover the stories and deeds of the great mythological heroes. Eventually, however, Achilles, Hector, and Theseus, not to mention lesser known characters in Celtic, Germanic and Native American myths led to an enjoyment of such larger-than-life heroes as Superman, Captain America and Thor. The first actual science fiction novel read (at the age of 15) was Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and with that the author was hooked. Through varied incarnations as a businessman, accountant, construction worker, and various sales positions the urge to write was strong, but not pursued until reaching his fifties.

Day Of Awakening

Seattle. Summer. So much blood.

Having fled the zombie outbreak in their hometown of Lynden, Violet and Fynn are on the run in an abandoned SUV. Desperate to find her mother and sister, Violet has driven Fynn to Seattle with her; but with very little petrol and even less of a plan, time is running out for the duo. Like Lynden, Seattle has become a post-apocalyptic battlefield of the undead, where death is imminent, and survival is a victory.

Arriving at the hospital where Violet’s mother, Elena, is a nurse, Fynn and Violet encounter the apocalypse firsthand. The walking dead have spread like a plague – and if they don’t find Elena here, Violet and Fynn will be forced to travel further into the zombie-infested city to try and rescue her last remaining family members.

But all is not as it was in Lynden. The zombies are learning to adapt to their surroundings – and fast.

While the undead used to flounder blindly, relying mostly on their sense of smell, the zombies in Seattle are developing superhuman strength and sensory superpowers that enable them to hunt human flesh with even deadlier speed and accuracy. Mutant spider-like creatures scale buildings, local pets become life-threatening, and human traits are amplified with ferocious intent. Faced with deserted streets and ever-stronger zombie attacks, Violet and Fynn need each other more than ever as they advance deeper into this dangerous new world.

But are the two fugitives really as alone as they think? Could there be others who have survived the flesh-eating pandemic – a last remaining hope for a world under attack? Or are Violet and Fynn the sole survivors of the deadliest summer in living memory?

Amidst the chaos, Violet is realizing that there is more to Fynn than his tough exterior…and has he always been that handsome? While life as they know it crumbles around them, the pair find solace and safety in each other. But does Fynn remember their first kiss the way Violet does? Or is their chemistry a passing connection, forged out of desperation in their terrifying circumstances?

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Zombie Apocalypse: Day Of Awakening


In the middle of July, when the sun is hot enough to cast heat waves over the asphalt, a woman has lost her mind in the small town of Lynden, Washington. She is intent on one thing: consuming living flesh. Her hunger cannot be satisfied, and it spreads like a disease, sweeping through the town and ripping it apart. The air is full of the sounds of screams, the stench of blood, and something else. Something foreign. Something that is at work but cannot be seen.

Violet, a young bartender, is determined to escape the chaos that has suddenly been let loose in Lynden. She must make it to Seattle to find her mother and sister. They need her, and with communications down there is no way for her to get in touch with them to find out if they are alright- or even alive. Violet knows that she must do everything in her power to find her family. They are all she has left, and she can’t allow them to meet a slow death at the hands of merciless crazed cannibals.

Fynn, Lynden’s most dangerous and misunderstood young man who drowns memories of his dark past in alcohol, decides to join Violet on her mission to Seattle. He is not her first choice for company, but with people ripping each other to pieces, Violet takes comfort in the simple fact that she is not alone. Fynn may be her least favorite person in Lynden, but he has a mean right hook and an uncanny ability for getting himself out of trouble. Together, they find themselves in a bloody battle for survival. It is a battle they soon realize they are not prepared for.

This is the Apocalypse.

Will the rise of the living dead be enough to force Violet and Fynn to work together? Nobody can survive alone. Perhaps a night on a rooftop under the stars will be enough to unite the two of them. If they can put their differences aside they just might be able to make it to Seattle alive… but will there be anything left to find there, or will the reckoning have already sunk its bloody fingers into the belly of the city, leaving nothing behind but bodies and fire?