The Arx

A year ago, after a mental breakdown, homicide detective Frank Langer was placed on medical leave from the squad he was once hand-picked to lead. Now he spends his days drinking and chain-smoking, and his nights waking up screaming from a horrific recurring nightmare. Until one day, by chance, he stumbles on what he believes is a conspiracy to kidnap children.

Meet Jay Allan Storey

Jay Allan Storey is a musician, international traveler, and author. Jay has traveled the world, passing through many places in the news today, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the Swat valley in Pakistan. He has worked at an amazing variety of jobs, from cab driver to land surveyor to accordion salesman to software developer. Jay is the author of of THE ARX, the BLACK HEART series, the VITA AETERNA series, and ELDORADO, and a number of short stories and screenplays. Two new novels are in the works for 2022. His stories always skirt close to the edge of believability (but hopefully never cross over). He is attracted to characters who are able to break out of their stereotypes and transform themselves. He loves both reading and writing, both listening to and playing music, and working with animals. He’s crazy for any activity relating to the water, including swimming, surfing, wind-surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Jay is married and lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The Surgeon’s Scalpel

The latest serial killer is the sickest in history.

Can a 23-year old rookie with two PhDs stop him?

Christian Windsor is a certified genius. He’s also autistic. He’s just joined a special unit at the FBI whose current mission is to stop the murderer known as “The Surgeon.”

There’s just one problem…

This killer doesn’t make mistakes.

The most challenging case in years is taking its toll on the unit, and a second killer is lurking in the shadows. The bodies are piling up and the public is terrified they could be next, adding to the pressure.

Will Christian’s unique way of looking at problems be the answer?

Or will the unexpected turns of the case lead to him paying the ultimate price?

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: This book was previously published as The Surgeon in the Luke Titan Chronicles.

The Theme is Revenge: Anthology of revenge stories set in the 19th century

Dark Lake Publishing LLP presents The Theme is Revenge, an anthology of revenge stories set in the 19th century. Stories of the wounded, who are out to wreak vengeance on their villains who did them wrong. From the reimagining of Robert Browning’s Porphyria’s Lover to the tale of a humiliated wife’s deadly retaliation. From 1860s New Orleans, where a brothel worker plots revenge against the brothel owner, to 1857s Texas, where some strange and unexpected events took place with an unusual female hunter. Armed only with a well-crafted plan for revenge and an apothecary bag, a doomed man pursues the monster of responsible for the death of his family, and he will stop at nothing to right the wrongs that define his very existence. A chilling collection of powerful and atmospheric tales, The Theme is Revenge is written by some exceptionally talented authors of the horror community. Featuring Tales from: Richard Leise Joe Howsin Sergio “ente per ente” PALUMBO and Ivan “BearOld” BERTAZZONI R. M. Phyllis Madeline Phillipps C. B. Calsing Leigh Josey Trey Woodfin J. L. Short

Meet Trey Woodfin

Hold Your Heart In Pieces

He was my own Edward Cullen—older, powerful, willful, and obsessed. Desperately trying to escape an abusive relationship with her father’s closest friend, Alyssa Birch leaves the comfort of her home in New York to live in England with her estranged mother. But trouble finds a way of creeping back into her life, and inexplicable events now begin to twist her sense of reality. While juggling a past that won’t leave her alone and a new obsession with the occult, she can’t help falling under the spell of a dangerous man shrouded in mystery and secrets, whose intentions toward Alyssa may be far more sinister than she can imagine. Gritty, soulful, and unapologetically provocative, HOLD YOUR HEART IN PIECES will keep your eyes on the page, down to the very last word.

Meet Syl Breker

I’m shy, very, very shy.

Cold Hunger

Daniel Kramer is recovering from a divorce and a great personal tragedy. One night, he rescues a beautiful woman about to tumble onto the Manhattan subway tracks. He dares to imagine that this chance encounter might change his life. It does, but not in a way he ever could have imagined. Beneath the civilized veneer of New York City lurks a sickness that has been quietly spreading. Those who become infected develop strange appetites and prey on others with cunning and without remorse. As Daniel is drawn into this dark mystery, he discovers that time is running out to thwart their terrible plot.

Meet Rod Karn

After a childhood immersed in books, I decided to turn my attention to writing seriously. I’m a fan of tales that blend suspense, clever plot twists and a few darker elements. Good writing is above all good storytelling. There is something profoundly satisfying about a work that succeeds in creating what John Gardner described as the vivid and continuous fictional dream.

Lethal Ties: A Psychological Suspense Thriller

A suspenseful psychological thriller with a chilling twist; this is the story of two young people who meet after 20 years, never knowing what happened to a childhood friend, who went missing 20 years ago. Lethal Ties has had good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (4.5 star rating).

Meet Helen Christmas

Helen Christmas is an English author, who is passionate about writing and has published 7 thrillers.

I Can Be Your Friend

Natalie Smith’s obsession with saving Mandy Wright from her ‘fake’ friends leads to betrayal, dark motivation, and the desperate need to kill. Sprinkled with twists and turns at every corner, ‘I Can Be Your Friend’ will keep you at the edge of your seat until the final reveal.

Meet Jessica Blade

I write young adult twisted psycho thrillers with a sprinkling of horror. All of my stories are clean of foul language and sexual situations.
I wrote my first complete novel when I was a young adult and have been writing ever since.
Suspense novels and suspense-filled movies have always been my favorite genres. My novels are meant to evoke intrigue and a memorable sense of thrill.

The Adulterer’s Handbook: A Novel

I’m about to jump into the canal and pull her to safety when I stop at the edge of the towpath.

What if I do nothing…?

The must-read psychological thriller for 2021.

If you’re having an affair and you don’t want to get caught, you must read this book.

The Adulterer’s Handbook is the story of a happily married man, desperately trying to prevent his wife from finding out about his affair. For months he is successful, but then things take a dark turn…

love story, a betrayal, an accident, a murder? You decide.

Lee Bolton has it all: a wonderful wife who he adores and two lovely children. But something is missing from his marriage.

Sophia Miller, the office temptress, offers to fill the gap and they begin a carefully regulated and orchestrated affair.

Lee, delighted with his new and improved sex life, walks a tightrope of near discovery; forever trying to keep his secret safe.

But Sophia wants more. She wants it all.

Sophia starts to break the rules, and she puts Lee’s marriage in jeopardy.

How far will he go to protect his family?

Would you commit murder to save your relationship?

Gripping domestic noir with a shocking twist.

Book one in a seven-book series.

Meet Sam Anthony

Born and raised in London, England, Sam Anthony is the author of psychological thrillers such as The Adulterer Series:
The Adulterer’s Handbook: A Novel
The Adulterer’s Confession: A Novel
The Adulterer’s Dilemma: A Novel
The Adulterer’s Trial: A Novel
The Adulterer’s Temptation: A Novel
The Adulterer’s Daughter: A Novel
The Adulterer’s Choice: A Novel
Tales Of Adultery & Infatuation: A Collection Of Short Stories
Sam loves reading, peanut butter and jazz (preferably at the same time).
He wishes his beloved wife to know that The Adulterer books are works of FICTION!

My Fanged Screams

In the alien world of Wildlight, the young unicorn Shadow Moon has fallen prey to the unthinkable: death. Trapped in a mane of flaming serpents, Shadow Moon must learn what it means to rest in peace in the world of the living, all in the face of the most horrifying truth: did she ever really have a choice?

Meet Josh Boucher

Joshua Boucher was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He earned his Eagle Scout award in the Boy Scouts of America in 2015 and graduated from Mountain Crest High School in 2017. Currently, he is studying psychology at Utah Valley University online while living his dream as an author in Cache Valley with his family.