ABC Ability

Margo Pargo is only five years old – she can’t possibly know how to read!

…or, can she?    

Meet Margo Pargo, the girl with secret skills.  She knows how things work and she knows her ABCs.  She knows that each letter in the alphabet has a name, it makes it’s own sound, and when you put them together, you get words.  Her brother and sister think that the word games are just for big kids, but Margo Pargo is about to show them how big she really is.  

Join Margo Pargo as she explores some fun and rhyming three letter word combinations.  Could this really be the beginning of independent reading for this feisty youngster?  Join her and you’ll see. 

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Barnyard ABC


This cute ABC book is filled with colorful illustrations of farm life and will delight children with its pleasing rhyme and humor. Just right for children ages 0 to 5, this sweet alphabet book will help them learn ABCs while also teaching them about life on the farm!

Barnyard ABC is the perfect alphabet book for toddlers and preschool age kids, with its cute animal illustrations and sing-song rhyme. Children love a book that has a repeating rhythm. Babies will also love Barnyard ABC’s beautiful illustrations of farm life, which stimulate brain development and first words.

What you’ll find inside:
•Colorful illustrations
•Fun sing-song rhyme
•Educational animal facts
•An introduction to life on a farm
•Large letters of the alphabet and beautiful matching illustrations

Studies have shown that children love the repetitive rhythm of rhymes, which they find soothing. Rhyme also stimulates the memory centers of the brain, where we store information, helping little ones to acquire and retain early learning concepts.

Categories this book fits into: Preschool Rhyming ABC Book: Farm Alphabet Book for Kids Ages 0-5: Cute Children’s ABCs Book (ABC Book, Baby Book, Children’s Book, Toddler Book).

About the Author:
Lisa Mills is a mother of three and grandmother of two. She has a bachelor’s degree in English: Writing and Editing from North Carolina State University and enjoys spending time with her family, especially those grandbabies!