A Dangerous Charity: Threads of Magic Book 1

In a Victorian world ravaged by a ruthless plague of mysterious origin, Charity’s telepathy is both her salvation and her curse. As her father, Lord Carolinus, wielded his power to control every aspect of Charity’s life, her metaphysical abilities became her silent weapon against his cruelty. Her fate becomes intertwined with the once-privileged Bridgette, a fallen Lady willing to risk everything for revenge and justice. Bridgette joins Charity in a dangerous struggle to expose the secrets of the Lords and priests, testing the limits of her courage. A school run by the Church of the One True Way from which children go missing adds a chilling layer to their journey, shedding light on the darkest secrets of their society. But how can Charity share what she has learned without being accused of witchcraft? In this meticulously crafted historical fantasy, join Charity on her journey as she battles corruption, defies tyranny, and unveils the secrets hidden within the heart of the Church. A Dangerous Charity is the first book in the exciting gaslamp fantasy trilogy Threads of Magic by the award winning author K. A. Quinn.

Meet K. A. Quinn

K. A. Quinn began her professional writing career as the creator of Dark Reveries, a dark fiction e-zine. Troubled places such as Victorian era asylums have fascinated her since childhood. She’s worked in graphic design and libraries and is a jack of all trades with musical instruments and art. Over the years, she has found that writing is easier in stolen moments. Her stories often contain magic along with the darker side of humanity.

Monstra Inter

One day, humanity is hurled into chaos as zombies appear throughout the world. These new monsters will chase for miles; they’ll stalk and hide in ambush; they don’t eat or drink; their singular goal is to spread the infection to everyone–and everything–in their path. The few people who make it through the initial wave struggle to survive in this horrifying new reality. Will anyone learn to live in this new world? Or will this be the end of humankind?
The story follows several different characters in their fight for survival as these cunning and quick new monsters take over the world. Abigail tries to find her family. Nathaniel seeks shelter. Charlie stands her ground and refuses to leave her farm. Evie and Eric face challenges they’d never dreamed of. Brad and his father head west, as far from civilization as they can get. Paths cross and intertwine.
Who will make it out alive? Who won’t? And who will end up as the monsters in between?

Meet C. Britt

C. Britt lives in the midwestern United States with her husband, cat, and two dogs. She enjoys spending time sewing, photographing nature, playing video games, and (of course) dreaming up fictional worlds to write about. She’s always been an avid reader, but in recent years, she’s grown more and more excited about creating her own stories. She’s written hundreds of short stories over the last few years and shared them on Reddit. (A few of which have received recognition on the Writing Prompts subreddit with their annual “Best of” writing competitions). Nowadays, she’s branching out and releasing her debut novel, Monstra Inter.

The Seeds of Akara

“The vast cosmos isn’t what it used to be in this clever SF tale.”  -Kirkus Reviews

The universe has died.

It has reached its eventual heat death and no further life processes are possible.  

But something has gathered all the sentient life-forms that had ever reached a reasonable level of complexity and placed them in a lattice-work sphere around a final star. The truth of their existence is known to a select few, and the ultimate reason for their existence is known to fewer still.

When a nihilistic, malevolent force releases a pathogen designed to end all life, a young girl and some allies must get to the central world to keep her world from being destroyed to stop the spread of the virus. 

Book one of the New Sky trilogy is an epic adventure featuring multiple worlds and characters whose actions will determine nothing less than whether or not life continues. You’ll love the characters and adventure in this novel.

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You can read the whole kirkus review at: kirkusreviews.com

Meet David Lapiana

A childhood sense of wonder led the author to discover the stories and deeds of the great mythological heroes. Eventually, however, Achilles, Hector, and Theseus, not to mention lesser known characters in Celtic, Germanic and Native American myths led to an enjoyment of such larger-than-life heroes as Superman, Captain America and Thor. The first actual science fiction novel read (at the age of 15) was Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and with that the author was hooked. Through varied incarnations as a businessman, accountant, construction worker, and various sales positions the urge to write was strong, but not pursued until reaching his fifties.