Plant Based Diet for Beginners: 4-week program for an easy transition to a healthy, fit and energetic body: with over 80 delicious, simple, fast and cheap recipes

This book is not for those who: – are looking for a short diet for a few days or weeks to then go back to their old behavior – expect the author to give them looooong explanation for why they should switch to a plant-based diet – think calories restriction is the only way to go – believe that a healthy diet needs to be expensive and complicated – do not believe that simple and consistent changes in your lifestyle bring you long term results Are you still reading? Amazing, it seems like you are among us who believe that simplicity together with consistency is the key! Now, let’s jump right away into what you’ll find out inside this book. – Short introduction about the meaning and benefits of a plant-based diet – Quick overview and explanation of the human anatomy compared to other mammals – A VERY SIMPLE 4-week program with the introduction of gradual changes into your diet – Pantry list in order not to get lost in the aisles of the grocery store you have probably never browsed before – EXTREMELY EASY recipes for every week (3 recipes per week with suggestions for different variations) – these are no excuses super simple recipes that a 5 years old can follow. Remember- the aim here is to make you eat a plant-based diet, not to become an award-winning culinary chef. – 80+ more recipes for those who want to be a bit more playful in the kitchen (different types of main courses, salads, sweets, small bites, desserts, etc.) Is this book for you? If you said yes, take an action now, get this book and jump on the plant-based train right away.

Meet Markéta Hale

Markéta Hale is a courageous adventurer who loves unpredictable situations, life-changing twists, and quite wild jokes. A dedicated “mom” of an adopted dog, a full-time vegan, and a passionate world explorer who follows her heart.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: Your Vegan Guide to Healthy Meals

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy: Your Vegan Guide To Healthy Meals

The complete book on natural food for preventing life complications( Plant-based recipes).

Plant-Based Cooking Made Easy For All

We have over 50 recipes and a to n of tips down the road, and I really hope you have something significant to take on past the book. You now have absolutely no excuse to not stick to a Plant-based diet and Meal Plans. Plus you can always intertwine the dishes depending on your preference.

“Who said we cannot have lunch for dinner and dinner for breakfast? Honestly, the more creative you choose to be, the more fun it gets”
I made sure to include all-rounded recipes plus have special tips for designated categories such as athletes and expectant mothers so that the entire community is accounted for. It’s never too early to include our kids in the healthy eating department and aging is no excuse to not mind what we eat.

“All recipes in this book have nutritional summaries so we can account for how well we take care of our health”

Finally, I would really want to once again challenge us to not only make eating healthy our way of life, we should also encourage the people around us to pick it up. The dinner recipes in this book can be enlarged to serve meet-up meals and do brunches in a healthy way. Preach the better-health gospel to your loved ones and live by example. “This is how we change the world”.

~Kate Martin

Meet Kate Martin

Kate Martin is a serial productivity facts researcher based on behavioural choices. A plant-based or Vegan Diet book is one of her central focuses since most of her work revolves around how we feed ourselves to feed the world.

Writing a plant-based cookbook creation was an important part of her transformation since the best gift she could give to humanity was the choice to eat better and have fun while doing so.

Her mantra has always been, ‘change begins with you.’ Her only prayer is that the change spills over to all the beautiful souls in the world today, empowering us to choose better and choose intentionally.

Plant Based Diet For Athletes


YES: Finally, no More Animal Cruelty – The no Meat Plant-Based Diet

Do you want to learn how to start eating super healthy, yourself along with your family?

In my short book, you’ll learn what is plant-based diet and how to prepare these delicious meals! You’ll get the step-by-step instruction and recipes to start your healthy journey especially for athletes.

Athletes engage in strenuous and regular strength or endurance training with the goal of consistently improving their form and performance over time. Exercise should be followed by a period of recovery, aided by nutrition, to guarantee improvement..

The book includes the following points:

  • What is plant-based diet
  • Benefits of Plant Based Diet
  • Whole Food Plant-Based Diet for an Athlete
  • Myths About Plant-Based Diet
  • Recipes
    Take your health in your own hands today and enjoy life eating what you want when you want in the healthiest way possible.
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Plant-based Diet Guide for Beginners


Feel like you’re ‘drained’ of energy throughout the day? Ever feel bloated or heavy or sleepy after a meal? Or do you suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis, gout, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, or more? Then this book is your answer!

Simply by changing your diet, you can have more energy, feel better, lose weight and get better sleep. And it’s not a challenge or a struggle to make these necessary changes in your life! In this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know in this compact, ultimate guide for plant-based beginners, including:

  • The main ‘superfoods’ to stock up on
  • Healing foods for certain ailments and illnesses
  • Foods to avoid
  • 7-day meal plans for the whole family, including picky eaters and those wanting to lose weight
  • 50 recipes for Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw and Anti-Inflammatory diets
  • Shopping lists
  • Quick reference guides for measurement conversions and vegan substitutes
  • How to deal with cravings

      All 50 recipes include nutritional information as well as preparation / cooking time so you can schedule your time accordingly during the week. Each recipe also has suitable diets listed, i.e. Paleo, Raw, Vegan or otherwise, so you can instantly find the recipes that work for your lifestyle choice.

     You don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment or exotic, hard-to-find spices to enjoy these wholesome, healthy recipes. If you want to delve into the Raw Food diet, then you may want to invest in a dehydrator. And a blender or food processor is always a handy little gadget to have on hand.

     Create a better, healthier life with this essential, ultimate guide to plant-based diets. Click on the ‘buy now’ button to get started. What are you waiting for?