Fake History: The Wildly Inaccurate, Ruthlessly Manipulative, Dangerously Deceptive, and REAL History of the World - ASIN B08K3FHG68

Fake History is the textbook you wish you could have read while falling asleep in history class. It reveals the secret reality behind world history, including these incredible ‘‘fake facts”:

  • Noah and the Flood was the original political controversy over manmade climate change.
  • The famous general Hannibal rode war elephants during a historic battle with militant animal-rights activists.
  • Julius Caesar was assassinated by Roman senators for demanding bipartisan cooperation.
  • The Black Death was an Asian bioweapon of Genghis Khan.
  • Barack Obama assassinated Osama bin Laden because of an internal feud between Shia and Sunni Muslims.
  • And Donald Trump actually planned to replace the torch of the Statue of Liberty with a searchlight.

From Jesus Christ to Donald Trump, from Genesis to World War III, from ancient legends to alternative facts, Fake History takes a comic romp through the tangled narratives of history to reveal the scandalous truth of the world’s past and the incredible destiny to which it is heading. The provocative novel of “fictional nonfiction” takes the form of a mock textbook and rewrites human history as fake news. It satirizes the extremist spirit of the Information Age in all its social misinformation, political disinformation, and hysterical hyperreality.

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Did you know that K-Pop fans are powerful activists?

Did you know that the South Korean boyband BTS has practically taken over the world?

Another South Korean group, Blackpink, is also making waves in the United States and many other English-speaking countries. One of the most obvious conclusions from these facts is that K-Pop has grown to be the most profitable music genre with millions of fans worldwide! Since the pandemic started, and after the brutal killing of George Floyd, things have taken a very bad turn in the United States. As a result, civil unrest, social division, and political division continue to spread all across the country. And a crucial part of this is activism. But did you see it coming from BTS fans?

You’ll learn in this book:

  • All about K-Pop stans (fans)
  • Stans and the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement
  • Stans vs. President Trump
  • How stans went from apolitical to activists
  • The dark side of K-Pop activism

So, if you want to get the skinny on the activism of BTS and other K-Pop fans, scroll up and grab a copy today.

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Join me on the trail of a virus unknown to mankind. 

Difficult in terms of detection yet adroit in transmission. 

The virus ultimately meets its carrier and suddenly ignites chaos. 

Even though this has never happened before;

But can the carrier also be the cure?

*Never judge a book by its cover. 

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Individualist Manifesto

Are you tired of politics?

Are you tired of the constant left and right, with one or the other forced on you?

Are you tired of an ever-growing government? imposing increasingly strict and opinionated laws, raising taxes, and making decisions for you?

Are you tired of navigating through complex political beliefs, identity politics, and political faux pas?

Do you just want the room to be you? To express yourself, think for yourself, work with others and pursue your goals, without being thwarted, controlled, and violated? if I don’t harm other people, Do I need to be controlled?

Can’t there just be one simple way? Can’t there be one simple, natural, system underneath the mess of politics and opinions? Can’t there be a simple ideology that rejects war, violence, environmental destruction, racism, and deals with all of society’s problems with no strings attached??


The profoundly straightforward yet easily digestible manifesto of individualism as a political philosophy, this book defines, describes, and defends the beauty of the individual, the right to their mind, reason, and values in an increasingly collectivist world. Seeking to eliminate the idea of individualism and capitalism as irrational immorality, selfishness, and refusal to interact with others, the book paints a picture of individualism as undeniable human nature as well as the source of creativity, ingenuity, community, and social progress, pointing out that any belief, idea, organization, or action is fully individualist so long as it is done in free will.

The author’s debut as a political philosopher which he completed at the age of 15, and the declaration of his philosophy, this book outlines, structures, and defends Autarchism, the belief that individuals are the owners and governments of themselves and their property. The belief also commonly goes by the names of Anarcho-Capitalism, libertarianism, and voluntarism, which, in the book are described as a single belief: “individualism, pure and without exception”. This book is to be a “catechism” of these beliefs. The book defends Autarchism in various new, simple, and inventive ways, influenced most heavily by Murray Rothbard’s ideas on the state and property, Ayn Rand’s ideas on relative values and self interest, and Max Stirner’ ideas on the subjective spirit. This book also goes deep into the nature and anatomy of the state, and how it operates.

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn of this ideology, defend or debate individualism and libertarianism, propagate libertarianism, have a deeper moral and philosophical understanding of individualism, libertarianism, Anarchism, or capitalism in general, or just to learn more about different political philosophies.

How to Hack a Local Election Without Using Foreign Help


This story shows us how folks with superior intellect are coming to our shores to infect us with one of the biggest scourges of the day, election hacking.

Garrett Clear has once again been hired by the Attorney General from Parallel World Number One, to root out these culprits and send them back to Parallel World Number One.

Garrett is compelled to take his handgun with him, even though he prefers to use his mind instead of his handgun; because the paranormal folks he seeks can be dealt with by him using that handgun.

Garrett has to assume another identity, in this case that of Campaign Manager! This is so he can see first-hand how the Paranormal Hackers are going to perform their dirty deeds.

Along the way, one of the hackers uses his powers to transform himself into a wild animal, but our reluctant user of force, Garrett Clear, responds with force.

Upgrading America: The Political Writings of Zoltan Istvan


“Leader of a movement attempting to beat death through technology.”
-Discovery Channel

“Zoltan’s obsessions are weird, but so was Al Gore’s fascination with climate change in the ‘80s.”

“Istvan is a dynamic personality, as polarizing as he is engaging.”

“The physical embodiment of the Californian, libertarian, start-up culture tech-utopian dream.”

“Charismatic…a plausibly Presidential aura.”
-The New York Times


After publishing his bestselling novel The Transhumanist Wager in 2013, Zoltan Istvan began frequently writing essays about the future. A former journalist with National Geographic, Istvan’s essays spanned topics from the Singularity to cyborgism to radical longevity to futurist philosophy. He also wrote about politics as he made a surprisingly popular run for the US Presidency in 2016, touring the country aboard his coffin-shaped Immortality Bus, which The New York Times Magazine called “The great sarcophagus of the American highway…a metaphor of life itself.” Zoltan’s provocative campaign and radical tech-themed articles garnered him the title of the “Science Candidate” by his supporters. Many of his writings—published in Vice, Slate, Quartz, The Guardian, Gizmodo, TechCruch, Psychology Today, Salon, New Scientist, Business Insider, The Daily Dot, Maven, Cato Institute, The Daily Caller, Metro, International Business Times, Wired UK, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, and The New York Times—went viral on the internet, garnishing millions of reads and tens of thousands of comments. His articles—often seen as controversial, provocative, and secular—elevated him to worldwide recognition as one of the de facto leaders of the burgeoning transhumanism movement. Here are many of those watershed essays again, organized, edited, and occasionally readapted by the author in this comprehensive nonfiction work, Upgrading America: The Political Writings of Zoltan Istvan—part of a forthcoming box set book collection of his work focusing on futurism, secularism, life extension, politics, philosophy, transhumanism and his early writings. Also included are some of Zoltan’s new essays, never published before. Enjoy reading about the future according to Zoltan Istvan.