Coldren’s Prison

Had it not been the worst f*cking day of my life, I would have woken up to the smell of fresh-roasted coffee, warm bread straight out of the oven, and birds chirping as if I were living in one of those nauseating happily-ever-after fairy tales. Instead, I woke up in some prison, with my arms chained to a wall and blood gushing down my face. Stained clothes and an immense pounding in my head caused concern for my longevity. I had no idea who put me there, nor why they left me in this state. The only way I had a chance to get out was to pull myself together and consider who hated my guts enough to lock me up like this. Admittedly, I made a couple dozen enemies in my life who wouldn’t mourn my death and one of them has made this eerily personal. The big question is, who?

Meet Kevin Gen

Born and raised in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and a New Zealand mother, I have always appreciated a good story. I read young adult mystery books throughout my childhood and soon began writing my own. At age 11, I finished my first book. Five more would follow in the next seven years. As these were written for a hobby rather than for publishing purposes, none of them were made available online or in bookstores. In my University years and my years of travel after, the inner author was put on a hiatus because life got ‘too busy’. Writing was moved to the back burner, where it stayed for fifteen years, long enough for even water to burn. Eventually, the itch to write down the stories that roamed around in my head became too strong to ignore. My writing style and themes switched to darker, heavier topics. A good three years after typing the words ‘Chapter One’, the psychological thriller Coldren’s Prison was printed on paper worldwide.

Awakening (Awake As A Stranger Trilogy Book 1)

What if YOU woke up living in someone else’s body? Alone and Afraid.

The night of Treaz’s 32nd birthday ended in a lonely, drunken stupor, an unnerving mysterious man staring into her bedroom window, and the waking up inside the body of a stranger a thousand miles from her home.How did she get there? Whose body is she in?Distraught and confused, she is admitted to a chilling psychiatric hospital. With no hope of escape, an unknown man suddenly arranges her discharge. He forces her into a new job that can only be accomplished by living in the bodies of complete strangers.Each night she falls asleep wondering whose life she will be experiencing next.Can she find a way out of this frightening nightmare?Halfway around the world, Omani involuntarily works long hours for her oppressive uncle while remaining hostage on his remote Swiss compound. She is forbidden contact with the outside world.Desperate and isolated, she risks deadly retaliation and finds a way to make a sole online friend, but his assertions are almost too much to believe.Should she trust him?The AWAKE AS A STRANGER trilogy follows the journey of Treaz and Omani. They reside on two different continents yet each are trapped in deplorable realities—Treaz living within other people’s bodies and Omani being held captive on her uncle’s compound.Both long to regain control over their lives, escape their merciless captors, and expose the haunting truths facing them and the world. Can they find freedom together?See what readers are saying about the Awake As A Stranger trilogy:“Couldn’t put the book down… I love her style. I feel like I know the characters.”Amazon reviewer“I LOVED this series! What a crazy creative story line! I couldn’t wait to start the next book and was sorry when it ended! The characters are amazing and how it all came together in the end was perfect! Loved the series!!”Amazon reviewer“I read this book in one go, it is very intriguing…I really enjoyed reading about the differing reflections of people in this world, from those who have everything, to those who only have the clothes they are wearing.” Amazon reviewer“…this series is fascinating… It was just enough curiosity to keep me going and unexpected twists and endearment to the characters that kept me engaged. I’m going to be thinking about this storyline and message for some time.” Amazon reviewer“The author’s writing style is light and easy, making it a quick read…I was especially intrigued by the author’s knowledge of and incorporation of psychological constructs and by applying healthy messaging throughout, she created an upbeat and hopeful experience for the reader.” Goodreads reviewer“Highly recommended.” Goodreads reviewer

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  • Awakening – Part 1Rebellion – Part 2Altercation – Part 3
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    Meet Diane Dresback

    Diane M. Dresback loves to tell stories through novels, self-help books, and films. She writes unique, women’s domestic thrillers that are quick read novels. The stories often involve a strong female character paired with a psychological, sci-fi, or medical element. Her latest fiction story is a trilogy that begins with one character waking up in a stranger’s body.

    She also ventures into true story books based on real life such as her book featuring stories from 25 inspirational women who share their struggles and their triumphs in order to bring hope and inspiration to others, and an adoption novel based on her biological mother.

    In 2007, Diane M. Dresback began working in the independent film industry in Arizona. She has completed over 35 short films as writer, director, and producer and has won numerous awards for her efforts. She has written several feature length screenplays, including one she also co-produced called PARANOIA. Diane received the 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award by the Phoenix Film Foundation.

    Diane has over 27 years in corporate Human Resources and Training experience with most of that time in management and executive level positions in the financial and travel industries. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and a Bachelors degree in Human Services.

    Murderous and Desperate Boxed Set: Two Complete Series

    Dare to peek into the abyss?

    Discover two complete, psychological thriller series that will leave you on the edge of your seat eager to find out how the story ends.

    “A Murderous Mind” obliterates the boundaries between good and evil, weaving a tale of psychological suspense that explores the labyrinth of a serial killer’s mind and races along at a whiplash-inducing pace.

    Then in “A Desperate Man” follow FBI Agent Allison Moore as she follows a trail of bodies in search of a serial killer. Years ago, Matthew Brand’s terror swept the nation, but the FBI acted swiftly, and the world believed the nightmare was over as Brand was caged. Until he wasn’t.

    Get two complete trilogies in this boxed set!

    A Murderous Mind

    Five relentless years. Not a single kill.

    John has constructed a facade of normalcy. From his esteemed corner office with skyline views, to the loving adoration of his wife, daughter, father, and sister, he appears to have it all.

    But the gruesome cravings have only been dormant, not extinct. Now, the sinister voice inside his head is resurfacing.

    Detective Tremock stumbles upon the newest corpse and an icy dread snakes through him. The signature is undeniable. This cold case has never really been forgotten, lying in wait like a predator in the shadows. To many, Tremock’s dedication might seem obsessive. His marriage has crumbled, his retirement elusive, his future prospects diminishing – all a consequence of his fixation on the murders. He always knew the monster would return. And now, it has.

    John’s already tenuous grip on reality is shattering. With Tremock inching ever closer to the horrifying truth, he stands on the precipice of losing everything. His wife, his children, his life, all hang in the balance. Yet, the voice persists, a relentless echo, “Kill them, John. Kill them all…”

    Included in this boxed set:

    1. Hunter
    2. Obsession
    3. Consumed

    A Desperate Man

    You can’t cage evil. You have to kill it.

    FBI Agent Allison Moore is the Bureau’s beacon of hope. Her flawless track record and unyielding determination make her the go-to agent.

    Then comes the call. A name whispered in nightmares: Matthew Brand.

    Brand’s genius once held the promise of revolutionizing science and medicine. But darkness took hold, leading him down a path of gruesome experiments and a quest to play God.

    Years ago, Brand’s terror swept the nation, but the FBI acted swiftly, and the world believed the nightmare was over as Brand was caged.

    They were wrong.

    He’s back and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

    Allison is faster but Brand is faster. Smart, but Brand is smarter.

    And now, he’s targeting her family.

    Can Allison overcome the odds and stop this monstrous genius before her world is shattered forever?

    Included in this boxed set:

    1. A Desperate Man
    2. A Desperate Nation
    3. A Desperate World

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    The Truth Now

    Did he do it? Did he kill Meg, the perfect partner in crime? Who is Sid, Green, really?

    Sid follows the clues to where the faces of the people he loves match the stories he hears from the wind in dreams and memories. Released from jail after 19 years, Sid seeks freedom and escapes justice in the towns and forests of northern New England.
    In this inspirational and action-packed story, the latest from Anthony Caplan, we run like a river through Sid’s dreams and visions of an interconnected past and present.

    Meet Anthony Caplan

    Anthony Caplan is an independent writer, teacher and homesteader in northern New England. He has worked at various times as a shrimp fisherman, environmental activist, journalist, taxi-driver, builder, window-washer, and NH State Representative.

    Realms Beyond the Ordinary: An Anthology of Odd Tales

    Dive into the spine-chilling debut anthology by G. D. Naschtz, a collection where horror, psychological thrillers, and sci-fi merge into an unforgettable reading experience. Each story transports you to a realm where the ordinary becomes eerily unrecognizable, and reality hides unnerving secrets. Explore abandoned towns haunted by past tragedies, experience the disorienting blur of reality and illusion, and confront ancient, lurking evils. From science fiction gone awry to alternate histories filled with paranoia, this anthology weaves a tapestry of tales that will both disturb and captivate. Perfect for fans of diverse and thought-provoking horror, Naschtz’s anthology promises a journey through varied landscapes of fear and intrigue. Prepare for a series of tales that will unsettle and fascinate, keeping you enthralled until the very last page.

    Meet G. D. Naschtz

    Hi, friends! My name is G.D. Naschtz, a passionate writer with a lifelong fascination for the art of storytelling. My journey with words has primarily taken the shape of poetry and short stories, each a reflection of my unique perspective on the world around us. In 2023, I embraced the opportunity to bring my work into the public eye, marking a significant milestone in my literary career. As I step into this new chapter, I am thrilled to have you alongside me, exploring the realms of imagination and emotion through my debut poetry collection and story anthology. I sincerely hope that my writings will resonate with you, offering both inspiration and a deeper connection to the wonders of language. Thank you for being a part of this adventure!

    Till Death Do Us Part

    Claire Johnson’s seemingly ordinary life takes a chilling turn when she wakes up hungover on a Sunday morning with a foggy memory and no recollection of how she got home. She tries to hide her indiscretions from her husband, but this becomes increasingly difficult when she discovers that a man she knows has gone missing and all signs point to her. As the evidence mounts against her, Claire questions her innocence and grapples with the terrifying possibility that she may be a killer. However, as she delves deeper into the mystery of the man’s disappearance, she questions whether someone is framing her, and if so, who? With time slipping away, Claire embarks on a desperate race against the clock to unravel the truth of that night’s events before she finds herself behind bars. As she edges closer to the truth, she realizes that nothing is as it seems. Till Death Do Us Part is a suspenseful psychological thriller that will leave you questioning every character’s motives. For fans of Gone Girl and Girl on a Train, this gripping page turner will not disappoint. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride with lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the final shocking revelation.

    Meet Marley Quinn

    Marley Quinn is an exciting new voice in the world of psychological thrillers. By day, she navigates the intricate twists and turns of the legal world, but by night, she weaves captivating stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats. A lover of literature from a young age, Marley’s voracious appetite for books eventually led her to pen her own thrilling narratives. When she’s not immersing herself in the world of her characters, Marley can often be found savouring a glass of rich red wine. She also enjoys the simplicity and tranquility of long walks, as well as unleashing her energy in the boxing ring. But above all, Marley cherishes spending time with her loving family, who provide the support and inspiration necessary for her creative endeavors.

    A Game of Greed and Deception

    Tammy, a beautiful young woman takes her wealthy husband, Stephen and step-daughter on an anniversary celebration in the snowy Colorado mountains, with purely sinister intentions. Her husband is killed in a tragic auto accident, just as she had meticulously planned…and now her huge inheritance awaits her. Or does it? With no body to be found in the wreckage, Stephen just becomes a missing person, and Tammy is seemingly trapped inside the cabin with someone stalking her from outside. Could he possibly have known what she was up to all along and planned his revenge? What ensues is a deadly game of cat and mouse. See if you can guess what is really going on! An unbelievable ending awaits you.

    Meet John Mathews

    John Mathews is a lover of psychological horror, riveting suspense, and action-packed thriller books and movies. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now resides in Rome, Italy. After having a more traditional career, he feels the desire to break out of the mold and delve into macabre psychological thriller and suspense fiction novels which focus on the dark side of human nature. He writes captivating books with the goal of pulling the reader into the plot through the minds of unforgettable characters. Complete with lots of action, unpredictable plot twists, and shocking scenes, his stories will keep you guessing until the very end.

    His Wicked Games

    I agreed to become the billionaire’s wife, not a pawn in his twisted love games.

    When my reclusive billionaire boss proposed to me, I should have known it was too good to be true.

    Now he’s bound me in this gilded cage, leaving me no room to maneuver.

    If I refuse to remain a pawn in his sick games, he’ll destroy my life and send me to prison for crimes I didn’t commit.

    So, here I remain as his love toy, him and his identical twin brother’s.

    Each night I must choose which one of them will ravage me until I’m breathless.

    In return I’m offered a life of great wealth and privilege.

    My own body betrays me as it grows to crave their heated touch, especially that of the brother’s.

    But this twisted game won’t turn out the way they planned.

    One of them is destined to become the great love of my life.

    And the other will end up…dead.


    *His Wicked Games is the breathtaking first installment in The Wicked Billionaires Club series. It’s a stand-alone billionaire boss, enemies to lovers romance, complete with a happily ever after and no cliffhangers. A dark romance with adult themes, His Wicked Games may not be suitable for sensitive audiences. Definitely, no one under the age of 18 should be reading this novel.

    The Legacy

    The planet will only continue to host our species as long as we remain respectful guests. The Legacy is a suspenseful thriller with a glimpse into the world of the paranormal. In The Legacy, Ellen, Clayton and Johanna are related to one another in the most unique way, the way of saving the human race from itself.

    Meet Mark Snyder Jr

    Mark Snyder Jr is an author, teacher, actor and animal-rights activist currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaMark enjoys teaching all things writing and literature, and he has taught middle grade and high school English classes as well as Composition and Literature courses on the university level since 2008.

    The Mentor

    What if someone you love is a serial killer? While investigating a series of murders, DCI Eric Shaw, leading a forensic team at Scotland Yard, notices a possible relation to a cold case involving a person very close to him. What he ignores is that the details of similar crimes are described in a blog whose author signs herself as Mina, like the nickname that person used as a child, when she witnessed the massacre of her family.

    Meet Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

    Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli is an Italian science fiction and thriller author. She has lived in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) since 1993, earning a degree in biology and working as an independent author, scientific and literary translator, educator, and science communicator. In the past she also worked as researcher, tutor and professor’s assistant in the field of ecology at “Dipartimento di Biologia Animale ed Ecologia” of the University of Cagliari. She has written original fiction since 2009. Between 2012-2013 she wrote and published a hard science fiction series set on Mars, “Deserto rosso”, whose omnibus hit No. 1 on the Italian Kindle Store in November 2014. The series was published in English, with the title “Red Desert”, between 2014 and 2015, and includes four books. She also authored three crime thrillers in the Detective Eric Shaw Trilogy, an action thriller “Kindred Intentions” (2016), five more science fiction novels – “L’isola di Gaia” (2014), “Per caso” (2015), “Ophir. Codice vivente” (2016), “Sirius. In caduta libera” (2018), and “Nave stellare Aurora” (2020) – and a non-fiction book titled “Self-publishing lab. Il mestiere dell’autoeditore” (2020). This is a new edition of her crime thriller “The Mentor” that was first published in English by AmazonCrossing in 2015 and became an international bestseller, hitting No. 1 on the Kindle Store in the USA, UK, and Australia in October 2015. The other two books in the trilogy are “Syndrome” and “Beyond the Limit” (2023). She is also a member of the International Thriller Writers Organization. She is often a guest both in Italy and abroad during book fairs, including Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino (Turin Book Fair), Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) and Più Libri Più Liberi (Rome Book Fair), local publishing events, university conventions as well as classes (University of Insubria), where she gives speeches or conducts workshops about self-publishing and genre fiction writing.