The Jacobson Joy Inventory: A New Look at Measuring Depression


This guide makes a serious and compelling case for exploring different ways to measure depression and how a sense of humor can and should be used to enhancement treatments of mental illness. This unique guide not only includes invaluable measurement tools for exploring new ways to measure depression, it is seriously funny.

Nondualism: Merging Psychology, Spirituality and Philosophy (Second Edition)


Updated and Expanded Second Edition:
Introduces the concept of the Ego Migration which claims that the ego migrated from the right hemisphere to the left in order to develop the logical faculties of the mind in childhood. Furthermore, all spiritual disciplines were developed to reverse this migration to acquire whole-brain intelligence. This can be seen in the practice of meditation, where minimizing the use of the left hemisphere is done to stimulate right hemispheric activity.

In this eclectic, easy-to-read study, multi-disciplinary evidence is presented to validate the Ego Migration from psychology to quantum physics, most notably the ego defense mechanisms initially discovered by Sigmund Freud and elaborated on by Anna Freud.

This book discusses many complex topics explained in a simple and straightforward manner. Such topics include Carl Jung’s Individuation Process, the archetypes, how the defense mechanisms employed by the ego contracts consciousness and the actual role of yoga.

Lonely Girl & Loner Boy


‘Youth is Evil’

These are the words by which our protagonist Leo lives by…
Leo is an outcast, who has not had human contact in god knows how long.
He can easily count all his friend and dear ones with no hands at all. His life reeks of loneliness. This sounds like some kind of curse to us but this is a blessing to Leo as Leo say’s,

“Every waking moment is a struggle if I cared what anyone wants”.

He learned to live life in a completely different way, which consist of only and only him. From this loner life, Leo learned to say,

“I don’t hate myself but I love my self-hate.”

“Never Give Up”

These are the words our other protagonist, Chelsea, live by.
Chelsea is tried of her life, which is filled with loneliness. She wants to get out of it. She wants to fill her life with new and exciting moments. She wants to meet people, talk with them, become friends with them but she can’t.

Something is holding her back, it’s something she wants to cure but she can’t, it’s something that has happened in the past, which haunts her till this day.

Now, what will happen with both of these seemingly opposite personas when they meet each other?

Leo being an introvert and with his unique mindset, who can judge people on their behaviour and tell how human relations work at the instinctual level. Whereas Chelsea with a mindset opposite of Leo and with ability, she has yet to discover, which is pulled back by her shortcomings which can only be cured by Leo.

Find out what is the thing that haunts Chelsea? Can it be cured? Can Leo help her? or will he reject her? Can Chelsea change Leo’s mind and free him from himself?

Will both of them come in terms with each other and help each other?
will both of them continue on their path of self-destruction?

Everyone above 15 can read this book, I would warn about a few curse words here and there.
If you are interested, here are the genres Amazon doesn’t let me choose from a wide variety lol,
Slice of life, Teen and Young Adult drama, Teen and Young Adult philosophy, Light Novel, Comedy, Romance, High school drama and Psychology.

I would love to see your reviews and opinions on this second edition of my book.

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