Burning Rains

Rain, rain, go away, DON’T come back another day…..

After a spell in jail for the manslaughter of her abusive husband, all Brooklyn Lewis was wanting was an escape. She heads off to the Sierra Mountains to stay in her parents’ idyllic cabin in the Sierra Mountains where she’s just planning on having some quality R & R.

Cole Denvers – he’s on his annual camping and fishing trip, set up camp on the shores of the Old Ridge Lake and is counting on catching some quality fish

But when the skies suddenly darken and the wolves begin to howl, Brook and Cole realise that the blissful break they were looking forward to is fast turning into an ordeal from hell rather than an idyll of a heaven.

As the nightmarish horrors clash around them, Brook and Cole find themselves thrown together. Now their only goal is to make it home alive, but with acid falling from the sky and wolves haunting their shadows, will the two be able to make it out of the mountains alive? 

Find out if Brooklyn and Cole can survive when the world is falling apart around them in Burning Rains, book one of the Mayhem & Madness Series by upcoming author Sam J. Fires.

Meet Sam J Fires

Sam Fires is a poet, writer and best-selling author of his debut novel ‘Dog Meat’, book 1 in the Scavengers series. ‘Dog Meat’ was closely followed up by books 1 and 2 ‘Shark Tactics’ and ‘Sharks’ Fury’. Sam has just released his new Mayhem & Madness series with book 1 Burning Rains. He’s also published a short story The Sleeping Ones and because of its popularity is planning on writing some sequels to this book.
When he isn’t exercising his imagination for ingenious ideas for his next book, Sam can often be found in his local coffee shop, sipping his oat milk cortado and voraciously reading books, usually in the post-apocalyptic/dystopian genre but also psychological thrillers. He also works as a lawyer as his ‘day job’.
Being a published author was always Sam’s dream, and finally with the ‘Scavengers’ series, that has become a reality.
When he doesn’t have his head buried in a book, Sam loves cooking Indian food and enjoys driving his beautiful, bashed up classic Citroen, and of course spending too far much time on his computer!

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Faithful to all. Focused on duty. Fearful of expectations.

The catastrophic Storm of 2020 wiped out seven billion lives in one horrible, fateful day. Among the mere hundreds remaining, 17-year old Matthew Cane lives a privileged life. His friends support him. His beautiful, caring girlfriend would do anything for him. And his brilliant father is the president of the new United States, giving him access and power. Yet beneath Matt’s confident exterior, fear consumes him—fear of following in his father’s footsteps, fear of being unable to please others, and fear of everyone learning his secret. He is no genius, unlike his father, his revered grandfather–one of the brightest people who ever lived and the founder of Project RM–and the other 43 Renaissance men and women (known as RMs) in their little community.

But when Matt’s late mother speaks to him in a dream, he begins to suspect all is not what it seems. He and a group of trusted friends start to look under the perfect surface of their world, and what they find will change everything. To save humankind, he and his friends must subvert their elders, risk their lives, and complete his mother’s mission.

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Meet Peter A. Schoemann

Peter A. Schoemann is married to fellow lawyer Christine Eckstein. After living for two years on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Christine and Peter moved back to their childhood home of Florida, where they’ve spent the last two decades raising their four wonderful children.

The inspiration for Project RM struck Peter in February 2010. He has spent the last ten years transforming his legal writing into novel writing. In that time, he’s completed the Project RM trilogy of novels, beginning with Project Renaissance Man. He has also written a seven-serial prequel, the Project RM: Genesis Serials. Two of his children, David Eckstein-Schoemann an Ava Eckstein-Schoemann, co-wrote the third novel and five of the seven serials with Peter. He looks forward to reading their individual stories, as they learn and grow.

How hard would you fight to save your children?

A zombie plague swept the nation and killed a lot of good people.

The survivors left fight for every crumb and morsel just to keep on living one more day. Not enough food, not enough bullets, and too much terror.

The zombies aren’t the worst things left. Rogue militias turned bandits.

Marauders who will take everything and leave you dead.

Religious cults who think the walking dead are a sign of Armageddon.

The only thing in plenty of supply is jokes. And willpower.

Unbedning, enduring and fueled by rage, a desperate father treks across half the country to hunt for his lost children.

There are a million Z in his way.

He’ll kill them all.

A mad General has put a bounty on his head.

He’ll outrun him.

Fans call the Battlefield Z series “Addictive” and “my new top ten!”

Click above to download your copy of the Battlefield Z series and you’ll be hooked on this post apocalyptic comedy that will leave you wondering what you would do in the new dystopia to find your kids.

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Seven Players

Seven Players - ASIN B088PT29JJ

In the movies of Emperial, the largest of the Seven Metropolises, everything is real and is broadcast live on TV and on the Screens.

Max Stranger never knows what might happen during his performance in the film. Like the other Actors, he always has to put his mind to sleep so that the Film Coordinators can activate a whole new consciousness hidden in a special microchip in his brain and invented by Film Creators. It’s a consciousness of the Movie Character. When Max starts to play the role with a dormant mind, filmmakers send thoughts to microchip forcing the Character to do everything what script requires.

The worst begins when the ruthless Autarch approves the great production, a post-apocalyptic series – SEVEN PLAYERS. SEASON 1. Max and his girlfriend, Lara, are chosen to be the main characters. The strangest thing is, they have to play the roles of… the lovers. 

The action of the series will take place outside the Seven Metropolises where spreads the ravaged wilderness inhabited by unknown mutants. Death can lurk at every turn. Anyone can die. Even a leading actor…

Seven Players is the first instalment of the dystopian series, a novella set in a world of the Seven Metropolises.

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Within the Flame: After the Fall Book 1

Within the Flame: After the Fall Book 1 - ASIN B08CGWDCH9

When a widespread series of explosions brings society crashing down around them, James and Charlotte are initially left with only one another as they struggle to survive. 

As the modern world collapses, people driven by starvation and panic, as well as those with evil intentions, prove to be more of a threat than the explosions themselves. With unrest growing in the metropolitan city of Langford, and with the situation becoming too dangerous for even the police and military, these two strangers make a pact to look out for one another as they flee for their lives. 

Along the way they stumble upon survivors waiting to be saved. When James and Charlotte share their plans to head into the woods where they will live off the land and attempt to escape the chaos of the outside world, this unlikely group decides to leave civilization behind and work together for the good of the whole. 

This group of survivors is woefully unprepared for what life becomes after the Fall, where the simplest mistake can mean mortal danger. In this new reality, they must contend with both the perils of the natural world and the threat of dangerous men who use the collapse of society to prey on those weaker than themselves. Sanity and morality are under constant threat as this group struggles to survive, each of them facing life-changing physical and emotional battles. 

Will this group of strangers, bonded by tragedy, have what it takes to survive a world that has fallen around them?

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The Complete Dead State Series

NEW RELEASE! For a limited time only, grab all six books in the bestselling Dead State post-apocalyptic series for 60% off!

A prehistoric virus. An infectious primal hunger. Some discoveries are better left buried…

James would much rather hang out with his friends than go hunting with his father, the survivalist. What starts out as another uneventful trip, however, takes a hard turn for the worse when they’re attacked without explanation. Panic stricken and running for his life, trying to get back to his family, James and a handful of other survivors are forced to fight an enemy they cannot beat on grounds they do not know.  The odds are not in their favor, but if they want to survive, they must venture deep into the deadly unknown, right down to the heart of his ravenous horde…

The Complete Dead State series is an action-packed survival story focusing on fortitude, strength of character, and the power of community. If you like spine-crawling suspense mixed with post-apocalyptic grit, this is an edge-of-your seat tale you can’t afford to miss!

The Complete Dead State is perfect for fans of David Simpson, Christopher Artinian, and Peter Meredith. Grab all five full-length thrillers, plus the Novella (Catalyst), at 60% off and start binge reading the series today!


“The action never stops and each book leaves you jonesing for the next one!”

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Great characters lots of action, undead, all wrapped up in an awesome story!” 

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“I cannot say it enough…if you have not read this author then you are missing out! If you like a fast pace and lots of action storyline then this is the series for you!” 

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“Everyone who likes end of world fiction must try this series.” 

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  • Dead State: Catalyst (Prequel)
  • Dead State: Fallout
  • Dead State: Survival Road
  • Dead State: Executioner
  • Dead State: Immune
  • Dead State: Evolved
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Day Of Awakening

Seattle. Summer. So much blood.

Having fled the zombie outbreak in their hometown of Lynden, Violet and Fynn are on the run in an abandoned SUV. Desperate to find her mother and sister, Violet has driven Fynn to Seattle with her; but with very little petrol and even less of a plan, time is running out for the duo. Like Lynden, Seattle has become a post-apocalyptic battlefield of the undead, where death is imminent, and survival is a victory.

Arriving at the hospital where Violet’s mother, Elena, is a nurse, Fynn and Violet encounter the apocalypse firsthand. The walking dead have spread like a plague – and if they don’t find Elena here, Violet and Fynn will be forced to travel further into the zombie-infested city to try and rescue her last remaining family members.

But all is not as it was in Lynden. The zombies are learning to adapt to their surroundings – and fast.

While the undead used to flounder blindly, relying mostly on their sense of smell, the zombies in Seattle are developing superhuman strength and sensory superpowers that enable them to hunt human flesh with even deadlier speed and accuracy. Mutant spider-like creatures scale buildings, local pets become life-threatening, and human traits are amplified with ferocious intent. Faced with deserted streets and ever-stronger zombie attacks, Violet and Fynn need each other more than ever as they advance deeper into this dangerous new world.

But are the two fugitives really as alone as they think? Could there be others who have survived the flesh-eating pandemic – a last remaining hope for a world under attack? Or are Violet and Fynn the sole survivors of the deadliest summer in living memory?

Amidst the chaos, Violet is realizing that there is more to Fynn than his tough exterior…and has he always been that handsome? While life as they know it crumbles around them, the pair find solace and safety in each other. But does Fynn remember their first kiss the way Violet does? Or is their chemistry a passing connection, forged out of desperation in their terrifying circumstances?

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