Breathe My Heart: Quote and Prose

Over 100 saying and prose, quick witted to heal your soul. Some will rhyme, some will not. Some will blow your mind, and other may just make you cry.

Meet L.C Raker

LC Raker lived her adolescents in a small town south of Chicago, but now spending her adulthood in Northwest Indiana. Writing has always been a hobby for her as far as she could remember. Poetry has always been her charm. Rhyming came natural to her. She hopes to add more poetry books in the future.

A Region of Reverie

Uplifting poems and other pieces of writing about the Lake District today A collection of writings about the blissful and enchanting Lake District. The pieces of writing in this collection are grouped into three categories: – A Place to Savour. This is all about the breathtaking natural beauty of the Lakes. The district’s stunning natural features, namely its spectacular bodies of water, its remarkable collection of hills and its picturesque landscapes, are in the spotlight here – A Place of Change. The focus of this section is how awe-inspiring the Lakes can be. The district’s mostly undisturbed scenery can bring about surprising changes in people, making them feel happy, embrace hope and achieve new things – A Place Overrun. This section looks at how the district’s massive tourism industry is affecting the place. For many people, the Lakes are a treasure, yet the district may lose its value if visitor numbers continue to skyrocket Immerse yourself in the Lake District, a place of authentic charm and resplendent beauty. You’ll enjoy reading A Region of Reverie if you like thoughtful pieces about nature and some of the best holiday destinations out there.

Meet D. T. Adams

D. T. Adams is the pen name of an anonymous British writer. He’s self-published ten e-books to date, including a novel, a collection of short horror stories, micro fiction, poetry and more. He’s inspired by the world we live in today, as well as imaginary worlds of fantasy, horror and everything in between.

The Heart’s Journey

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to remain humble and kind towards all beings. Embody divine, deep, and unconditional Love for self and others. Openly give of yourself to the rest of the world. Smile more, forgive often, and let go of wrongdoings. Tune into your heart’s rhythm to understand your life’s purpose. Always stay true to your heart’s desire. Follow the sacred path of the heart to answer the necessary questions: Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world. The Heart’s Journey is the fourth of the seven poetry books series. It is composed of poems with topics related to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra. It is the one associated with compassion, trust, forgiveness, ability to receive and give love to self and others.

Meet Maria Kitsios,LMT

Maria Kitsios is a New York licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, and certified yoga instructor. The Heart’s Journey is the fourth of a seven books series and is composed of poems associated with the heart chakra. Her previous three books are The Journey to Source, Unravel the Veil and The Vessel of Truth. Join Maria’s newsletter and receive a free copy of the asanas guideline. Instagram: @mkitsioslmt Facebook: @Maria Kitsios, LMT

Poems from a girl

A little drop of melancholy, a dose of happiness, surrounded by social walls, yet knocking down barriers, the poet tells her words about her feelings.

Meet Ellyne

Ellyne is an Eastern European indie NA, YA author, poet and wattpader. She is currently publishing her poetry books in English and has already produced three books on the international market. She enjoys talking about important social and political issues and is a committed member of the LGBTQ community.

the darkest of times, the darkest of thoughts

gray, empty but i let the words grow and my heart, i let show but with separation came the anxiety, the pain, the journey within confinement. i wasn’t ever my own and my many faces had me so alone, i thought i might drown. it started before i even knew what puberty meant: at twelve, i wrote my first lines. now, at twenty, i want you to read my warning signs.

Meet Megan Diedericks

Megan Diedericks is avid writer, and the writing bug bit her when she wrote her first creative essay in school. She is situated in South Africa, and is proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community. This poetry collection details her dealings with grief, loss, love and heartbreak – a storm we all experience, yet feel alone inside of the eye of it.

Litter Box

This collection of poetry is a combination of the ups and downs of my anxiety and depression while battling heartache. It reflects my limited belief in myself and my codependence on another human who damaged me. My heartache was very painful and unforeseen. I fell in love hard and hurt hard. Through the pain I found life changing healing. If you have ever had your heart ripped out then this book is for you!

Meet Dacia Collins

Dacia Collins was born and raise in the enchanted state of New Mexico. Dacia considers her family and life experiences to be most important to her. Dacia loves being a lifelong learner. When she isn’t working or tending to her two beautiful children, you can almost always find her adventuring and creating new memories!

The Birds Within

Our search for meaning in a life common, takes us to various shores. For some, the experiences on the way give wings to their hopes, dreams and aspirations, opening doors of opportunities. For others, the paths they tread may not be as paved with gold. I have always been of the conviction that whether we succeed to reach our full potential or not, depends a lot on our ability to think deep, reflect and adapt. The gift of reflection is very subtle and can be the lever by which we achieve what we set our hearts to. This work is a compendium of reflections based on my experiences or thoughts shaped by such, and will be of interest to those who love poetry in its various forms. It is requested of the reader to read through some couplets a couple more times than you would normally do, and you will then be able to peel layers which resonate with your own experiences. The beauty of reflection is that it renders meaning and takes you into alleys of imagination, which you may not have traversed earlier. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.


Weaved Memories Through Time

This poetry collection is universal and reflective of one’s own collective memories through itself as a wake-up to the world around them. What moves from the spiritual to the psyche follows down through the tapestry of colors set before from one’s worldview.

Meet Dea Divi

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Hearts and Spears

This is a unique collection of poems that touch on subjects relevante to our times: Politics, climate change, racism, war, and even the infamous pandemic. But there are also more personal subjects, such as depression. The words are genuine, the style is fresh, and every poem is truly heartfelt. Each piece carries a famous quote at the end, some belong to the author himself, which were often my favorites. This is a modern, relevant kind of poetry which I would recommend to everyone, even to those who think they don’t like poetry. -Amazon Review

Meet Somto Jefferson Uwazie

Somto Jefferson Uwazie is a poet, author and social critic. Using the power of the pen to change lives is his biggest dream.

Beyond the horizon: A collection of poems

Beyond the horizon is a collection of poems by Clifford Malloy. The poems focuses on the themes of love, emotions, reflection and above all metaphysical encounter. This collection introduction new imagery and poetic style. It is unlike any poetry book you may have read. Beyond the horizon is an experience that sticks with you. It’s an intriguing and one-of-a-kind piece of poetry.If you appreciate artistic and unusual imagery in poetry, you won’t want to miss this. Clifford Malloy effectively addressed the themes of love, injustice, and societal unpredictability in this.” It is fresh,new and different!

Meet Clifford Malloy

Clifford Malloy is an author and poet who describes his work as a manifestation and blending of idealism with reality.His works are of undeniable quality. His books have won a number of awards. He is the author of Behind the horizon which is a collection of reflective, uplifting and scholarly pieces of poetry. Clifford malloy believes in the unity of imagery and it’s multivariate use, preferring his own innovative style of imagery to orthodox. His books always portray new perspectives especially in general and metaphysical poetry. His books has sold many copies all over the world especially in Africa.   Clifford Malloy has a degree in English Literature from the University of Nigeria. He is currently a medical student in the same university. He loves traveling,second only to writing. He lives in Enugu with his family.    Readers can contact him via email: [email protected]