The Girl Who Crossed the Line

Little Lantern, Deep Darkness: Book I

Can something devastate you and make you stronger simultaneously?

A secret revealed to a boy in the fourteenth year of his life does just that — shatters him and strengthens him at the same time! The year is 1934. Smastrus Anand is a fatherless boy growing up on a staple diet of hunger and oppression in a quaint town near the Himalayan foothills.

The hunger comes as a consequence of his being the son of a (sometimes mad) debt-slave, Nina. The oppression comes from Pintu, an ultra-privileged bully with a deep-running streak of sadism.

Smast’s world is upended one evening when he hits back at Pintu, who happens to be the son of Nina’s employers/owners, who, in turn, happen to be the people responsible for annihilating Nina’s happiness and sanity before Smast’s birth. 

Young, dazed, and unprotected, Smast is about to come face-to-face with an enigmatic, relentless force of evil which had proved unconquerable even for Smast’s powerful and wealthy father… 

Atmospheric, complicated, and bittersweet, the first instalment of Smast’s epic tale will transport you to an exotic world you wouldn’t want to exit in a hurry.

Book II, The Gullibility of Demons, is now available for pre-order. 

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