When Shadows Fall (The First Book of the Small Gods)

An ancient prophecy threatens the return of the Small Gods to seek revenge on those who banished them a thousand years before. According to its words, only one person can stop them: the firstborn child of the rightful king. But King Erral usurped the throne decades past.

For whom are the words intended?

When the prince and princess discover the long-forgotten scroll, Teryk is convinced he is the savior of the kingdom and determines to fulfill his destiny. His sister is not so sure. If he is the chosen one, why is it only Danya can read the words inscribed on the parchment? And what of the other elements of the prophecy: the Barren Mother, the Living Statue, and the Man from Across the Sea? None of them can possibly exist.

Teryk strikes out on his own to become the hero he is meant to be and prove his worth to his father once and for all. His desperate sister and the kingdom’s one-armed champion give chase, but none of them realize the evil they’ve set in motion.

The prince wants to save the kingdom. The princess wants to save her brother. But in a fight against the gods, who will save them all?

Meet Bruce Blake

The Prophetic Word Made More Sure: In God's voice - ASIN B089MF3FS9

For years we’ve read the Bible and puzzled over what its prophecies mean. Will they come to pass in our lifetime? This book explains in God’s own voice.
The Prophetic Word Made More Sure Volume 1 foretells, with astonishing clarity, events just on the horizon or already underway, as God tears down the kingdom of darkness and establishes His Kingdom of love on the earth. Receive this text as a welcome gift. It is a treasure God is giving His church in these very last days.

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Meet Terri Buckingham

Terri Buckingham’s passion is to hear God and teach His people to walk by the Spirit anytime, anywhere, in any way God calls. She and her husband, Bill serve the Lord at Sacred Grounds Coffee Farm in Hawaii.

Her books were written in the following order, but while reading at least the first few books on the list will lay a foundation for understanding the rest, after that she suggests you pursue reading in an order that suits you. Or ask the Lord to guide. Each book has a particular focus and a unique message, and the revelation is progressive. Enjoy them all to the fullest!

No Other Gods: In God’s Voice

No Other Gods: In God's Voice - ASIN B0839J24V6

No Other Gods, Volume 1, is written in the voice of God. It’s basically a letter to His church in the last days to prepare us for what’s just ahead on the horizon. Because the world is about to change, drastically. And whether our experience is bumpy or smooth is entirely up to us. For smooth sailing, we must give our lives to Him now—our whole life, without reservation. For if we maintain control of one area or whole sections of our heart, leaving God only a small portion of all the love that is inside us, He will wrest control of the rest. And it won’t feel restful. It will feel brutal.
Our best game plan, He says, is to give Him all now, so He doesn’t have to take it by trial later on. It’s the end of the age. There’s no time to lose.

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