Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: Your Vegan Guide to Healthy Meals

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: Your Vegan Guide To Healthy Meals

The complete book on natural food for preventing life complications( Plant-based recipes).

Plant-Based Cooking Made Easy For All

We have over 50 recipes and a to n of tips down the road, and I really hope you have something significant to take on past the book. You now have absolutely no excuse to not stick to a Plant-based diet and Meal Plans. Plus you can always intertwine the dishes depending on your preference.

“Who said we cannot have lunch for dinner and dinner for breakfast? Honestly, the more creative you choose to be, the more fun it gets”
I made sure to include all-rounded recipes plus have special tips for designated categories such as athletes and expectant mothers so that the entire community is accounted for. It’s never too early to include our kids in the healthy eating department and aging is no excuse to not mind what we eat.

“All recipes in this book have nutritional summaries so we can account for how well we take care of our health”

Finally, I would really want to once again challenge us to not only make eating healthy our way of life, we should also encourage the people around us to pick it up. The dinner recipes in this book can be enlarged to serve meet-up meals and do brunches in a healthy way. Preach the better-health gospel to your loved ones and live by example. “This is how we change the world”.

~Kate Martin

Meet Kate Martin

Kate Martin is a serial productivity facts researcher based on behavioural choices. A plant-based or Vegan Diet book is one of her central focuses since most of her work revolves around how we feed ourselves to feed the world.

Writing a plant-based cookbook creation was an important part of her transformation since the best gift she could give to humanity was the choice to eat better and have fun while doing so.

Her mantra has always been, ‘change begins with you.’ Her only prayer is that the change spills over to all the beautiful souls in the world today, empowering us to choose better and choose intentionally.