The Gift Counselor

Do all gifts come with strings attached? Find out in the award winning novel, The Gift Counselor. Set in Southern California in the late 1990s, the story narrates how a woman in search of peace, a man ready to love, and a boy longing for the truth all come together one December. A timeless mix of romance, drama, psychological and spiritual insights and humor, this story will warm your heart all year long. Book club recommended.

Meet Sheila M Cronin

The Gift Counselor, winner of the Beverly Hills Holiday Fiction Book Award, is the first in the Gift Counselor series. My stories have appeared in Woman’s World Magazine, The Golden Domer, Good Old Days Magazine and Spark. I won the 2018 Joy Short Story contest. My book of short stories, Heart Shaped II, was released in January, 2020. My stories also appear in Shades of Transition and Transformation Anthology (Write Volumes, 2020). Book club recommended. Best of All Gifts is the sequel. I am working on the third installment.