Poison Pen (Bargain Book)

Sheila Lowe “wins readers over with her well-developed heroine and the wealth of fascinating detail” (Booklist) in this captivating mystery set in Hollywood, where forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose knows that despite the words it forms, a pen will always write the truth.

Can handwriting be faked to make murder look like suicide? That is the question facing forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose. When powerful Hollywood agent Lindsey Alexander is found dead, police are all too willing to believe it’s Lindsey’s handwriting on the scrap of paper they’re calling a suicide note. But not everyone is ready to accept this easy conclusion. Claudia knows first-hand the publicist’s ruthlessness and cruelty, so when Lindsey’s business associate begs her to prove the suicide note a fake, her instincts scream at her to run the other way. She hasn’t forgotten how it felt to be humiliated by the best. But Ivan leans hard, and when she accepts the case, Claudia becomes trapped in a far darker scenario than she bargained for.

Meet Sheila Lowe

Sheila Lowe writes stories of psychological suspense that put ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances. Like her fictional character Claudia Rose in the award-winning Forensic Handwriting series, Sheila is a real-life forensic handwriting examiner who is recognized as an expert in the court system. She also writes the Beyond the Veil paranormal suspense series and nonfiction books about handwriting and personality.

My Irish Dog

SPENCER HELD ON to the faintest of hope, but still he knew the trip to Ireland had almost no prospect of remedying his internal dilemma. Then again, he never imagined that a chance meeting with a lost and dying dog named Shandy would change his life forever. Step into the small Irish village of Galbally, where the unwitting Spencer stumbles headfirst into a parallel world that will test his will, sanity, and even physical well-being. Time and promise are running out. Will unnatural forces and events scare Spencer away before he can connect again with the mysterious dog? Will he find his way forward before Shandy meets her inevitable fate? Or will suspicious locals and a nefarious Dublin innkeeper force Spencer from the village before he completes his life-altering mission? Follow Spencer as he races to save a little Irish dog named Shandy. If he only realized that it is Shandy who is trying to save him…

A Game of Greed and Deception

*** This Who Done It Mystery Will Have You Guessing Until The Final Scene ***

Tammy, a beautiful young woman takes her wealthy husband, Stephen and step-daughter on an anniversary celebration in the snowy Colorado mountains, with purely sinister intentions. Her husband is killed in a tragic auto accident, just as she had meticulously planned…and now her huge inheritance awaits her.

Or does it? With no body to be found in the wreckage, Stephen just becomes a missing person, and Tammy is seemingly trapped inside the cabin with someone stalking her from outside. Could he possibly have known what she was up to all along and planned his revenge?

What ensues is a deadly game of cat and mouse . A sick and psychotic woman driven by her soulless greed quickly turns from the hunter to the prey. The scenes include deadly traps and medieval torture devices, hidden doors and rooms, and an underground labyrinth of torture chambers that are not for the feint of heart.

This is a diabolical plan so devious that it is set up to fool the State police investigation. But can you guess what is really happening in this twisted psychological thriller? This deadly game of deception will keep you guessing until the final scene delivers an unimaginable shock that you won’t soon forget.

What others have said about this twisted psychological thriller: .

“An example that proves well-made titles can be also found in self-published niche – story full of twists and turns together with excellent atmosphere will keep reader on the edge of the seat.” – Top 100 Amazon reviewer

“I’m the kind of reader that is always attempting to guess the twists and turns of a plot line. This one had me grinning half way through. You really have to be paying attention. This book is a focused read. Someone needs to make this book into a movie. I didn’t see the ending coming.” – Amazon reviewer

“Every character we are introduced to, including the daughter, has a hidden agenda of their own. This adds to the mix and thus ensue a series of events that take the reader on a roller-coaster ride of murder, mystery and mayhem. We come to realize that the author has a bigger plan and everyone is just a pawn in his game with everyone being a master of greed and deception.” – Amazon reviewer

“Oh. My. Gosh…This book is so amazing! From the first chapter I was hooked and trying to solve the mystery right along with the characters. I thought there was something off about Tammy from the get go and that feeling never really went away. She was crazy and the thought of her master plan failing was only making her go crazier. This book exceeded every expectation I had for it and truly surprised me.” – Amazon reviewer

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The Mask of Midnight: A Gabriel McRay Novel

Troubled homicide detective Gabriel McRay confronts his nemesis Victor Archwood at the killer’s Los Angeles trial. A surprise twist during the legal proceedings sets a course for Archwood to claim his ultimate revenge on the detective. In a trap that combines Archwood’s theatrical skills and criminal genius, Gabriel is forced to face his psychological demons once again and play a deadly cat and mouse game with a murderous opponent who will stop at nothing to achieve the detective’s total destruction. As reviewers say of this Clue Award-winner, “Victor Archwood is one of the best villains I’ve ever seen written,” and “Victor Archwood reminded me of Hannibal Lecter.” From another reviewer, “The Mask of Midnight is nothing short of astounding. A psychological thriller of the first caliber, I had to remind myself on more than one occasion to breathe.”

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Romancing the Crime


“Compares favorably to Harlan Coben.”   Amazon Reviewer
“A fast-paced book that kept me wound up tighter than a drum all the way through.”  Amazon Reviewer
“As a die-hard detective fiction reader, I think this is an incredible first book in this genre. The plot is well thought-out and presented. The characters are very well written, and the villain is as attractive as Milton’s Satan! I flew through this novel, and I can’t wait for the next Cory Marin to appear. This is great summer reading, though you may be so involved with the book that you get a sunburn!”   Amazon Reviewer                
“Warning: don’t start reading the last hundred pages of this book as you get in bed on a work night! You think you know the characters, but they become so much more nuanced and complex. You think you have a handle on all the clues, but you don’t really. You think you know where the plot is headed, but uh oh, you don’t. This is what good mystery writing is all about.”          Amazon Reviewer

Sgt. Cory Marin, head of homicide, has her hands full. Not everyone on her squad is happy she’s in charge, she’s still dealing with the break up of her marriage, and wealthy residents are up in arms over the murder of a young professor in broad daylight in Ravine Creek, a proposed city park where she jogs every day. Cory is convinced that what appears to be a random robbery gone wrong is premeditated murder. Her job is complicated by the appearance of Fletcher Manning, a bestselling novelist who shadows her as research for a female detective novel he is writing. She has her guard up, but as she gets to know him, she softens and begins to fall for him.

Silence Is Golden


Seeking refuge after a misguided hike, a man comes upon an abandoned cabin, seemingly out of bounds. However, he enters it and comes upon some confessions by an unseen author.

They leave no evidence of their persona, only harsh, unforgiving text against uncanny silence. Driven by intrigue, he reads them, only to be engulfed in a cycle of hatred, revenge and death-