1 body. 2 killers. 14 witnesses. No one knows what happened. Early in the 1940s, while the New York skyline was darkened by World War II dimouts, the enigmatic Natalie entwines herself in the lives of Raymond Grant, famed Wall Street playboy, and Gordon Flynn, seasoned private eye. From the moment Grant lays eyes on Natalie in the Copacabana, he refuses to be without her. And Flynn doesn’t stand a chance against the damsel in distress, sauntering into his office and asking him to peer behind the curtain of one of New York’s brightest shining stars on her behalf. What then leads to Natalie’s life culminating in a standoff with not one, but both of these men in front of fourteen horrified onlookers? Alluring, mysterious, and completely unrelenting, Natalie is at once a noir crime thriller, a modern heist, and an engrossing tale asking why rather than the who. Roberts enthralls us with a con, a cop, a gumshoe, and an investor, each discovering in their own way that Natalie is a force to be reckoned with.

Meet Josh Roberts

Josh is a Columbus, Ohio native. He worked in the web development industry for over a decade and has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. When he’s not writing, he’s hanging out with his family, reading, watching movies, or doing a project of some sort on the computer. Aside from that, he’s played electric bass for over fifteen years, written a couple of film scripts (one terrible, one that may not be), and has never been to Disney World.