Private Cummings

“… an engaging portrait of two lives filled with human longing and the costs of being different.”
—BlueInk Review

A man and a boy whose lives unexpectedly connect are impacted in improbable ways.

Private Hank Cummings didn’t ask for the fate that befell him during his service in WWII. Saving the lives of three men from the burning wreckage of a B-29 left him a hero, albeit scarred and disabled. But when his personal secret was revealed, he recoiled into a life of seclusion and solitude for much of his adulthood.

Never losing his spirit and will to endure, he persevered through his hardships, finding the determination to live a full and prosperous life. His humility caused him to resist the hero’s legacy he so richly deserved and would posthumously receive.

Thirty years after a chance meeting with an inquisitive thirteen-year-old boy, the two reunite in Hank’s final days, mending tragedy and suffering into self-discovery, peace, and purpose for both.

“…an evolving friendship between a boy and a man… a sense of tragedy that morphs into heroism and love, at the end.”
—Midwest Book Review

Meet Pete McGinty

Pete McGinty has seen life through the eyes of a roofer, bartender, bouncer, railroad track laborer, and auto racing photographer. As a writer, speaker, and brand consultant, he has had a vast career in marketing and advertising, observing and influencing how people think and behave. He is now putting his experiences of observation and curiosity to work through storytelling, creating characters beholden to deep flaws and abounding promises, and weaving tales rich with emotion.

Never straying from Ohio, Pete remains a Midwestern kid at heart. A graduate of The Ohio State University and a lifelong suffering Cleveland sports fan, fueled by caffeine and classic rock, he finds escape in love of family, travel, reading, furry creatures, and his home gym.

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The 9 Cosmic Laws

This book is a spiritual journey that will help you tap into your godpower. The intention of this novel is to inspire and transform the reader. This is a journey of the human experience that is charged with a wide range of emotions. You will identify with the adversities that the main character faces. Yet most importantly, you will walk with her as she grows during her life path. Here you will see these universal principles explained and experienced. The author will teach you how to use these principles to manifest your goals into reality.

Meet Maylin Ofarrill

Maylin O’Farrill was born in Cuba and raised in America. She is a Spiritual Manifestation Coach. She has been helping clients to succeed for 30 years.