A Rambling Wanderer’s Tale is a collection of poems examining the roller coaster of emotions spawned by anxiety, depression, love, revolution, heartbreak and acceptance. These poems were written from 2009-2011, and some of the pieces in this book have been revised from Marrero’s one act play Stop & Smell the Roses. This edition has a special poem written in 2015.

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Existences and Vineyards is a five-volume series of a collection of poems that succinctly describe the human experience in raw form, conversations the author had with his other self, whilst in introspection and musings on the convolutedness of human existence. The poems reveal to their readers the thoughts of the author about human endeavors and how they affect us, from lifting us up to the apices of ecstasy, to putting us down to the nadirs of despondence and every other experience in between. The themes of the book include love and bile, happiness and sadness, success and failure, and other obvious subject matters known to characterize our lives and how we relate to one another and to the world. If you are human you’d find every letter, every word, every phrase and sentence relatable to not only your life, but the lives of everyone who ever walked this beautiful Earth.

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We are the moody, doomed to misunderstanding, always accused of arrogance, because we are silent, we who do not resort to anyone when we feel sad and self-medicate. We are the morning lovers of the evening. We choose half of the light and dimming. We who thought that when we drown; We will die, we drowned in art, and because of this drowning: we survived. We get more mature with pain, not with the passage of time. We do not arrange the places of people in our hearts, their actions take over.
We are the only ones; we only meet in the pages of a black writer who knows about loneliness. We are the sons of grief of “Franz Kafka”, the philosophy of “Nietzsche”, depression of “Dostoevsky” and the absurdity of “Albert Camus”. We are all the sad writings written by unknown writers who were suffering from loneliness and sadness. We are sad by a musician who committed suicide from depression. We are the lines that Van Gogh drew with a shivering hand before he committed suicide. The last words of “Sylvia Platz” before her suicide and the last tremor of “Gandhi” before he was assassinated. We are the owners of the sad murals in alleys and dialogues, inhabited by the poor slums of love decorated with lies and hypocrisy, we are the ones who descended from everyone who was suffering from syndromes of fear and disorders of depression. We are those who sit in the last classes in the lectures no one notices our existence and no one cares about our absence. We are friends of the night, sadness and depression. We are the ones that no one knows about, and no matter how close anyone approaches us, they will have a little about us. We are the only ones who have no one to cry with about trivial things before the important ones, we are those who are accustomed to loss, pain and soreness, who suffer for children crying, and we may cry to see a sad scene in a movie, we are the ones who have no reasons for our actions and We do not know how to justify it or even defend ourselves. Those who are accustomed to staying up late for no apparent reason, who do not have any justification for contemplating the ceiling, in the sky, in following up the forms of stars, and we may create from cloud companions. We are the owners of antique brains that are sedatives that fail to remain, those who are irritable by a passing word, those with ever-changing moods, crying spells, and sudden sadness. We are the ones who do not care about themselves, and we no longer care about anyone’s matter. We are the owners of existential questions that are unanswered. Those who used to keep silent in the most severe situations that call for conversation. We are the ones whose words are never taken seriously. We are the ones who create arguments to apologize from attending parties and gatherings, we are everyone’s friends but have no friend, those who have made music as a companion. We are the people who walk in the streets at the time of rain, those who weep in their room in the evening and wake up in the morning as if they had not cried for hours, we are the ones who have not sent messages, and the pain that cannot be uttered, and with the wishes that were not fulfilled. We are the only ones who are fake in front of people, who are honest in front of themselves, we are the ones who only have broken hearts and broken dreams and wishes. We are forgotten, but do not forget, the agonized, who are unable to hurt anyone, and the peaceful ones, some have assaulted our feelings without a reaction from us. We are the only ones in everything, in our solitude, in our moments of depression, and no one knows about our pain, we are the ones who cry in silence and suffer in silence. We are the moody with the curse of details, obsessive-compulsive disorder, syndromes of fear, closeness and concern, we are the unheard screams of pain and hidden tremors of sadness, we who never meet but know each other, we gather in sadness, depression, calmness and complete darkness, amid the crowd.

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My Book: ‘Justice Is The Chef Serving You Up Hope’, is more than just a Poetry Book. It is about my life’s experiences. And, my perspective on the Human Condition in all of its Glory plus suffering. My hope is to connect my words with my readers. My desire is for my book to give a new, exciting point of view on old ideas. It is not just a book filled up with words, but rather it is meant to make you think, feel, and grasp a new perspective. The Human Condition is an internal force of nature, as well as ones experiences through the process called…Living! The thing about Poetry is as it changes hands, its story evolves into something more. Poetry at times can be healing, loving, Angry, Humorous, and Unnerving etc., but good Poetry at all times is worth a look! There is no right or wrong in Poetry, as the Soul does not lie.

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Between The Words

Poems & Affirmations for times of hardship

“Beneath me lies a dormant sky, 

a place where truth and lovers fly. 

I lost it all but gained my light,

and now I serve the selfless fight.” – Matt Buonocore

Between The Words, Book 1 of The Divine Ties Collection is a self- help poetry book that takes the reader on a journey beyond the mind and into the way of the heart.

Between The Words is a book of poems and affirmations to awaken the soul. Each poem provides a new vibratory experience that guides the reader towards spiritual growth. This book is my journey from awakening to the present day. The book is meant as a catalyst for spiritual growth, the goal being to ignite the fire that lies dormant. We are all called to serve, to serve ourselves and then the world. Let this be a message to all that would choose the path of service, the true path. As each fear disintegrates we walk closer to the truth of our nature, and this is my truth.


“A beautiful exploration of the self with what feels to me like a musical rhythmic flow.
Excellent words and a great read!”

“A Relevant messages through poems. A lost art of rhythm and rhyme deftly bringing life’s thoughts to fore. A nice break for the avid reader.”Judith Halfacre 

“I’ve been following Matt for quite a long time now, and I’ve witnessed his spirituality blossom first hand. In a world that has sadly become cynical, I have found this mans heart to be gold. His works come from the heart and although there are many books out there that have the same type of premise, this book resonated with my heart. It’s a great read as a whole, but could also be read as a page a day for a daily dose of positive vibes. Something many could use in a world that is full of stress.” – Jorge

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Nights under Peach Trees

Nights under Peach Trees - ASIN B08C7NZR1L

Whether you are a poetry enthusiast or not, if you have ever experienced relationship heartbreak, then the poems in this book can and will inspire you to understand that heartbreak and move on from it…

NIGHTS UNDER PEACH TREES is a collection of poems written from the perspective of someone who has experienced relationship heartbreak and the struggle to move on from it. The author has written the poems as though she is sitting beneath a tree filling a journal with the lessons she has learned about falling in love, having her heart broken, then moving on and regaining her sense of self. In publishing this book, she shares those lessons with you, the reader, with the hope of inspiring you to understand and move on from your own heartbreak.

Among the many lessons the author shares with the reader through the poems in this book, the predominant theme is that your identity in life is made up of much more than merely the sum of your failures. All of us, women and men, deserve the opportunity to forgive ourselves and move on after relationships that did not work out. And the poems in this book are meant to help and inspire you to do so.


TAMRON MORRIS was raised in a small town, Berkeley, Illinois, by two loving parents, Bruce and Elisha Morris. During high school, she furthered her blossoming love of writing by taking classes such as American Literature, British Literature, and Creative Writing. While later attending the College of DuPage, she became a mother at the age of twenty. Despite the challenges she faced as a young parent, Tamron continued her passion for writing by starting a career as an author. As an emerging voice in the poetry genre, Tamron hopes to inspire women and men to fully love themselves beyond measure.

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The Lost Art of Self

Marc D Brown is a poetic Everyman


The Lost Art of Self  – a collection of poetry & prose, delves into subjects such as love, mental health, loss etc and makes a compelling poetic argument that we are all works of fiction, stumbling painfully toward authentic existence on an all-too-human terrain.There is a substantial thread of the universal human experience woven into the poetic narrative.Who among us has not felt, at one time or another, a sense of being out of touch with self and exhausted from giving to a world that takes more and more without giving in return.

The Lost Art of Self makes a compelling poetic argument that we are all works of fiction, stumbling painfully toward authentic existence on an all-too-human terrain.

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Carved Heart In Trunk

Dr. Karl Demmans is a chemist, a musician, an academic author, and a poet with a fascination in syllabic verses. His musical journey began in Sarnia, Ontario at a very young age wherein he studied music theory under the guidelines of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Over the following decade he has demonstrated an aptitude towards musical composition on guitar as well as lyrical rearrangements through his dedication to journal keeping. In 2018 he completed a doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Toronto, which was quickly followed by his first album release under the pseudonym Karly D. The collective themes herein discuss physical and emotional isolation in the twenty-first century, anticipatory anxiety and the fear of death, addiction to negative emotions, self-reflection, love loss, and complete honesty. The lighter works detail daydreaming about the future of humankind through a lens of science fiction and the idea that modern chemistry can be as exciting as the alchemy of old.

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