Prince Of Kartoon

Kartoon is an island besieged by evil spells of a sorcerer. Can they be broken? The Old One knew that one day a prince would come and unite the land once again. turning it back into the lavish city and island it once was. But no one believed in the prophecy anymore. An old wives tale, some said. It was a time of warring clans, there was to be no peace. Then one day a ship of peculiar design smashed up against the rocks offshore and sank. The Old One saw a boy, on a huge wave, wash up on shore. He helped the boy to his cave and wrapped him in blankets. Then it hit him with awe as he saw a strange aura about the boy. The prophecy! No ship or crew ever survived the power of the sea and those rocks. Could he be the prince?

Meet Robert Marquiss

I have been a rock drummer, rifle instructor, civil air rescuer, US Navy sailor, fine art painter, movie producer-director-editor-actor, animator and script writer. I’ve even been a starship captain (in movies). Now that I’m officially retired, I have more time to pursue my creative endeavors. Why read my books? I write upbeat adventures with unique ideas, twists, humor and a touch of romance. While I’m just getting started you can check out my reviews on Amazon or the book pages in this site. Or read the sample pages on Amazon to decide for yourself. Digital copies are a great value at $4.95 or less. Paperbacks are available if you prefer books you can hold. My current most successful book, ‘The Kingdoms of Magic Book 1: The King Is Dying And War Threatens. . . . ‘, is available FREE at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and I’m currently working on several books and paintings. Email me at [email protected] to request my latest updates.

Princess Darla and the magic unicorn

Embark on a five-minute adventure with Princess Darla and her unicorn Sunbeam to save the kingdom from the evil Dragon. It’s not easy to be brave if you’re still a little princess, but… You know everything will be fine! Details inside.

Meet Claire Mills

The Greencloak Wanderer

A young woman raised by the spirits of the forest. A wanderer with haunting, gold-flecked eyes. Together, they travel into a world of monsters and rust to save her dying home.

Meet Jesse McMinn

Jesse McMinn is a writer, gamer, and Canadian with a passion for fantasy in all its forms. He is the author of The Greencloak Wanderer, the creator of The Legend of Maxx, and the author of Loria, Trials, and Archsage. He currently lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and their two pets, Pimento the betta fish and Pickle the crested gecko.